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Hollard Travel Insurance Review 2023 | Rateweb
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Hollard Travel Insurance Review 2023

Hollard Travel Insurance is a customizable travel insurance product that caters to individuals, including seniors. Individuals can be covered for up to R50 million, with coverage tailored to their specific needs.

For seniors aged 81 years and younger, coverage is available for up to R5 million. The insurance product is also available to businesses, with a maximum cover of R100 million for medical emergencies.

Covid-related medical emergencies can be covered for up to R100 million when traveling abroad. The Covid-19 travel insurance policy has an age limit of 71 years.

When traveling with the policyholder, the policyholder’s children are covered for free, for the same travel period as the main member, and with the same benefits.

Hollard Travel insurance can also cover family members or groups traveling together, with discounts available for families or groups of ten or more.

When traveling, the Hollard Travel insurance policy includes many inclusions and exclusions, which are discussed further below.

Hollard Travel Insurance Inclusions

The Hollard Travel insurance includes several benefits that policyholders can take advantage of. The policy includes the following provisions:

  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment for an unexpected illness, injury, or death that is not related to a pre-existing medical condition, participation in an approved sport, or an infectious or contagious disease is covered up to the policy limit.
  • Inpatient treatment is covered when the policyholder is hospitalized for more than 24 hours as a direct result of an infectious or contagious disease, provided that the policyholder has declared their medical conditions to Hollard, and Hollard has agreed in writing to provide cover.
  • If the policyholder tests positive for an infectious or contagious disease while on their trip, and a medical practitioner confirms in writing that the policyholder requires medical quarantine (not inpatient treatment), the policy pays for additional accommodation for a maximum of 10 days, as well as the cost of amending existing tickets or purchasing new flight tickets. Hollard must arrange for accommodation and transportation.
  • The cost of an infectious or contagious disease test is covered if the policyholder tests positive while on vacation.
  • Inpatient treatment is covered when the policyholder is hospitalized for more than 48 hours due to an existing medical condition, provided that the policyholder has declared the medical condition to Hollard, and Hollard has agreed in writing to provide cover.
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment related to unexpected injury whilst participating on a nonprofessional basis.
  • As detailed above, Hollard Travel Insurance comes with many inclusions. The policy also provides additional inclusions that come for free. Below are the Hollard Additional Travel Inclusions:

Additional Policy Inclusions

  • Accompanying travel companion: Hollard pays for one person’s additional transportation and accommodation costs to stay with the policyholder and accompany them on the trip home.
  • Any single person may pay a visit: Hollard will arrange a return flight plus reasonable accommodation costs for one person who is required to fly out to the policyholder on medical advice. The benefit becomes active on the fifth day as an inpatient.
  • Repatriation of children: Additional travel expenses incurred in returning home children under the age of 18 who are insured under this policy if they are incapacitated and no other responsible adult is available to supervise them.
  • In summary, Hollard Travel Insurance is a customizable product that provides coverage for individuals and businesses, with specific coverage options available for seniors and Covid-related medical emergencies. The policy also includes many inclusions and additional free benefits for policyholders to take advantage of when traveling.

Medical Repatriation: Hollard will arrange additional flights and accommodations to return the main member home if the Hollard Medical Officer recommends it. If a medical escort is deemed necessary, Hollard will cover the cost. Hollard may also demand that the main member be repatriated. If the Medical Officer advises a date when it is feasible and practical to repatriate the main member, but the main member chooses to remain on the trip, all subsequent expenses incurred in relation to the occurrence will be for the main member’s own account.

Burial or cremation of a deceased Insured Person in another country; this benefit covers the alternative transportation costs to return an insured person’s body or ashes home.

The policy also includes a number of exclusions that the policyholder should be aware of before traveling under the policy. The following are the plan’s exclusions:

Hollard Travel Insurance Policy Exclusions

Hollard travel insurance doesn’t provide cover for:

  • Any person who has reached the age limit of 81 years.
  • Any person that purchased a policy after the date of departure from their home country.
  • Medical expenses incurred after 12 months of the loss occurring or the sickness first manifesting itself.
  • The policyholder’s willful reckless act or omission.
  • Any claim arising from or related to one’s own illegal or criminal act.
  • Self-exposure to danger unless it is done to save a human life.
  • Contamination from radioactive sources, whether direct or indirect.
  • Engaging in occupations that necessitate the use of explosives.
  • Being a member of any military, police, militia, or paramilitary organization.
  • Traveling to a country, region, or event where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a travel warning.
  • Coverage for paying any ransom demands.
  • Pregnancy of any other person where the problem arises before the 26th week of pregnancy and is not defined under Complications relating to Pregnancy and Childbirth.
  • Costs of baggage transportation.
  • Participation as a professional athlete with payment for each appearance (other than sponsorship only).
  • Contraception devices, prosthetic devices and/or crutches, and any type of brace, new or replacement.
  • Dentures that are new or replacements.

Advantages of Hollard Travel Insurance

  • The policy covers seniors.
  • Group coverage is available with a discount.
  • Medical emergencies are covered for the main member under the policy.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered by the plan.
  • Winter sports and cruise travel can be covered under the product.
  • Theft and damage to personal belongings are covered by the policy.

Disadvantages of Hollard Travel Insurance

  • Pregnancy complications are not covered until the person pregnant is 26 weeks or more pregnant.


Hollard Travel Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance at an affordable price. The product can accommodate individuals, groups, and those traveling to participate in winter sports, which is unusual for travel insurance. These features make Hollard Travel Insurance one of the best travel insurance products in South Africa.