Coronation preservation fund review 2022

The Coronation Preservation Fund enables those who want to preserve the value of a retirement fund with a platform to grow their money further. The Coronation Preservation Fund can provide more value for clients, and clients can grow their money instead of having it saved. Inflation will be something that an investor will not worry[…]

Coronation living annuity review 2022

A living annuity from Coronation ensures income at retirement which members can outlive if investment in the plan is closely managed. The Coronation living annuity pays income at retirement according to the investor’s specifications. Withdrawals on the plan can be done either monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly. Withdrawals come with some restrictions that are there[…]

Sanlam reality program review 2022

The Sanlam Reality program rewards and empowers its members by providing them with information and perks that help them enhance their financial well-being and, in certain cases, their overall quality of life. Members can save money on wellness, travel, and entertainment through the program. Members also save money on premiums on some Sanlam products. Individuals[…]

PSG wealth retirement annuity review 2022

Retirement planning is essential, and one way to do it while still working is to invest in a retirement annuity. A platform that can be utilized to make such savings is the PSG wealth retirement annuity. The platform allows you to save money on a monthly, quarterly, biannually, yearly, or a one-time basis. A PSG[…]

Sanlam Credit Life cover review 2022

Credit life insurance has become one of the most essential types of insurance in the world. With Sanlam’s addition of credit life insurance to its personal product line, it has become evident that credit life insurance is a product to be reckoned with. The Sanlam credit life cover protects the policyholder and his or her[…]

Sanlam Disability Cover Review 2022

Sanlam provides disability insurance, which pays out if the life insured is rendered permanently disabled and unable to work. Sanlam Disability Cover will pay the life insured a lump sum payout equal to the amount covered by the insurance policy. Sanlam Disability Cover also covers temporary disability, and a payout is provided if a policyholder[…]

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