Honda Unveils “Zero” EV Series: A Lighter, Sleeker Future for Electric Vehicles

  • Honda's Innovation: Honda unveils the Zero EV series, challenging the trend of heavy electric SUVs with a focus on light, sleek designs.
  • Futuristic Concepts: The Saloon and Space-Hub showcase sporty aesthetics, Formula 1-inspired performance, and innovative autonomous driving features.
  • Ambitious EV Strategy: Honda plans 30 new EV models by 2030, targeting 2 million units sold, striving for carbon neutrality by 2050.

In a bid to redefine the electric vehicle (EV) landscape, Honda has announced its new global EV series, named Honda Zero. This groundbreaking series aims to counter the prevailing trend of bulky and heavy electric SUVs with a focus on “thin,” “light,” and “wise” principles, according to the automaker.

The Honda Zero Lineup: Saloon and Space-Hub Concepts

Honda’s first model under the Zero series is the Saloon, a sedan-like concept set to debut in North America in 2026. Emphasizing a sleek design, the Saloon draws inspiration from Honda’s Formula 1 racing experience, featuring a low, sloping profile for enhanced aerodynamics. The interior mirrors this sporty theme, showcasing Tron-like lighting accents, a single central display, and pixelated wheel covers.

Complementing the Saloon is the Space-Hub, a boxier van-esque concept. Boasting minimal overhangs and a rear light reminiscent of Rivian’s electric delivery vans, the Space-Hub offers a unique, greenhouse-like interior with a panoramic moonroof. The absence of a rear window suggests reliance on cameras for visibility, hinting at potential applications for autonomous shuttle services.

“Thin,” “Light,” and “Wise”: Honda’s Approach to Weightlessness

Honda is set to challenge the prevailing notion of large and heavy EVs dominating the market. The “thin” and “light” principles of the Honda Zero series emphasize a departure from the current trend of substantial electric SUVs and trucks, proposing a more nimble and lightweight alternative.

While the exact methods to achieve this weightlessness remain undisclosed, Honda emphasizes a start-from-scratch engineering approach. The series introduces a new H-mark logo exclusively for its next-generation EVs, symbolizing the innovative direction the company is taking in EV development.

Autonomous Driving and Innovative Features

Honda envisions the future of driving with both partially and fully autonomous capabilities in the Zero series. A retractable steering wheel, as featured in a marketing video, allows drivers to seamlessly switch between manual and automated driving modes. The advanced driver-assist features are built upon Honda’s Sensing platform, initially a Level 2 system but evolving towards hands-free driving on expressways and surface streets by the mid-2020s.

Formula 1 Inspired Performance and Efficient Battery Technology

To infuse sportiness into the Zero series, Honda plans to borrow performance-enabling designs from its Formula 1 racing experience. The company also aims to optimize battery efficiency through the use of e-Axles, a system consisting of a motor, inverter, and gearbox.

Honda’s Ambitious EV Strategy

The Honda Zero series is part of the automaker’s broader strategy to introduce 30 new EV models by 2030, targeting 2 million units sold. With a commitment to achieving 100 percent zero-emission auto sales by 2040, Honda is striving for carbon neutrality across all its products and corporate activities by 2050.

Despite setbacks, including the cancellation of plans for affordable EVs with General Motors and challenges with Cruise, GM’s autonomous unit, Honda is forging ahead with its electrification plans. The Prologue SUV, set to reach customers this year, marks Honda’s significant effort to establish a foothold in the North American electric vehicle market.



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