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Top 8 best job platforms for computer programmers in South Africa 2022

If you want to work as a computer programmer, here are the top 8 best job boards for programming language recruitment suitable for South Africa-based computer programmers. As a programming language developer, you understand how difficult it may be to get your dream job. While the CV and interview process is simple enough, simply finding[…]

46 work from home jobs in South Africa 2022

Looking for work from home jobs in South Africa? Fortunately, South Africa is one of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa. There is a plethora of work from home jobs in South Africa. Many international companies choose South Africa as their destination of choice. The majority of these technology-enabled employment opportunities are gradually becoming[…]

Top 4 Soft Skills in Demand in South Africa 2022

The world is constantly evolving. Those with a high probability of success will have mastered the art of adaptation. Recognize and accept that your academic credentials alone will not suffice to land and keep a job. Several decades ago, it was necessary to possess certain hard talents in order to obtain employment. As the world[…]

How South African CEOs Keep their Employees Motivated

In his book 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John C Maxwell, makes a profound statement that can either break or make any institution; “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. Essentially, John C Maxwell places all the success of any organization on the head. While he does so, he equally places the failure of any company[…]

3 Tips to Stay Employable During Times of Uncertainty

It will take some time to fully understand the impact of COVID-19 and how severe they are. One certain thing, however, is that the labour market has been reshaped by this pandemic. The long-term economic impact of the coronavirus crisis is still unclear, but what is evident at this point is that job cuts, layoffs,[…]

Are you earning enough salary? Use these tips to get your fair share

How do you know that you are earning enough salary? To begin with, how do you calculate your worth in an organization you work in? There are many factors to consider given that when it comes to salary there is no exact yardstick to measure one’s actual worth. Your salary is mainly determined by you.[…]

10 common interview questions and answers in South Africa

Are you in search of interview questions and answers in South Africa ? You sent in your CV and received a phone call informing you that you have been scheduled for an interview. Then you feel elated and want to celebrate for a while. After a while, you begin to consider how the interview will[…]

7 actionable tips to negotiate a higher salary in 2022 (Updated)

Are you starting a new job, undergoing a salary review, or anticipating a promotion? Negotiating a salary can feel like an entire session of physical activity. The excitement that builds up before a negotiation can keep you awake at night. It’s difficult to approach your supervisor and request a raise in the first place. In[…]

How to write a winning cover letter for your CV in South Africa 2022

7 things you need to do before writing a cover letter in South Africa 1. Research In the same way that your resume is targeted to a specific profession, your cover letter should be as well. Make an effort to learn as much as possible about the organization to which you’re applying. Because the success[…]

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