FNB Mobile App review 2022

The FNB mobile app is one of, if not the, premier banking apps in South Africa. Because of the global increase in mobile app usage, having a mobile app is becoming a requirement for banks. As a result, having an easy-to-use but packed banking app with necessary financial tools and other banking necessities is now a requirement for banks. Knowing that the world is rapidly becoming digital is something that the banking industry cannot ignore.

FNB has been able to smoothly and easily connect its manual procedures with its mobile banking app. FNB’s mobile app now has over 3 million active users. First National Bank has been encouraging its customers to use its digital banking services in recent years. Those who do not choose to use digital platforms are typically charged a fee at branches for transacting, receiving bank statements, checking balances, and so on.

As a FNB customer, you must also work hard to learn the company’s digital platforms. The FNB Mobile App, in particular, will make your banking life far easier than you might believe.

This article will help you get started or understand/introduce to you some of the features on the FNB Mobile App.

There is more to do on the FNB mobile app than what many banking apps offer in South Africa.

We will look at some of the amazing features that the FNB mobile app has to offer including other things you can use the app for.

FNB Mobile App Key Features

Accounts feature

Accounts feature gives you access to all your accounts held with FNB and Rand Merchant bank.

You can also app additional accounts on the accounts feature, meaning you can have new bank accounts without visiting the bank.

Accounts visible on the Accounts feature include checking accounts, investments accounts, credit accounts and rewards accounts.

If you have business accounts with FNB they will also be visible on the accounts feature.

However, this will depend if you are one of the signatories to the account.

With each account visible on the accounts feature you can do a number of things that include transacting amongst other things.

You can make payments, make inter-bank transactions, get bank statements, account confirmation letter, visa application letter and account setting.

The accounts feature on your Mobile App is simply your gateway to controlling your accounts, do purchases and transactions and get banking documents.

This feature eliminates standard visits to the bank by giving you access to the bank’s computerised system that was only accessed by bank consultants.

Nav-igate Life feature

Nav-igate Life is the most interesting feature on the FNB Mobile App.

This feature gives you benefits that are more than banking itself. Let us have a look at what the Nav-igate Life feature has:

Sub-feature: Money

With the money, you are able to track your financial wellbeing. By using this feature you will know what kind of a spender you are.

You can track your spending, check available funds, check credit status and set savings goals. This sub-feature will surely help you with your finances by making cautious financial decisions.

Sub- Feature: Car

Car sub-feature gives you access to your car(s) information and offers from Wesbank.

You can add all your cars using this sub-feature and renew their licenses and pay fines due to the cars.

There are tips on how to save fuel for your cars, all needed is to add a car and receive fuel tips.

Sub-Feature: Home

This sub-feature helps with selling a house, applying for a home loan, getting pre-approval, estimating home value and finding a property.

You can manage all these and track your home loan application using this sub-feature.

Sub-Feature: Wellness

With wellness, you can apply for life cover, critical illness cover and disability cover.

You get access to free and paid exercise events around your area such as cycling and marathon.

Insurance in the FNB Mobile Banking App

With the insurance feature you can get to apply for insurance online with just a few simple steps.

The insurance covers include life, disability and critical illness. Covers up to R10million for life and disability and R5million for critical illness.


The vouchers section lists all of the coupons that you get from FNB. These may include discounts on Uber rides and Uber eats and many others.

You can also buy vouchers using this feature.

Vouchers can be bought online from the following stores: Daylife spa, Bounce, Makro, Incredible connections, Poetry, Showmax, Cycle lab, Tread+Miller, Cape union mart, Le Creuset, Poetry, Sports man’s, Shoprite checkers, Numetro, Ster-kinekor, the pro shop, Old khaki, iTunes and DNAnalysis.

Forex in the FNB Mobile Banking App

Forex feature allows you to transact using Forex and also receive foreign currency. You can check who sent you money from abroad or check your previous receipts.

If someone has sent you money from abroad using a Foreign currency you can only retrieve the money by using this feature. Particularly going to Global receipts and selecting new receipts.

Forex exchange rate chart is available on the feature and can be utilized before making a payment or receiving a payment from abroad.

If you are to receive money from abroad then you need to familiarise yourself with this feature.

Investments in the FNB Mobile Banking App

Investments feature makes it easier for you to see how your investments are doing at a glance.

All the shares, tax-free savings, retirement investment and unit trusts are all available for you to see.

You can buy shares using this feature or apply for a savings or any investment account.

Shares are those from the JSE and some of the best stock markets in the world.

How to get started with FNB Mobile App

  • Open a bank account with FNB.
  • Claim your login details by registering on the FNB website.
  • Register by using your bank card and card pin number.
  • Download the FNB mobile app on the app store or Google store.
  • Use your username and password to log in.


FNB mobile app provides a great deal of banking experience with exciting technology that comes with it.

With the app you can do nearly anything that involves banking from managing accounts, stopping debit orders, adding retirement accounts etc.

The FNB mobile app offers such great experience and goes beyond banking by tracking your wellbeing and car necessities.

It’s only if you try it then you will understand the benefits of using the app.

FNB Mobile App review 2022

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