Personal Loans

8 steps to get a personal loan in South Africa

In South Africa getting a personal loan starts with checking your credit score, getting pre-qualified and comparing loan supply options. Whether you are borrowing money to consolidate existing debt, visit another country or finance your next adventure, a personal loan can help cover your expenses. Generally in South Africa most personal loans are unsecured loans,[…]

African Bank personal loan review 2022

A personal loan is a great way to get financial relief in the case of an emergency. African Bank personal loans are offered up to an amount of R250,000.00. The bank offers short term loans as well as long-term terms, depending on your needs and repayment period. Unlike home or a car loan where the[…]

Lime Loans Review 2022

Lime Loans Summary Lime Loans is a South African fintech that provides payday online loans ranging from R300.00 to R5400.00. The interest rate starts from 28.9% to 39.8%. The loan repayment is 5 to 36 days. Lime Loans target South Africans over the age of 18. In the past few years, online payday lenders like[…]

Nedbank Personal Loan Review 2022

Nedbank Personal Loan Summary A Nedbank personal loan is a convenient method to finance both planned and unplanned costs. You can use the funds to purchase a used vehicle, pay for education, or cover any other expenses. The maximum amount you are eligible for is R300,000.00. To qualify for a Nedbank personal loan, you must[…]

FNB Personal Loan Review 2022

FNB Personal Loan Summary FNB Personal Loan is a loan facility targeted at individuals above the age of 18 with a regular income. The interest rate is personalised, starting at 12.75%. The maximum loan amount is R300000.00. What you need to know about the loan The FNB personal loan is one of the easiest to[…]

ABSA Personal Loan Review 2022

ABSA Personal Loan Summary ABSA Personal Loan is a loan facility targeted at individuals above the age of 18 with a monthly income of R1500.00 and above. The interest rate is personalised, starting at 17.5%. The loan ranges between R2000.00 and R350000.00. With a repayment period of up to 84 months. What you need to[…]

Capitec Personal Loan Review 2022

Capitec Personal Loan Summary Capitec Personal Loan is a loan program designed for those over the age of 18 who have a steady source of income. The interest rate is variable, beginning at 12.9 percent. R250000.00 is the maximum loan amount. Capitec Bank provides fascinating financial solutions to its customers, and its personal loan facility[…]

Standard Bank Personal Loan Review 2022

Standard Bank Personal Loan Standard Bank Personal Loan is a loan facility targeted at individuals above the age of 18 with a monthly income of R3000.00 and above. The interest rate is personalised, with an average of 24.50%. The loan amount starts from R3000.00 to R300000.00. Repayment is up to 72 months. What you need[…]

Rental and Home Loan COVID-19 relief from banks

A significant proportion of urban dwellers in South Africa do not own homes. The majority of metropolitan dwellers are renting homes, some at very astronomical prices. High rentals were already straining the average South African population. COVID-19 restrictions have added more woes to the renting population. Most employees who have been affected by the ongoing[…]

CashLoan.co.za loans Review 2020

There are times in life when unexpected circumstances that require immediate cash injection from you may arise. Sadly, you may not be liquid at that point, having exhausted all your salary. If you are caught up in such a debilitating position, do not despair as CashLoan.co.za can you help you get a quick cash loan[…]

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