Luxury Redefined: Toyota’s Century SUV

  • Toyota introduces Century SUV, a symbol of opulence and prestige.
  • Century SUV features exquisite design, noise reduction, and luxurious interior comfort.
  • Hybrid powertrain and advanced features promise to redefine luxury in the South African market.

Toyota, known for its innovative and reliable vehicles, has once again pushed the boundaries of luxury with the introduction of the highly anticipated Century SUV. This new addition to the Century nameplate, famous for chauffeur-driven, uber-luxury vehicles, brings bold elegance and grandeur to the South African roads.

A Distinctive Design

The Century SUV’s exterior design is nothing short of exceptional. The two-tone colourway, paired with the unique “set-back” lamps for the headlights and taillights, sets it apart from the crowd. This SUV is a visual masterpiece, exuding opulence at every angle. The engraved phoenix emblem and meticulously polished panels further emphasize the attention to detail.

Underneath its exquisite exterior lies a robust platform that not only enhances torsional rigidity but also elevates the ride comfort to new heights. For passengers seeking privacy and tranquillity, the Century SUV features noise-reducing clear laminated glass, effectively isolating the cargo area from the cabin.

Unparalleled Interior Comfort

Step inside, and you’ll find an interior that surpasses all expectations. The Century SUV is designed with a focus on the rear occupants, with fully reclining rear seats that invite you to indulge in supreme comfort. An intricately tuned auditory system is on hand to serenade passengers into relaxation.

Getting in and out of the Century SUV is effortless, thanks to rear doors that open to an impressive 75 degrees. Combined with a raised cabin floor and automatic side-steps, entry into the second row is a breeze.

The cockpit boasts a large touchscreen interface seamlessly integrated into the stylized dashboard. Drivers are treated to an integrated digital display that offers essential information at a glance.

Performance with a Conscience

At the heart of this passenger-carrying marvel is a 3.5-litre V6 engine, complemented by a plug-in hybrid system. This dynamic duo delivers competent power while maintaining the serene and quiet driving experience expected of the Century brand. Power is distributed to all four wheels, ensuring stability and traction.

Toyota has further enhanced the Century SUV’s handling with the inclusion of a Dynamic Rear Steering feature. This feature improves low-speed handling, making this 5.2-meter SUV surprisingly agile in tight spots.

Availability and Expectations

South African luxury car enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of the Century SUV on local shores in the near future. While specific details regarding pricing and trim levels are yet to be disclosed, Toyota has affirmed its commitment to bringing a new level of luxury to the South African market.

In a world where luxury knows no bounds, the Toyota Century SUV stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of opulence and prestige. Its blend of exquisite design, unrivalled comfort, and advanced technology promises to redefine the luxury SUV segment in South Africa.



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