MyTFG rewards program review 2023

MyTFG Rewards is a rewards program for brand stores that are part of the “The Foschini Group” brand. Customers who […]

myTFG rewards

MyTFG Rewards is a rewards program for brand stores that are part of the “The Foschini Group” brand. Customers who have a store account with any of the following retail brands are automatically enrolled in the MyTFG rewards program. The following store accounts are eligible for automatic admission into the myTFG rewards program:

22 TFG retail brands presently support the myTFG account, and anyone with an account from one of these stores can receive rewards. A membership card is included with the myTFG rewards program, which may be used to make purchases. Only one card can be issued to be used as a myTFG rewards card.

One of the best rewards programs in South Africa is the myTFG program. When account holders scan their myTFG rewards card during transactions`, they have the chance to win prizes and save money.

When using the myTFG rewards card, account holders have access to personalised vouchers that can be earned. The rewards card can also be used to make purchases online at any TFG partner website.

Only individuals who have a store account with a TFG associated store are eligible for an automatic entry into the myTFG rewards program. If you’re thinking about opening an account with one of TFG’s partner brands or already have one, you should learn about the myTFG rewards program and how it works.

The myTFG rewards program is discussed further below. 

MyTFG rewards program summary 

The MyTFG rewards program is a loyalty program that offers quick discounts in-store and online. Those who have a TFG account or an account with one of the TFG associated stores are eligible for an automatic entry to the program. The rewards program will be linked to one’s account, and it will not require an application. TFG makes the rewards program available to all TFG account holders and TFG partner store accounts.

A rewards card is included in the program, which may be used at checkout while making purchases. Those that shop online, on the other hand, can take advantage of discounts offered through the program. Rewards members can obtain quick savings from all TFG partner networks by visiting the MyTFG world website. The myTFG world website puts every store item that is on sale on the website to make shopping easy. 

Cardholders can not only save money with the MyTFG rewards program, but they can also win prizes. Swiping the myTFG rewards card when making purchases will earn you these benefits. Rewards are given in the form of personalized vouchers.

There are a limited number of vouchers available to be won from a variety of stores. Account-holders can get vouchers to use at any of the following locations:

  • Any TFG partner store, 
  • Shoprite stores to buy groceries, 
  • Streaming vouchers, 
  • Nu metro vouchers, 
  • Vida e coffee vouchers, 
  • Uber vouchers, 
  • Flight vouchers, 
  • Spa vouchers, 
  • Bus discount vouchers, 
  • Kids’ lesson vouchers, and 
  • Fast food vouchers

From the overview of the myTFG rewards program, it is clear that there is more to be won and saved with the program. Let’s delve further into the topic as we look at how the rewards program works. 

How myTFG rewards program works

TFG partner store account holders can save money, get discounts, and win prizes through the MyTFG rewards program. Rewards cardholders can save money every time they shop using their myTFG rewards card. This card can be used at any of TFG’s 22 retail brands, which span 900 locations.

The rewards program is automatically enrolled. Those who have a TFG connected store account are automatically entered into the rewards program. By scanning their MyTFG rewards card at checkout in the store, these members can use their card to make purchases and earn rewards.

The account holder’s store card will be linked to the myTFG rewards. This allows the account holder to make online purchases without entering the rewards card number. As a result, rewards cardholders receive unique discounts that are immediately applied when they use their store account.

Members who swipe the myTFG rewards card are automatically entered into exclusive competitions. Members can earn individualized vouchers with specific redemption instructions. Members can use their vouchers to shop at Shoprite, Uber, and TFG stores, among others.

The myTFG rewards program is completely free to join. This means that members are not required to pay a membership fee in order to remain members. As a result, the membership program accomplishes its goal of assisting store account holders in earning vouchers and saving money.

Advantages of the myTFG rewards program 

  • Account-holders of any TFG linked store brands are eligible for the rewards program. There are 22 retail brands in all.
  • The rewards program is completely free to join.
  • Members are not required to pay a membership fee.
  • When shopping, there are savings chances that can be discovered right away.
  • The rewards card can be linked to online accounts to provide you access to special offers and help you save money when you purchase.
  • Vouchers can be earned and redeemed at a variety of locations, including TFG-affiliated retailers.
  • The rewards program includes a card that may be used to earn savings at checkout.
  • When members scan their myTFG rewards card, they are automatically entered into competitions.

Disadvantages of the myTFG rewards program

  • There are no points that can be earned and converted into cash, which means that instead of converting points to vouchers, one can only shop on certain promotions and receive vouchers determined by TFG.
  • There is no app to support the myTFG rewards program, so members cannot shop at one retailer and save on one platform.


The myTFG rewards program is a great rewards program with numerous benefits for members. Since there is no membership fee, it is nearly impossible for members to lose, and they instead gain. It is possible to obtain vouchers and discounts without having to pay for a membership; all that is required is that you make purchases. As a result, the rewards program is a win-win situation for members.