Wesbank Review 2024

Wesbank provides trusted and responsible, lease and fleet agreements to its clients. It also provides motor vehicles and business assets […]

Type Private
Parent FirstRand Limited
Sector Financials
Industry Specialty Finance
Address 14th Road Noordwyk,
South Africa
Products Business asset finance, personal finance, auctions, personal loans
Website Wesbank.co.za

Wesbank provides trusted and responsible, lease and fleet agreements to its clients. It also provides motor vehicles and business assets needs. The company operates in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Wesbank is a division of FirstRand Limited, which also is the parent organisation of FNB and Rand Merchant Bank. Wesbank also partners with reputable motor industry stakeholders to deliver its vehicle finance services. The bank is one of South Africa’s largest credit instalment institutions and the biggest vehicle loan provider in South Africa.

Services offered by Wesbank

Wesbank offers financing, insurance, advisory and other financial services to businesses and individuals. For individuals, the bank offers vehicle finance and insurance. As for businesses, the bank offers asset-based finance, leasing & fleet finance and insurance. Wesbank also has auctions that run nationwide.

Personal services

Private sale finance: Wesbank offers vehicle finance to those who want to buy a vehicle from a private individual, a family member, a friend or a business. Wesbank acts as a sales facilitator to oversee the sale and also does a technical inspection of the vehicle, which is performed by a specialist.

Car finance for graduates: newly graduates can own a car by taking a loan with Wesbank. Wesbank gives finance to graduates without any credit record to buy new or used cars.

Islamic finance for individuals: Wesbank offers Shariah-compliant motor vehicle finance. Anyone looking for Islamic vehicle financing can use Wesbank, regardless of race. You can buy it from a dealership, a private seller, or at an auction house.

Motorcycle vehicle finance: Motorcycle finance caters for all kinds of motorcycles, such as on-road bikes, scooters, cruisers, off-road bikes, etc. Finance is for a new or used motorcycle from a dealership or private seller.

Leisure Finance: Wesbank provides finance for those who want to buy leisure vehicles that are not for day-to-day use. Leisure vehicles include but not limited to jet skis, caravans, golf carts and quad bikes. Finance is for new or used vehicles.

Personal loans: Wesbank offers personal loans to qualifying customers. Loans range from R5000 to R200,000.00, and when you apply you get an answer immediately after posting your application. The repayment term is 2 to 6 years which comes with flexible interest rates.

Business services

Industry-specific finance: Wesbank provides finance for businesses in specialised industries. Industries include transportation, mining, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, tourism, medical, and others.

Wesbank prides itself as a South African finance provider that has more strategic partnerships with original equipment manufacturers, therefore, using the bank can help reduce the purchase price.

Small business asset finance: specialist and asset funding that meets the unique demands of small to medium enterprises is provided by Wesbank. Wesbank offers finance to purchase assets to small businesses since they are not fully catered for in the banking industry.

Islamic business finance: Islamic businesses can apply for business finance at Wesbank. Small, medium and large enterprises are welcome to apply for finance. Shariah finance solution finances industry-specific equipment, company vehicles or machinery.

Vehicle lease: Wesbank offers business leasing options for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, golf carts, and forklifts. Lease from the bank comes in three options: full maintenance, operating and Sala, and leaseback.

A full maintenance lease is one that has a monthly rental that covers usage, servicing, and maintenance. Operating lease cover usage comes with the option to add managed maintenance. While sale and leaseback are when you sell your vehicles to Wesbank and those vehicles are leased back to you.

Fleet management: Wesbank offers fleet management services to fleet owners regardless of their fleet being with Wesbank. The solution offers a 24-hour call centre, a wide supplier network, vehicle maintenance and job cost benchmarks for each vehicle.

Vehicle disposal: Wesbank helps with the disposal of your fleet. This is done by taking the necessary steps to help you keep your business running. It has a multi-channel disposal service that has well-experienced individuals to assist.

Insurance Services

Comprehensive insurance: Wesbank provides comprehensive insurance to both businesses and individuals. For individuals, it covers damage, theft, hail damage, and more. Business comprehensive insurance covers accidental damage, theft, hijacking, third-party liability claims, hail damage, and windshield.

Debt cover: the bank debt covers you in case you face retrenchment, face disability and death. The cover is for unforeseen events and can be claimed when such events happen. This cover is only available for individuals.

Insurance shortfall cover: this cover is for any shortfall that you or your business may incur in the event that your insurance has paid out and there is still money needed to cover the whole debt.

Shortfall insurance beats depreciation by making a payout that matches your original purchase price and not the current price.

Drivaprotect insurance: Drivaprotect helps with financial recovery from accidents, potholes and traffic offences. You can recover the money you spend on repairing damage caused by a pothole or getting released for a traffic offence.


The bank offers an auction facility that is available nationwide. There is a wide range of cars to choose from, bakkies, private cars etc.

The cars sold are repossessed from previous owners and come at a slightly lower rate than the actual car’s market value.

Wesbank works with numerous auction houses around the country to make sure that this service is delivered smoothly.

Some of the auction houses that the bank works with include Aucor, WH Auctioneers, Devco and also has its own facilities that it uses for auctions.

Finance for auction is available if needed. One can check how much they qualify for before going to the auction.

Wesbank Executives

Name Position
Chris DE Kock Group CEO
Kele Mazwai Group HR Executive
Nenzeni Duma Group CIO
Ghana Msibi Motor CEO
Gerald Burton Corporate CEO
Inus Du Preez Group CRO
Anushuya Gounden Group CFO


Wesbank serves as a leading motor vehicle finance house in South Africa and has made strategic partnerships along throughout its existence. It’s fleet services side of business seem to be interesting and it is slowly but surely growing thanks to its relations with dealerships and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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