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Hollard Group is a short-term and life insurance provider that is headquartered in South Africa. The company is privately owned, […]

Type Private
Sector Financials
Industry Insurance
Products Commercial, corporate, retail, auto, funeral, pet, travel and household insurance
Address 22 Oxford Road,
Park town,
South Africa
Phone 0113515000
Website www.hollard.co.za

Hollard Group is a short-term and life insurance provider that is headquartered in South Africa. The company is privately owned, with the Enthoven family holding a majority shareholding in the company.

The Enthoven family exercises control over the company via the Enthoven Family Trust, and on a global scale through Captricon Ventures International.

Hollard aims to achieve remarkable, lasting, and inclusive growth by providing mutually beneficial insurance solutions that empower more individuals to build a brighter future.

As the largest independent and privately owned insurer in South Africa, Hollard maintains operations and investments in Australia, the United Kingdom, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, China, India, and Pakistan.

Services and Products offered by Hollard

Personal insurance

Funeral Insurance

Funeral cover: Funeral Cover insurance covers your funeral costs and that of your family. The cover is available for those between the ages of 18 to 75.

Standard cover benefits include an airtime benefit that provides a R250 airtime voucher, legal assistance service, and burial repatriation.

Optional benefits include a memorial benefit that pays up to R10,000, a monthly provider that pays R2000 per month for 12 months; vehicle access; premium holiday; waiver; and moneyback.

Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance: comprehensive car insurance covers your car against unforeseen events.

It covers your car against accidents, theft, fire, glass repairs, claims from a third party and other events.

Extended car warranty: this cover is for those with their warranty having expired with their car manufacturer.

Hollard gives an extended warranty on your vehicle. The cover is for up to 23 major parts of your car, such as the gearbox, engine, etc.

Third-party car insurance: This covers third-party claims if your car is involved in an accident in South Africa and you are legally liable for damage to another person’s property. However, your car is not covered against damage or any loss but only that of a third party.

Long-term storage cover: this covers your car while it’s stored in a safe and secure place. The cover is against loss or damage while you are not using your car. You don’t get covered for hail damage and third-party damage.

Life Insurance

Life insurance: This life insurance covers your specific needs. Hollard life insurance covers up to R1. 2 million. You also get a 20% cashback on your premiums after 5 years with no medical tests.

Disability and impairment cover: with the disability and impairment cover, you are covered should you get disabled or be physically impaired. The cover pays a lump sum of up to R10 million and monthly income payments of up to R100,000.00.

Critical illness cover: this covers serious illness. You are paid a tax-free lump sum and you receive up to R7.5 million to cover any lifestyle changes and medical costs. This cover also covers 57 serious illnesses such as cancer, strokes, etc.

Home insurance

Home contents insurance: covers you if you need to replace or repair your household items because of loss, theft or damage. This covers against any loss incurred because of theft, storms, earthquakes, fire and other insured events.

Building insurance: Hollard makes sure that you are covered should anything happen to your home. The cover is against fire, theft, weather, overflow caused by tanks, geysers, pipes, or gutters, and accidental damage.


Retirement saving: this is an investment opportunity that allows you to save for retirement. You get to choose from the saving for pension preservation fund, provident preservation plan and retirement annuity plan.

Hollard living annuity: Hollard allows for an investment where you can earn retirement income from your retirement savings.

This allows you to earn regular income during retirement which is usually a monthly income.

Benefits of this deal include tax benefits since investment returns are not subject to CGT, flexible regular income of 2.5% to 17.5% per annum of the value of investment and access to a wide range of investment portfolio options.

The Hollard linked Endowment: this is a tax-efficient investment solution for those that have five or more years to invest.

Your investment gets enhanced with reduced taxes on your investment returns.

Other services that Hollard offer to individuals

Travel insurance: you can get insured by Hollard whenever you travel around the world. Travel insurance gives you some comfort in knowing that you are covered for any unforeseen events.

Legal cover: this protects you against any civil, labour or criminal matters that you may be facing. Legal matters covered include criminal, civil, labour and ID theft.

Pet insurance: you can get insurance for your pets without compromising your wallet when your pet gets ill or gets involved in an accident.

You can extend your pet’s cover by including routine and dental expenses.

Loans: Hollard offers loans to qualifying individuals. You can get a loan of up to R200,000.00. The loan is repayable between 1 and 6 months.

Hollard Money Account: Hollard has an account that satisfies transactional and savings needs called the Hollard Money Account.

The card comes with internet and cell phone banking. All you need to open the account is an ID and proof of residence.

Business Insurance

Commercial insurance

Commercial insurance: helps protect businesses from a number of unforeseen events such as damage to premises, injuries to employees, business interruptions resulting in loss of revenue, and other events beyond the business’s control.

Benefits include negotiable rates, a wide range of commercial insurance products to choose from; and products that are specific to your business.

Business travel insurance: Hollard helps your employees with medical and financial cover while on work trips in other countries.

The insurance is for any size of business and covers individual employees and families but upon request.

Liability insurance

General liabilities: protects businesses against liabilities associated with your business’s activities and the products or services you offer.

The cover includes legal defence costs and covers a variety of scenarios.

Scenarios may be customer injury on business premises, company products causing harm to customers, workmen damaging a third party property etc.

Special liabilities: protects a business against risks that a client may face while doing business with you.

The cover is for directors, public indemnity, trustee liability, employment practice liability, etc.

Other business products and services offered by Hollard

Risk management services: Hollard offers risk management solutions and risk management services to businesses.

Their services provide your company with quick and accurate evaluations and powerful enterprise risk management for your business premises.

Employee related cover: You can cover your employees with Hollard to afford them a healthy life and ensure that they get better retirement benefits.

Hollard offers employee benefits, and accident and health insurance for employers. These covers are relatively low when compared to personal covers.

Specialist sector insurance: Hollard offers insurance to businesses that are in the specialised sector.

Businesses include agriculture, film, drone, marine, taxi, risk finance and other businesses.

Hollard Executive Office Members

Willie T Lategan7/2022-PRESENTChief Executive Officer
Viren NaiduPRESENTChief Information Officer
Heidi BrauerPRESENTChief Marketing & Corp Affairs Offcr
Wikus LuusPRESENTChief Risk Officer
Michael ChengPRESENTChief Risk & Underwriting Officer
Ian RossPRESENTChief Underwriting Officer
Mandla SheziPRESENTCEO: Hollard International
Brooks MparutsaPRESENTCEO: Hollard International
Angela MhlangaPRESENTCEO: Holland Partner Solutions
Daniel Boi AddoPRESENTManaging Director
Pierre GeyerPRESENTJoint Managing Director: Hollard Broker Markets
Stef TheofanidisPRESENTManaging Director: Hollard Equity Partnership
Willem SmithPRESENTManaging Director: Hollard Personal Lines
Nash OmarPRESENTJoint Managing Director: Hollard Broker Markets


Hollard Group has proven to be a specialist insurer in South Africa. It has grown in the industry along with other players such as Sanlam, Santam and Outsurance.

The insurance company has shown great competitiveness in its expanding to other parts of the world by successfully managing a wide range of services.

Today Hollard has over 6 million policyholders in 18 countries on four continents.

In its over 40 years of existence, the company has employed 4000 plus full-time employees.

It is clear that Hollard Group is one of the biggest contributors to South Africa’s GDP and its growth is of importance to the country’s wellbeing.

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