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2023-10-16 9:00 AM

Rolls-Royce’s Eclipse Elegance Unveiled

  • Rolls-Royce unveils the Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis, drawing inspiration from the rare beauty of a solar eclipse, capturing its essence in intricate details.
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship: The car features a unique Lyrical Copper shade, Mandarin accents, and a Starlight Headliner replicating eclipse phases, showcasing Rolls-Royce's dedication to precision.
  • Exclusive Limited Edition: Limited to 25 units worldwide, the Ékleipsis Private Collection offers a rare opportunity for luxury car enthusiasts to own a celestial-inspired, bespoke masterpiece.
By Lethabo Ntsoane

Rolls-Royce, the epitome of luxury and elegance, has once again pushed the boundaries of automotive artistry with the introduction of their latest creation: the Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Private Collection. This bespoke masterpiece draws inspiration from the rare and mesmerizing phenomenon of a solar eclipse, capturing the celestial wonder in every meticulous detail.

Exterior: A Dance of Light and Shadow

The Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis stands out with its exquisite exterior design, featuring a unique Lyrical Copper shade incorporating powdered copper pigment. This innovative choice creates a captivating effect; the pigment appears darker until it catches the light, mimicking the intense pulses of sunlight during an eclipse. The vibrant Mandarin shade adorns key elements, including inserts below the Pantheon Grille and black brake calipers, reminiscent of the vivid hues observed during this natural wonder.

The front fascia of the vehicle is adorned with 1,846 laser-etched ‘stars,’ symbolizing the stages of a total eclipse. Each star, meticulously designed and positioned by a skilled artisan, took over 100 hours to complete. This attention to detail is a testament to Rolls-Royce’s commitment to perfection, transforming the car into a moving work of art.

Exterior FeaturesDescription
Body ColorLyrical Copper with powdered copper pigment
Accent ColorMandarin (Pantheon Grille inserts, brake calipers)
Laser-Etched Stars1,846 stars representing stages of a total eclipse
Design TimeOver 100 hours of meticulous craftsmanship

Interior: Luxurious Craftsmanship

Inside, the Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis offers a sanctuary of opulence and sophistication. The bespoke interior features include bicolour seats with a one-of-a-kind perforated artwork, boasting more than 200,000 holes, and gold twilight accents that create the illusion of a sunset from every angle.

Interior FeaturesDescription
Perforated Artwork Holes200,000+ holes on bicolor seats
Gold Twilight AccentsSunset illusion from every angle
Unique Starlight HeadlinerStars replicate solar eclipse phases
Bespoke Timepiece0.5-carat diamond, precious gemstone, dark aluminium

The standout feature of the interior is the bespoke Starlight Headliner, where the stars darken and replicate the totality of a solar eclipse when the engine is ignited and the doors are closed. This captivating animation process takes approximately 7 minutes and 31 seconds, creating a truly magical atmosphere inside the car.

Limited Edition: Exclusivity Redefined

Rolls-Royce plans to produce only 25 examples of the Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Private Collection, each destined for discerning clients around the world. The exclusivity of this limited edition masterpiece ensures that each unit is a rare and cherished collector’s item, embodying the essence of bespoke luxury.

In addition to the stunning features mentioned, the Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis also includes bold Mandarin leather in a black shade, illuminated treadplates, concealed umbrellas with Mandarin piping in the coach doors, and a unique indoor motor car cover featuring the Private Collection’s distinctive wordmark.

This extraordinary creation not only showcases Rolls-Royce’s unparalleled craftsmanship but also pays homage to the celestial wonders that inspire awe and fascination. The Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Private Collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of luxury, creating a harmonious blend of art, innovation, and automotive excellence.

For Rolls-Royce enthusiasts and luxury car connoisseurs in South Africa and around the world, the Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Private Collection represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history, a true masterpiece that encapsulates the beauty of a solar eclipse within the confines of a luxurious automobile.

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Lethabo Ntsoane

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