Hollard Life Insurance Review 2021

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Hollard Life Insurance provides life covers that give assurance in three areas of life insurance. Products from Hollard are best suited for anyone and they cover for life’s specific needs.

Hollard understands that life is unpredictable. Things like accidents and death due to natural causes can happen to anyone. That’s why the company offers life, critical illness and disability covers. No one is immune to critical illness or disability even death itself.

Death is one fate that we all share as humans. So getting a life insurance policy from Hollard is a smart move regardless of your current health or financial status. You will be doing this for yourself but most importantly for your family and dependents.

By taking a Hollard Life insurance policy you will be assured, should anything happen to you your family will be taken care of. Whether you incur a disability, face critical illness or die, only one favourable case will remain. That is, you or your family won’t face any financial hardships at these worse points in your life.

There are also offers given by Hollard life insurance that are of benefit to you not only when you are ill or in critical condition. Hollard gives its clients cash back every 5 years on some of their premiums. This allows you to enjoy some of your premiums outside claiming for critical illness, disability or death.

Let us carefully examine each life insurance product from Hollard.

Hollard Life Insurance products

Hollard offers three life insurance products namely life cover, disability insurance and critical illness insurance. Below we look at each product including product highlights and cover amounts.

Life cover

Life is the most valuable thing to a human being. Perhaps before taking insurance for any asset, the first thing you need is to take insurance for yourself. Your life plays a central role in the universe so that how important it is.

Hollard Life insurance will help you meet your life insurance needs by covering your life. All that matters to you will be financially taken care of should anything happen you. Your family and dependents will continue to live their lives without having any financial burdens.

Your life insurance cover payout can be used for a number of things. The cover amount can take care of your children fees, pay off your home loan, cover living expenses etc. It is all up to you on why you need a life cover. The Hollard team of advisors will help you get a cover that is suitable for you and your family.

Here are the highlights of the Hollard life cover:

  • Premiums will depend on the individual risk profile.
  • You can choose a life cover of up to R1. 2 Million depending on your cover needs.
  • There are no medical tests.
  • You get an interim accidental benefit of up to R500,000.00 that covers you for accidental death immediately.
  • This offer is available for clients with HIV.
  • If you are a smoker but intend to quit within the next year, you receive a 10% discount on your premiums.
  • There is an additional 30% cover amount at no charge for those who take an HIV test in 12 months and test negative.
  • You get 100% of your life cover if you get terminally ill and have a life expectancy of less than a year.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illnesses are life-changing and require life-changing procedures. With medical expenses for most critical illnesses costing hundreds of thousands, many can barely cope financially. With the Hollard critical illness cover, you can rest assured that any lifestyle changes caused by critical illness will be covered.

As a breadwinner, you won’t be able to go to work at this point so this money can help handsomely. It will especially help your dependents to cope during such a stressful period. You can employ a nurse, cover treatment expenses, cover what your medical aid doesn’t cover and cover living expenses.

Critical illness includes cancer, heart attack, strokes and other illnesses that are likely to cause serve health damage.

Here are the highlights of the Hollard critical illness cover:

  • You receive a tax-free lump sum payout to cover costs.
  • Receive up to R7. 5 Million to cover any lifestyle changes and medical costs.
  • Premiums are subject to individual risk profile.
  • Critical illness insurance covers 57 serious illnesses.
  • It also covers your children of the 57 serious illnesses at no extra cost.
  • Should you face a life-changing event you won’t have to pay premiums for up to 3 months.
  • Has a cashback benefit after every 5 claim-free years.
  • Makes monthly payments of up to R30,000.00 after you turn 65.
  • Covers you for full-time care with a registered frail care facility, hospice or nursing home or with a registered medical professional.

Hollard Disability and Impairment cover

You need to prepare yourself from disabilities. They are life-threatening and leave scars and wounds that may last forever. The Hollard disability and Impairment cover will make sure that you are able to pay your bills and have enough money to face your disability.

Since you won’t be able to work at this point in your life and maybe forever, this cover can help you. You can receive up to R10 Million in a single lump-sum payment. This money can help you live your life and focus on what is important to you.

Here are the highlights of the Hollard disability and Impairment cover:

  • Premiums on the cover will be determined according to your risk profile.
  • The cover pays a lump sum of up to R10 Million and monthly income payments of up to R100,000.
  • You will choose the cover amount according to your needs.
  • This cover will replace your income if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness.
  • Has a cashback benefit after every 5 claim-free years.
  • Makes monthly payments of up to R30,000.00 after you turn 65.
  • Covers you for full-time care with a registered frail care facility, hospice or nursing home or with a registered medical professional.


Hollard Life insurance provides clear and understandable life insurance products for everyone. All products are available for everyone and you can take a life insurance policy that is specific to your needs.

There is no one size fits all as your policy is tailor-made just for you. The great thing is that most of the products offer cashback every 5 years which is a great return on a life investment.

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