Range Rover Sport D350: Luxury with Performance

  • Unique Approach to Luxury: The Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE offers understated luxury, appealing to those seeking comfort without extravagance.
  • Interior and Technology: It features premium textiles and advanced technology, although some criticize the materials used in the interior.
  • Impressive Driving Experience: The SUV excels in ride comfort, daily convenience, and engine performance, making it a versatile choice for drivers.

South African motorists and luxury car enthusiasts have a new reason to celebrate as the Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE hits the roads. This latest addition to the Range Rover lineup is making waves for its exceptional design, performance, and understated luxury. While it may share its name with the iconic Range Rover, this vehicle has a unique approach to luxury that is capturing the hearts of those seeking a comfortable and sophisticated ride without the extravagance.

A Clear Vision for Luxury

Behind the scenes, Range Rover engineers had a clear vision for the Sport D350 Dynamic HSE: to create a high-end vehicle that exudes luxury without flaunting it. And they’ve succeeded admirably. South African drivers are finding that this Range Rover model offers a cosy yet refined driving experience, reminiscent of its bigger sibling, but with its own distinct character.

Interior Elegance and Technology

The interior of the Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE has been carefully crafted to offer a blend of elegance and cutting-edge technology. Here are some key features that set it apart:

Ultrafabrics Premium TextilesThe use of tactile and lightweight Ultrafabrics premium textiles in Duo Tone colourways adds a touch of sophistication to the interior. However, some critics find fault with these materials, describing them as having a dull, synthetic appearance and feeling rough to the touch.
13.1-Inch Curved Touchscreen Infotainment SystemAn intuitive 13.1-inch curved touchscreen infotainment system takes center stage, providing access to a wide range of features. It’s designed to minimize fingerprint smudges, ensuring a sleek and modern appearance.
13.7-Inch Digital Instrument ClusterThe vehicle also boasts a 13.7-inch digital instrument cluster, adding to the high-tech ambiance of the interior.

While the choice of Ultrafabrics may not sit well with everyone, the infotainment system and instrument cluster are commendable additions that bring the Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE closer to its flagship counterpart.

Mixed Feelings on Ultrafabrics

One aspect that has drawn mixed reactions is the use of Ultrafabrics on the door panels. While some appreciate the effort to introduce a tactile and lightweight material, others find it lacking in terms of quality and longevity. Critics argue that the Ultrafabrics look cheap and flimsy, and there are doubts about their durability. Many drivers and passengers would have preferred the luxurious touch of genuine leather or the softness of suede on the door panels.

Navigating the Infotainment System

In terms of technology, the infotainment system in the Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE has garnered both praise and criticism. While it offers a wide array of features and functions, some find it complex, particularly for newcomers. However, with time and familiarity, it becomes a user-friendly companion. Physical buttons for essential functions such as rear defogging, air conditioning, air recirculation, and climate control are appreciated additions. Moreover, the use of haptic feedback enhances the overall user experience.

Driving Experience

One area where the Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE truly shines is in its driving experience. It impresses in multiple ways:

  1. Exceptional Ride Comfort: The vehicle adeptly absorbs road bumps, displaying excellent road manners while maintaining stability and agility. South African roads, known for their diversity, pose no challenge to this SUV’s suspension system.
  2. Daily Convenience: Despite its considerable size, the Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE is surprisingly easy to live with on a daily basis. One notable feature is the rear-wheel steering, which significantly improves low-speed agility by reducing the turning circle.
  3. Engine Performance: Under the hood, this Range Rover Sport is powered by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that churns out 258kW and 700Nm of torque. This engine perfectly complements the essence of the SUV by offering a balance between performance and efficiency. South African drivers, who often need versatility in their vehicles, appreciate this combination.
  4. Smooth Transmission: A seamless and responsive 8-speed automatic gearbox makes navigating any terrain a masterclass in mechanical smoothness. Whether you’re cruising on the highways or tackling off-road trails, the transmission performs admirably.

Price and Conclusion

The Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE, priced at R2,189,200, positions itself as a capable SUV that suits long cruises and suburban lifestyles. It may not boast the flashiest luxuries, but it certainly offers one of the most refined and luxurious rides in its class.

The Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE is a testament to Range Rover’s commitment to delivering luxury and performance in a unique package. While it may not satisfy all tastes, it has found a sweet spot for those who appreciate understated elegance combined with cutting-edge technology and a smooth, comfortable ride. South African drivers in search of a versatile and refined SUV have every reason to consider the Range Rover Sport D350 Dynamic HSE as their next vehicle of choice.



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