Totalsports Account review 2024

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  • Benefits & Drawbacks: Understand the advantages and disadvantages of having a Totalsports Account.
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The TotalSports Account offers a minimum credit limit of R250.00. The maximum interest rate on the outstanding credit balance of the account is 17.50%. However, the account offers a 6 months 0% interest free budget.

As a proud partner of TFG (The Foschini Group), the TotalSports Account is accepted at over 3000 TFG affiliated stores. Apart from TotalSports, account holders can shop at various renowned outlets, including:

  • Foschini: Renowned for its fashion and lifestyle offerings.
  • Sportscene: A hub for trendy sportswear and footwear.
  • American Swiss: Specializing in jewellery and accessories.
  • Exact: Providing value-oriented fashion for men, women, and kids.
  • Fabiani: A premium destination for men’s fashion.
  • The FIX: Offering affordable fashion and accessories.
  • G-Star Raw: Known for its denim and urban apparel.
  • Markham: Catering to men’s fashion and grooming needs.
  • Mat & May: Providing home and lifestyle products.
  • Sterns: A destination for exquisite jewellery and watches.

The TotalSports Account comes with the enrolment into the TFG Rewards Program.

TotalSports Account and MyTFG Rewards Program

TotalSports Account holders can earn points through the TFG Rewards Program by making purchases. Depending on their tier status, earning rates vary. The TotalSports Account comes with the following benefits from TFG:

  • Earning rates vary based on tier status: Tier 1 earns 3 points per R1 spent, Tier 2 earns 6 points, and Tier 3 earns 9 points.
  • Bonus activities such as signing up, social media engagement, and referring friends also earn points.
  • Points can be redeemed for rewards like vouchers, with redemption rates varying based on tier status.
  • For example, Tier 1 members redeem 750 points for a R6 reward, Tier 2 members redeem at 4.80% back, and Tier 3 members at 7.20% back.
  • Points are often issued as vouchers with unique codes for online shopping convenience.
  • Points typically expire after 12 months of inactivity, although rules may vary.
  • Some activities like sharing on social media or referring friends can earn bonus points.
  • Referring friends can result in both the referrer and the referee receiving vouchers.
  • It’s advisable to check the rewards website regularly for updates on expiration rules and promotions.

Advantages of the TotalSports Account:

  1. Convenient Shopping: Access to over 3000 TFG affiliated stores, including popular brands like Foschini, Sportscene, and American Swiss, providing a wide range of products under one account.
  2. Credit Facility: Offers a minimum credit limit of R250.00, providing flexibility for purchases beyond immediate affordability.
  3. Interest-Free Budget: Provides a 6-month interest-free budget, allowing customers to make purchases without incurring interest charges during this period.
  4. Earn Rewards: Integration with the TFG Rewards Program allows customers to earn points on purchases, potentially leading to discounts or rewards.
  5. Tiered Benefits: Depending on tier status, customers can earn varying points per rand spent, providing incentives for increased spending and loyalty.
  6. Bonus Points Opportunities: Additional points can be earned through various activities like signing up, engaging on social media, and referring friends, enhancing the value of the account.

Disadvantages of the TotalSports Account

  1. Interest Charges: Interest on the used credit can be as high as 17.50%, potentially leading to increased costs if balances are not paid off promptly.
  2. Credit Risk: Using credit facilities can lead to overspending and debt accumulation if not managed responsibly, affecting financial health.
  3. Limited Acceptance: While accepted at over 3000 TFG affiliated stores, the account may not be accepted everywhere, limiting purchasing options compared to cash or other widely accepted payment methods.
  4. Tiered Requirements: Higher tier benefits are contingent upon meeting certain spending thresholds, which may not be feasible or desirable for all customers.
  5. Points Expiry: Points earned through the TFG Rewards Program typically expire after 12 months of inactivity, potentially leading to loss of accumulated rewards if not utilized promptly.
  6. Complexity: Managing tier statuses, understanding earning and redemption rates, and keeping track of bonus activities may add complexity to account management for some customers.

TotalSports Account Application Requirements

  • Must be over the age of 18 years at the time of application. 
  • Have proof of income such as a payslip or 3 months bank statement. 
  • Proof of residence that is not older than 3 months at the time of application. 
  • A valid South African ID book or Smart card or a valid driver’s license. 


The Totalsports account comes with a store credit that may be used to make purchases at Totalsports and TFG partner stores on credit. The account can be used for a variety of purchases outside of fashion, eliminating the need for several store accounts.

Finally, because there are always things on sale, the Totalsports account may put pressure on account holders to make unneeded purchases from TFG partner stores. Hence, it is important to adopt a wise spending habit and avoid utilizing the account excessively.

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