Pepkor review 2022 

PEPKOR Industry Retail Founded 1965 Number of Stores 3 300 Number of Employees 50 000 Areas served Southern Africa, New […]

Number of Stores3 300
Number of Employees50 000
Areas servedSouthern Africa, New Zealand, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Australia
SubsidiariesJohn Craig, Harris Scarfe, Incredible Connections, Pep&Co, Pepco Poland, Pepco Slovakia, Dunns, PEP stores, Ackermans, Best & Less, Tekkie Town, and ShoeCity
Parent CompanySteinhoff International 
Headquarters South Africa, Western Cape
Address36 Stellenberg Road, Cape Town, 7500, Western Cape, South Africa 

Pepkor is a South African multinational corporation based in Cape Town, Western Cape. As of 2022, the company employs over 50 000 people worldwide. Southern Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, New Zealand, and Slovakia are among the countries where the company has a presence.

Pepkor operates over 3300 stores globally, making it one of South Africa’s largest retailers. The company is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the symbol PPH. Pepkor’s market capitalization exceeds 81 billion Zar, and the company expects to generate 63,7 billion Zar from its global operations in 2022.

Pepkor operates a fleet of stores in the countries where it operates because it has so many employees and operates in so many countries. Pepkor operates a number of subsidiaries, and its revenue is derived from these subsidiaries. Let us examine Pepkor’s subsidiaries in order to gain a clear understanding of the company. 

Subsidiaries of Pepkor

Pepkor has a presence in many countries around the world, and the company is well-served in Africa, Europe, and Australasia. Pepkor’s presence in multiple countries is made possible by subsidiaries in various markets.

Pepkor’s subsidiaries are as follows:


Ackermans is a South African clothing, cell phone, and accessory retailer that operates in every South African province. The retailer operates over 380 stores in South Africa. Ackermans has stores in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zambia.

Ackermans also has a subsidiary called JayJays, which operates in Southern Africa. JayJays operates 62 stores in Southern Africa and sells clothing in the middle market segment in large quantities.

Ackermans operates over 700 stores in Southern Africa and employs over 3 600 people. As a result, Ackermans is one of the largest employers in the Southern African clothing retail industry.

Best and Less

Best and Less is an Australian retailer of clothing, accessories, and homewares. The company operates over 245 stores in Australia. Best and Less sell clothing at low prices and primarily caters to the lower to the upper-middle-class consumer.

The shop sells clothing for women, children, men, and babies. Best and Less also have an online store where customers can buy everything the retailer sells.


Dunns is a South African clothing retailer with stores throughout the country and other Southern African countries. The company is well-known for selling formal and casual clothing for men, women, and children.

Harris Scarfe

Harris Scarfe is an Australian retailer of electricals, clothing, kitchenware, homeware, and bed linen. As of 2021, the store employs over 1200 people. In Australia, the store has 48 locations.

Harris Scarfe also has an online store where all of its products can be purchased. The online store is impressive, with promotions on all discounted items displayed. 

Incredible Connections

Incredible Connections is a customer electronics and information technology retailer based in Southern Africa. The company was founded in South Africa in 1995, with its first store opening in Sandton City mall.

The retailer employs over 3500 people and operates 75 stores. Incredible Connections is one of South Africa’s largest consumer electronics retailers.

John Craig

John Craig is a South African retailer of clothing, footwear, and fashion apparel. The retailer sells formal wear for men and has stores all over South Africa. The retailer sells some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Polo by Ralph Lauren.

Customers can also make purchases through John Craig’s online store. John Craig also provides store accounts and discounts on items sold in the store.


Pepco operates in Europe, with the majority of its stores in Poland, which has over 700 Pepco locations. The retailer provides cash discounts on clothing and household items to lower-income middle-class customers.

Pepco also has a presence in Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, and Serbia. 

PEP stores

With operations in 11 Southern African countries, PEP is one of Africa’s largest employers. The retailer has over 1800 stores in the markets where it operates and contributes significantly to Pepkor revenue.

As of 2022, PEP employs over 15 000 people and is the single largest brand retailer in Southern Africa. The retailer also runs and owns Southern Africa’s largest clothing factory.


Postie is a clothing retailer based in New Zealand that sells women’s, men’s, children’s, and baby’s clothing. These clothes are sold by the retailer to lower-income middle-class customers.

Shoe City And Tekkie Town 

ShoeCity and Tekkie Town are two South African footwear retailers. ShoeCity not only sells footwear, but also women’s, men’s, and children’s casual and formalwear. In addition to footwear, Tekkie Town sells sportswear. 


Pepkor is one of South Africa’s most successful companies. Since its inception, the company has created and acquired numerous brands, allowing it to expand as a business. The company has grown slowly but steadily, and Covid-19 has had a small impact on it.

Pepkor, with the backing of an international company like Steinhoff, is likely to remain at the top of the South African lower and middle-income segment markets for clothing products. The company has also done well in Europe, and it has been able to invest in Pepco, which has over 1500 stores in Europe.

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