Fabiani account review 2022

Individuals with a Fabiani account can shop on credit at Fabiani. Fabiani is a well-known brand in South Africa and is associated with high-quality clothing. Fabiani has steadily risen through the ranks as a high-quality clothing seller, gaining popularity among young South Africans.

Fabiani is a clothes and shoe retailer that has managed to maintain its reputation as a mid-priced, high-quality fashion retailer. Fabiani also sells accessories such as hats, belts, bags, cologne, underwear, and socks. G Star Raw and Fabiani are two of the brands sold at Fabiani.

Account-holders who have a Fabiani account can shop all of the aforementioned brands on credit. The credit on the Fabiani account can be spent in other places as well. Any retailer that takes TFG cards as payment also accepts Fabiani store accounts, therefore purchases can be done at these locations.

The Fabiani account gives account holders a lot of purchasing options, but getting one without doing any research can leave a lot of questions unanswered. Below, we go over the Fabiani account in greater detail. 

Fabiani Account Summary 

A Fabiani account is a store credit account that can be used at any Fabiani store in South Africa. This account can be used to make purchases across all departments at Fabiani. Those who are over the age of 18 and have a source of income are eligible for the account.

New account holders are given vouchers when they open a Fabiani account. These vouchers can be used at any Fabiani store or one of its affiliates. New account holders are given vouchers worth R1,500.00 that can be redeemed in small increments. The vouchers must be claimed within six months of opening the account. 

The Fabiani account automatically enrolls you in the myTFG rewards program. All Fabiani and TFG account holders are automatically enrolled in the myTFG rewards program. MyTFG Rewards is a rewards program that rewards account holders for making purchases using their accounts. Personalized vouchers and discounts on certain items are among the rewards.

The customer protection insurance on the account provides an optional cover for the Fabiani balance. This insurance policy assures that the Fabiani account is maintained in the event that the account holder passes away. Permanent disability, temporary disability, loss of income, and death are all events that can be covered by customer protection insurance.

Account-holders can pick between two budget options with the Fabiani account. There are two budget alternatives available: a 6-month interest-free budget and a 12-month interest-bearing budget. A six-month budget is designed to encourage consumers to pay off their accounts as quickly as possible without paying interest, whereas a twelve-month budget is designed for people who wish to make little payments over a longer period of time.

As you can see, the Fabiani account offers many benefits, and account holders have repayment options when shopping with the account. The account is explained further below as we analyze how the account works. 

How the Fabiani Account Works

Anyone who earns a living can apply for a Fabiani account because there is no minimum income requirement. The Fabiani account is credited after a successful application and approval. The credit limit is determined by the risk profile of the account holder.

The credit can be redeemed at any Fabiani store across South Africa. In addition, the account can be used at any TFG partner store in South Africa, which includes 22 partner brands with 900 locations.

When using the account to make purchases, you must select a budget option. A 6-month interest-free budget and a 12-month interest-bearing budget are available as budget alternatives. The monthly repayment amount will be determined by the budget you choose.

The money repaid to the Fabiani account is made available to the account holder through the money that was repaid. However, the amount made available excludes the interest charged and the monthly service fee. The money is made available to reuse because the Fabiani account is a revolving credit account.

Advantages of the Account

  • Customer protection insurance is available as an add-on and covers the credit utilized.
  • Account-holders are automatically enrolled in the myTFG rewards program, which provides personalized vouchers and discounts.
  • The account can be used at over 900 locations across the country.
  • Payments to the account can be made in a variety of ways.
  • Aside from clothes, there are other things on offer, such as appliances and furnishings.
  • It is possible to share the account with relatives or friends.
  • New account holders receive vouchers for free.
  • There are budget options to choose from. 

Disadvantages of the Account

  • The account may incur high interest if installments are missed as interest will compound. 
  • Since the products sold at Fabiani outlets are expensive, especially for the average South African, the credit provided may not be sufficient to make reasonable purchases.

Account requirements

  • Must be over the age of 18 years at the time of application. 
  • Have proof of income such as a payslip or 3 months bank statement. 
  • Proof of residence that is not older than 3 months at the time of application. 
  • A valid South African ID book or Smart card or a valid driver’s license. 


The Fabiani account allows you to purchase high-end fashion apparel on credit, with the option of repaying the debt over a short or lengthy period of time. The account is simple to open because it may be done online. When utilizing the Fabiani account, it’s always a good idea to check if any vouchers or special discounts are available.