ABSA Credit Card Review 2023

ABSA credit card

Absa credit card is available to individuals that earn a minimum income of between R800.00 to R25,000.00. The Absa credit card family includes a credit card for students, a credit card for professionals, and a credit card for private banking. The Absa credit card has monthly service fees ranging from R0.00 to R92.00.

Absa credit cards are available to those who earn an income; however, students can earn a credit card on an allowance. Furthermore, students must be enrolled full-time at a recognized tertiary institution.

The Absa credit card has a maximum credit limit of R138,000.00. Credit card holders are eligible to participate in the Absa rewards program, which allows them to earn up to 30% real cash back.

Absa credit cards have competitive interest rates and transaction fees. The credit card fees are listed below.

ABSA Credit Card Fees 2023

Fee DescriptionFlexi CoreGoldPremium
Monthly Account FeeR14.00R25.00R62.00
Credit Facility FeeR30.00R30.00R30.00
Cash deposit: Branch R4.00 per R100R4.00 per R100R4.00 per R100
Cash deposit: ATMR2.50 per R100R2.50 per R100R2.50 per R100
Cash Withdrawal: BranchR80.00 plus R2.50 per R100R80.00 plus R2.50 per R100R80.00 plus R2.50 per R100
Cash Withdrawal: ABSA ATMR2.50 per R100R2.50 per R100R2.50 per R100
SASWITCH ATM withdrawalR10.00 plus R2.50 per R100R10.00 plus R2.50 per R100R10.00 plus R2.50 per R100
Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal75.0075.0075.00
Online and Mobile Cash Transfer10.0010.0010.00
ABSA credit card fees 2023

How does the ABSA Credit Card work?

The ABSA Credit Card provides up to 57 days of interest-free purchases, with the exception of withdrawals, gambling transactions, internet transfers, and petroleum and budget plan expenditures. 

Absa Bank now boasts four credit card lending categories, but we’ll only go over three of them in this post. Credit cards for everyday use, exclusive credit cards, and student credit cards are the three types of credit cards that will be thoroughly examined.

Students can now obtain credit if they earn a monthly income of R800.00 or more. Although not difficult, a student must demonstrate that they earn the stated amount. Absa provides a Flexi core and a gold credit card for everyday use. 
The Flexi core credit card is intended for first-time homeowners. The Flexi Core credit card is simple to use, making it ideal for people with no credit. With this card, it will be much easier to establish credit.

The Flexi Core credit card is straightforward and includes all of the modern features you’d expect from a card, such as internet transactions and app purchases.

  The Gold credit card is a standard first-tier credit card with limited features, but it outperforms other banks’ first-tier cards in some ways. Let’s take a look at the features, rates, and terms of the credit cards, as well as the comparative benefits and drawbacks.

Flexi Core and Gold Credit card Features

  • Fixed monthly payments that ensure you pay more of your capital debt monthly and allow for easy budgeting
  • Helps you build a credit history
  • Up to 57 days interest-free
  • No transaction fees on purchases
  • Free Lost card protection
  • Automatic basic travel insurance
  • Bidvest Airport Lounge access at preferential rates, for gold credit card
  • Get R1,5 million Automatic basic cover* for a range of travel emergencies, only for gold credit card
  • As a Rewards member, you get cash back when you swipe with your gold credit card at our fuel and grocery partners,

Absa Credit Card Requirements

  • Monthly income of R2000.00 to R4000.00 for a Flexi core credit card
  • Monthly income of R4000.00 to R25,000.00 for a gold credit card
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Proof of income required for the past three months
  • Proof of residence required
  • Must have a valid South African ID book or Smart card

Absa Bank Flexi Core and Gold Credit card Competitive Advantage?

When compared to any credit card offered by the major five banks that isn’t for students, the Flexi Core card offers the lowest minimum income requirement in South Africa. In comparison to the FNB Gold Credit Card and the Nedbank Credit Card, the gold credit card has a lower minimum income criterion. To qualify for a gold credit card, Nedbank requires a minimum of R5000, FNB requires a minimum of R7000, and Absa Bank requires a minimum of R4000.00. Both credit cards feature cheaper monthly credit card service fees of R30, as opposed to R45.00 for the Nedbank credit card. The automatic basic travel life cover on the gold credit card is R1,500,000.00, which is unusually high for a gold credit card.

Absa Bank Flexi Core and Gold Credit card Competitive Disadvantage

Compared to Capitec bank credit card, Absa Flexi Core and Gold Credit card charges for activity notifications while Capitec bank doesn’t. Absa Bank charges the same rate of R8.50 for returned payment charges and yet Capitec bank does not charge for returned payments.

Exclusive credit cards

Exclusive credit cards are for private banking, so if you want a dedicated private banker then you must consider getting one of the two exclusive credit cards.

Absa Bank has two exclusive credit cards namely premium banking credit card and private banking credit card. These are the top of the range credit cards from Absa Bank and are for professionals and high net individuals.

These cards give you access to private financial counselling whenever you need help to manage your financial affairs. If you are a very busy person then managing your finances may not be your number one priority hence you will need the services that come with private banking.

Let’s have a look at the features, rates, and requirements of premium and private banking credit cards. We will also look at the competitive advantages and disadvantages of both exclusive cards.


  • A one-card solution: You can now access your savings or cheque account using your Premium Banking Credit Card for fast and convenient shopping
  • Basic travel insurance: Free automatic cover for a range of emergencies when you travel
  • Bidvest Airport Lounges: Travel in style with Bidvest Airport Lounge access across South Africa*
  • Purchase Protection: 90 days free insurance for theft and accidental damage on card purchases
  • Absa Rewards Programme: You can join Absa Rewards and earn up to 1.15% back in cash rewards,
  • MasterPass: Store all your debit and credit cards in one secure digital wallet for safer and faster shopping. Download MasterPassTM from Absa in the app store
  • Contactless: Your Premium credit card is also contactless. You can pay for goods or services up to the value of R200 anywhere you see the Contactless Payments symbol. To combat fraud you’ll occasionally be asked to enter your PIN
  • International acceptance
  • Unlimited access to Bidvest airport lounges in South Africa
  • Lost card protection for private banking credit card
  • Purchase protection for private banking credit card
  • Extended warranty
  • Ability to temporarily lock your card or transactions from your Absa banking App


  • Must earn a minimum gross income of R62, 500.00 for private banking credit card
  • Must have a good credit score
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Proof of income required for the past three months
  • Proof of residence required
  • Must have a valid South African ID book or Smart card

Absa Bank premium and private banking credit card competitive advantage ?

You don’t need to earn much money to qualify for Absa private banking. From a salary of R25,000.00 or more, you can start your life in the private clients’ section with Absa Bank compared to a hefty R62,500.00 requirement from FNB.

Absa Bank premium and private banking credit card competitive disadvantage

Travel rewards are not earned from these cards. You need to have a separate account such as the Absa British airways to earn points when travelling or use your card to pay for car rental and hotel bookings.

From FNB you have all these benefits bundled in one credit card which will help you avoid unnecessary card fees and other card costs.

Credit card for students

Absa students’ credit card is simply designed for students. Not much money is required to own this credit card although it can be tough for students to make any income while studying. The minimum requirement for this credit card is R800 in gross income.

Gross income may income student allowances from Nsfas or bursary providers so there are no strict measures for this credit card. There are no monthly service fees and facility fees for this card and it is the only credit card from Absa whereby no service fees are charged.

Let’s look at the features, rates and requirements for the Absa credit card for students.

The Absa student credit card Features

  • No monthly service fee
  • Helps you build a credit history
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Up to 57 days interest-free on purchases
  • Automatic basic travel insurance

The Absa Student credit card rates

  • 0 monthly services fees
  • 0 monthly facility fees
  • Payment notification R0.60
  • Returned payment charges at R8.50

Absa student credit card requirements

  • Must earn R800 or more in Allowances or cash equivalents
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Proof of income required for the past three months
  • Proof of residence required
  • Must have a valid South African ID book or Smart card

Absa student credit card competitive advantage

With just R800.00 in income or allowance, students can get the credit card.

Absa student credit card competitive disadvantage

Part-time students cannot get a student credit card.

Absa Credit card application

You can use the following methods to make your Absa credit card application. Choose the card that you want, then use the following information to start your application.

  • Make sure that your credit score is good
  • Have you ID
  • Latest payslips if you are employed
  • Proof of allowances if you are a student
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have your three months bank statement showing proof of salary or student allowances
  • If you are an Absa mobile app user, you can use the app to start your application or
  • Start your application online or
  • Alternatively, visit your nearest Absa branch with all the necessary documents to start your application.


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