FNB Easy Account Review 2022

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FNB Easy Account Summary

The FNB Easy Account is a daily transaction account. This is a FNB first-tier account designed for those earning between R1000.00 and R7000.00 per month who are at least 18 years old. Monthly subscription prices range from R0.00 to R65.00.

FNB Easy account types

1. FNB Pay As You Use

The FNB Pay As You Use Account is designed for everyday use and features low cash and cash @ till withdrawal costs. The FNB Pay As You Use Account costs a fee for each transaction. The monthly charge is R4.95 and you are billed for all transactions. Appropriate for consumers who do not use their account frequently.

2. FNB Zero Monthly Fee Account

FNB Zero Monthly Fee Account is a no-fee bank account, charging R0 on monthly account fees. This account targets students. It comes with a savings account that has competitive interest rates. Users can buy data and airtime for free on the FNB app with this account option.

3. FNB Easy Account smart

FNThe FNB Zero Monthly Fee Account is a no-fee bank account with no monthly maintenance fees. This is a student-oriented account. It also features a savings account with a competitive interest rate. Users can use this account to purchase data and airtime on the FNB app for free.

What does FNB Easy Account offer?

Fast Loans

When you utilize the FNB Easy Account, you have easy access to loans. Loans through the Easy Account are approved within minutes after application. You can apply for loans using the FNB mobile app without providing any documents. You can quickly determine your loan eligibility and obtain fast access to the funds. All that is required is for you to accept the loan amount or change it to your desired amount. FNB employs artificial intelligence technologies to access your bank account and determine how much you qualify for.

Funeral plan

You can obtain a funeral plan using an fnb easy account. The plan covers you and your spouse up to R400,000.00 if you are married. Claims are processed quickly, with a maximum waiting period of 24 hours after submission of required documentation. To combat inflation, the funeral plan’s premiums are subject to a 5% annual increase. You can enroll up to 21 family members under a single plan, and each individual is guaranteed lifetime coverage. Because coverage is contingent upon premium payments, no claims can be made in the event of non-payment.

Savings account

The FNB Easy Account includes a free optional savings account, which may be used to supplement your income. The savings account offers a competitive rate of interest.

FNB app and internet banking

You will get access to free internet banking as well as a mobile app. You can bank at any time and from any location without incurring any additional fees. The use of the FNB mobile app and internet banking is subject to data usage charges and is not provided by the bank.

FNB Easy Account Fees for 2022

Fee TypeSmart AccountPay as you earn Account
Monthly Account FeeR59.00R4.95
ATM Withdrawal FeeR1.90 per every R100.00R6.00 per every R1000.00
Till Withdrawal FeeR1.00R1.00
Withdrawal at other bank ATM feesR9.50 + R1.90 per R100.00R10.00 per R1000.00
Cash deposit at FNB ATM feesR0.00R1.00 per R100.00
Internal debit order feeR0.00R2.50
External debit order feeR8.00R3.50
A table of FNB Easy Account fees for 2022

Whichever FNB Easy Smart Account or FNB Pay As You Use Account you choose will depend on your spending habits. If you are a frequent shopper, the Easy Smart Account is the perfect choice. Easy Smart Account provides you with an infinite number of internal debit orders and complimentary in-contact notifications. Making many payments is less expensive, and you are not charged to receive notification for each transaction.

Although the account comes at a high price, monthly fees can be minimized if used with care. Pay as you use account incur low monthly added fees if used with caution. If you withdraw cash @ till and make few transactions a month your monthly fees will be low. The monthly fees can be lower than R59 provided that strict measures are made on how to use the account. This account can be costly if used many times. If deposits, debit orders and atm withdrawals are made often they lead to high service fee charges.

FNB Easy Account Competitive Advantages

  • Receive free Transfers & Scheduled Transfers via Online, FNB Banking App.
  • Get free FNB Connect Airtime Purchases via Online or mobile channels.
  • You can easily migrate to the gold account.
  • Comes with free Scheduled Payments via Online, FNB Banking App.
  • No charge on debit order stop when using internet and mobile app banking.
  • Can get access to free historical statements online.
  • Ewallet service comes with no monthly fee.
  • Easy Account comes with different types of account options to choose from.
  • Easy Account has a zero fee account.

FNB Easy Account Competitive Disadvantages

  • Charges R8. 50 per unsuccessful transaction.
  • Charges an amount for balance enquiry if assisted by an FNB consultant.
  • There are charges for additional bank statements in a month.
  • There are charges for linked accounts transfer if assisted by a consultant.

How to apply for FNB Easy Account

  • Must have a South African ID.
  • You can start your application online or
  • If you have a mobile app then login, then go to Apply now > for me> choose easy account > enter relevant information > submit.

FNB Easy Account provides a secure and simple solution to banking. All added services are easy to use and come at less cost. There are things that you can benefit with easy account. You can get a funeral plan, have access to instant loans and overdrafts.

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Lethabo Ntsoane