FNB Black Card 2022 Review

Besides being prestigious, FNB black card comes with so many advantages and owning one makes you part of an elite group of South Africans. Before going deep into the review, it is important to note that FNB Black Debit Card and and FNB Black Credit Card are different. In this review we discuss both but our primary focus is the Credit Card.

FNB Black Card Summary

The FNB black card is a credit card offered by First National Bank that is aimed at high-net-worth individuals earning more than R750,000.00 per year. If you qualify for this card, you will receive a variety of benefits, including access to a credit facility of up to R300,000.00.

Different types of FNB Black Cards?

What is a Black Card ?

In South Africa a black card is a credit or debit card targeted to high net individuals earning more than R750,000.00 per annum. The name is derived from the color of the card. A black card generally gives the holder access to R300,000.00 credit facility. Black Card holders are usually business owners and C-Suite level executives.

FNB private clients debit card

FNB private clients debit card comes with great perks. A card designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to achieve their financial dreams. To qualify for this FNB black card you need to earn a minimum of R750,000.00 or more per annum. This card has a monthly service fee of R385.00 per month and comes with a dedicated private banker. Here are the requirements and advantages of a private clients card 

FNB black card private wealth requirements

  1. You must have a gross income of R750,000.00 or more, or
  2. Keep R75,000.00 for three months in your gold or premium account. 


  1. You will have a personalized dedicated private banker
  2. You get up to 40% back in eBucks point when you use your card to buy air tickets, buy Uber eats, shop online 
  3. Access to slow lounge
  4. Get up to R4.00 back when you purchase fuel at any engine garage anyone, 
  5. Your monthly account service fees can be waived if you maintain a minimum balance of R75,000.00 in a month, 
  6. You receive free 500mb, 60 minutes, and 60 SMS’s every month, 
  7. Free withdrawals of up to R10,000.00,
  8. Get free atm deposits of up to R9,000.00 every month, 
  9. You get 2 free send money transactions per month, 
  10. You get free card purchases, airtime purchases, payment and transfer done using the FNB app, and debit orders.


  1. You get charged an overdraft fee of up to R69.00,
  2. You get charged for linked bank account transfers at the FNB branch far more than doing over the app. 
  3. More charges when you do a deposit, debit order management, and payments at the branch, 
  4. Very high charges are accumulated whenever there is a declined purchase, 

After all has been said, I can safely confirm that the FNB private clients black card is awesome. As a private client cardholder with FNB myself, I can attest to that effect. It offers top of the range services.

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the next morning like me, the 24/7 dedicated private banker comes in handy.

Applying for my mortgage bond was so easy. I just called my banker and told her that I needed a home loan. All it took was her telling me what documents I needed to provide and she handled the rest.

For me, that is what I call value for money.

When the private banker is not available on her work phone or cell, someone calls in advance to let you know.

Anyways, constantly getting checked by the private banker is a standard that is very pleasing. 

I had problems when I first upgraded from a gold account to a private client’s debit account. I had too many debit orders for my account and it cost me a lot whenever the debt orders bounced. I was charged around R150.00 for every debit order that bounced. I guess this was on me since I didn’t manage my affairs in a considerable manner.

I would say always have money in your bank account if you have debit orders so that they don’t bounce back. 

FNB private wealth debit black card

One of the best black cards in South Africa, private wealth debit card is tailored for the ultra-rich. The card boasts many competitive perks. Let us look below what your advantages, requirements, and disadvantages of owning this FNB black card. 


  1. Must earn a minimum of R1,500,000.00 per annum in gross income, or
  2. Own assets worth R15,000,000.00 or more


  1. Monthly account services fee waived when you maintain a minimum of R100,000.00, 
  2. Get free cash deposits of up to R20,000.00 per month, 
  3. Get 15% back with eBucks when you make purchases on Uber eats, 
  4. Earn up to 40% back in ebucks on FNB’s life insurance 
  5. Can apply for a private wealth credit card, 
  6. Get 500mb, 60 minutes, and 60 SMS’s every month, 
  7. Receive unlimited card withdrawals, 
  8. Get free pay and clear, payments and transfers, airtime purchases, debit orders, card purchases, and card replacement, 
  9. You get access to the slow lounge, 
  10. Get comprehensive cover when you travel, 
  11. Also get free statements, balance Enquiries, and linked accounts transfer and
  12. Free global account transfers


The FNB private wealth debit black card has wealth written all over it. There are many benefits that come with this FNB black card. Compared to other FNB debit cards this seems to be the best. Almost every service is free. However, you pay higher monthly service fees for having it.

Your monthly fees can be waived if you maintain a balance of R100,000.00 in your account. Not many have so much money to keep in their bank account but if you have, it would likely work well for you.

Probably, you may not need to keep so much money in a bank account, calculate your opportunity cost. If you are going to make money using that R100,000.00 then use it. 

Like the FNB private client debit black card, this card comes with a private banker. Added to the private wealth account, you get a private banking analyst who will help you manage your financial affairs. 

A huge amount of ebucks can be earned if you own this card. If you like buying online or use Gautrain, you can take advantage of the ebucks rewards. You get up to 40% in ebucks rewards on purchases. 

FNB enterprise business card debit

Obviously, designed for corporations. Businesses earning anything above R60,000,000.00 in turnover per annum can apply for this card. This card is relationally based and services fees are charged according to your business needs. Definitely, structured to meet enterprising business needs. 


  1. Must have revenue of R60,000,000.00 or more


  1. Get free comprehensive global life cover when you travel, 
  2. Get ebucks points when you travel and hire a car with AVIS, 
  3. Get a private banker for your business, 
  4. Get an analyst for your business, 
  5. Get ebucks rewards when you use your car at Engine, Gautrain, Shoprite, takealot, and other stores, 
  6. The card comes tailor-made to cater for your industry needs, 
  7. Free unlimited card purchases and ATM withdrawals
  8. Get free statements and balance check whenever 


Not every business can get this card, only a selected few businesses have a chance of owning this elite black card. If your business makes more than R60,000,000.00 in revenue you can visit your nearest FNB branch to start your application. Your business may be in need of this financial product 

FNB private clients credit card

Before you apply for this credit card there are a few things that you may need to know. This card has a monthly services fee of R192.00 per month. Has a facilitation service fee of R17.00 and an initiation fee of up to R172.00. In addition, you get a free ebucks membership rewards. 


  1. Must earn R750,000.00 per annum or more or
  2. Maintain a balance of R75,000.00 for 3 consecutive months, and 
  3. Must have a good credit score


  1. Get up to 55 days of interest-free purchases, 
  2. Get ebucks rewards when you buy on selected stores, 
  3. Free mini statements and historic statements, 
  4. Free balance enquiries and card purchases, 
  5. Free linked accounts transfer and payments, 
  6. Free card replacement, 
  7. Access to slow lounge, 
  8. Credit from R75,000.00

If you are looking to start a new credit on a black card I recommend FNB private clients credit black card. It is an easy way to grow from private clients to private wealth cardholder. This account requires a smaller balance kept in your account for the waiving of service fees.

The difference is so huge that needs to be maintained, you will need to keep an extra R25,000.00 if you are a private wealth holder. 

FNB private wealth credit card

FNB black card monthly charges R248.00 per month. Has a facilitation service fee of R17.00 and an initiation fee of up to R172.


  1. FNB black card minimum salary is R1,500, 000.00 per annum or
  2. Own assets worth R15,000,000.00 and 
  3. Have a good credit score 


  1. Get up to 55 days of interest-free purchases, 
  2. Get ebucks rewards when you buy on selected stores, 
  3. Unpaid mini statements and historic statements, 
  4. Balance enquiries and card purchases at no cost
  5. Free linked accounts transfer and payments,
  6. Credit from R100,000.00
  7. Unpaid card replacement, 
  8. Access to slow lounge

FNB business black credit card

The FNB business credit card charges R250.00 monthly service fees. 


  1. Must have revenue of R60,000,000.00 or more per annum,
  2. The company must have a good credit score rating and 
  3. Must have a business account with FNB 


  1. Free SLOW Domestic and International Lounge visits per year and Complimentary SLOW in the City Access
  2. Through the GCAS (global customer assistance services) program, Visa provides high-quality assistance when you travel overseas. Available globally, 24/7, 365 days a year
  3. Get free comprehensive global travel insurance that keeps you covered locally and internationally when you purchase your travel tickets using
  4. Get ebucks when using your card on selected stores
  5. Free card transactions


If you have a personal or business card with FNB it is easy to apply for a new card. FNB  uses a system that can calculate how much you make and uses that data to instantly give you card options that you qualify for. For a debit card, no paperwork will be required to upgrade you can just insert your new address and your card will be delivered.

For a credit, proof of income is required to determine the amount of credit you qualify for. To see if you qualify for a new product you can use your mobile app to see which products you qualify for.

Don’t make rash decisions when getting an fnb black card. Know what you will benefit from switching from the current card you are using. Affordability is a very big factor here. I have seen people taking credit and not being able to pay for within the very next month. FNB black credit cards come with a huge credit so be prepared, use the credit that you will be able to pay.

Before applying for a credit card check your credit score first. If your score is low, make your of your credit report to check what you are doing wrong. FNB will not give you any credit if you cannot handle your credit. 

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FNB Black Card 2022 Review

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