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Invoice Factoring Explained

The invoice factoring method is used when a business factors its account receivables to meet its immediate liquidity needs. Banks, fintech startups, and other financial institutions are the main factoring companies in South Africa. A factor is regarded as a funding source that pays a company the discounted value of its invoices.  What is Invoice[…]

Invoice Discounting Explained

Invoice Discounting solutions help companies leverage their accounts due to meet their immediate liquidity needs. Private and public sector businesses set their settlement date for goods to be supplied to suppliers and a longer settlement period can lead to a supplier being illiquid.  Through invoice discounting, a company can solve its liquidity problems with the[…]

Invoice Financing Explained

Invoice Financing is a form of financing that provides leverage for businesses when their invoices are not yet due. This type of finance offer is popular with fintech start-ups such as Lulalend and Bridgement Finance. Traditional banks also offer invoice financing services to small and large businesses.  What is Invoice Financing?  Invoice Financing is a[…]

Business Partners business loan review 2022

Business Partners business loans have been of effective financial assistance to a number of South African entrepreneurs over the years. Business Partners is a South African financial service provider with an excellent reputation. To date, they have provided South African SMEs with business loans worth over R19.5 billion. All business owners with a viable formal[…]

ABSA Business Loans Review 2022

ABSA business loans are provided by Absa Group Limited. It is one of Africa’s largest diversified financial services groups with a presence in 12 countries across the African continent. ABSA business loans offer South African businesses with startup and existing small, medium, and micro-enterprises (SMEs) asset loans, working capital, and business expansion finance. Depending on[…]

FNB Business Loan: 2022 Review

First National Bank (FNB) is one of the leading banks in South Africa, well-identified with its Acacia tree symbol and considered best in technology. FNB Business loan caters for businesses looking for funds to expand, acquire assets or finance other business-related expenditures. Your business can get a loan amount from as little as R2 000[…]

Fundrr Business Loan Review 2022

Fundrr is a developing financial start-up that offers company financing. Fundrr created an automated credit model that analyzes nearly 100 data factors to deliver a comprehensive view of development opportunities. This enabled the fintech firm to generate a funder score. Fundrr loans are available to small South African enterprises in all industries. They provide loans[…]

Merchant Capital Business Loan Review 2022

Merchant Capital Summary Merchant Capital is a Johannesburg-based fintech lender founded in 2012. Merchant Capital primarily focuses on providing loans to South African businesses in the retail industry. Eligible applicants: A registered company or close corporation in South Africa Monthly card sales of at least R30 000 A trading history of at least 6 to[…]

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