Hollard Car Insurance Review 2023

The Hollard Car Insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that protects a motor vehicle from loss or damage. The policy […]

Hollard Car Insurance

The Hollard Car Insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that protects a motor vehicle from loss or damage. The policy provides protection against loss or damage caused by an earthquake, malicious damage, fire, lightning, explosion, hijacking, theft, or attempted theft, and weather conditions such as storm, rain, hail, snow, or flood.

The plan also covers third-party liability, which protects against damages caused by an accident involving an insured vehicle. It covers legal liability, liability caused by driving someone else’s car, and legal liability for people driving the policyholder’s car.

The Hollard comprehensive car insurance includes all of the aforementioned benefits. There are additional benefits that come with the cover, as well as optional benefits that can be added to the cover for a fee.

Additional and optional benefits are detailed below.

Hollard Comprehensive Car Insurance Additional Benefits

Hollard comprehensive car insurance includes a number of benefits for which there is no additional charge. The following are the additional benefits of comprehensive car insurance:

Keys and Remote Control Units

The Comprehensive policy will pay for the cost of replacing or repairing car keys and remote control units. The cover will pay reasonable and necessary costs for replacing or repairing stolen or damaged keys and remote control units.

If the policyholder suspects that an unauthorized person has access to a duplicate key and/or remote, the key and remote benefit applies.

Transit Cover

Transit insurance protects an insured vehicle while it is being transported by sea, road, rail, or air. The insurance covers loss or damage to a vehicle while it is in transit to a specified destination.

The coverage is only valid if the vehicle used to transport or tow the motor vehicle is built for the purpose. Failure to use a vehicle designed to transport or tow an insured vehicle will result in an invalid claim.

Emergency Services

The emergency service benefit covers the cost of removing the wreckage of the policyholder’s car and cleaning up the accident scene. If the accident occurred within the borders of South Africa, Hollard will pay the full cost of cleaning up and removing the wreckage.

Emergency Repair

The emergency repair benefit allows the policyholder to repair their vehicle to get it back on the road safely. The repairs, however, must result from an insured event under the policy.

If the emergency repairs exceed the limit, the policyholder must seek permission before proceeding with the repairs. Furthermore, as part of the claim, the policyholder must provide Hollard with a detailed invoice. Claims can only be made for accidents that occur in South Africa.

Transport, Towing, and Storage

Hollard comprehensive car insurance covers policyholders’ towing and storage costs. The policy covers towing and storage resulting from an insured event under the policy.

If the policyholder requests permission before being towed, Hollard will pay the full amount. If the policyholder tows the car and the towing service costs more than the maximum cover, the policyholder must pay the excess.

Windscreen and Glass

The comprehensive plan includes coverage for windshields and glass, and it protects against accidental damage. The benefit applies to the windscreen, rear window, and side windows. The policyholder must request permission from Hollard to replace installed windows.

Transfer Cover When buying a car

If the policyholder decides to sell an insured vehicle and purchase a new vehicle, the plan will cover the cost of a new or replacement vehicle. The policy covers the replacement car within 72 hours of being notified and covers the replacement car’s maximum value.

Car Modifications for Disability

The disability car modification policy covers permanent disability and physical impairment caused by an accident during the insurance term. Hollard insurance will cover the installation of wheelchair-loading equipment or the modification of vehicle controls.

Optional Benefits

Optional benefits are extra benefits that can be added to comprehensive car insurance. These benefits come at an additional premium on top of the comprehensive cover premiums. The optional benefits include:

  • Car hire,
  • Scratch and dent cover,
  • Tyre cover,
  • Factory-fitted accessories, and
  • Aftermarket accessories cover.

The Hollard comprehensive car insurance comes with some exclusions, which are listed below.

Hollard Comprehensive Car Insurance Exclusions

The Hollard comprehensive car insurance doesn’t cover any loss or damage resulting from:

  • Your car being in the custody and control of the motor trade for any reason other than overhaul, maintenance, or repair.
  • Using your vehicle for off-road or 4×4 track driving.
  • Putting your car in situations where there is a clear risk of loss or damage, such as crossing a flood-prone road or making a U-turn on a highway.
  • Using your vehicle to provide driving lessons for which you or the driver of the vehicle is compensated.
  • Using your car to transport dangerous, hazardous, flammable goods or substances that pollute or contaminate in greater quantities than those required for domestic purposes.
  • During any motorsport, racing, rally, time trial, or while being tested in preparation for any motor sporting activity, or while driving on any type of motor sporting circuit or track.
  • Using your car in connection with any experiments, tests, trials, performances, or other car demonstrations.
  • Using your vehicle to carry or tow a load that is greater than what the vehicle was designed or licensed to carry or tow.

Advantages of Hollard Car Insurance

  • The insurance product comes with many embedded benefits.
  • Additional benefits can be added to the car insurance product.
  • Premiums offered by Hollard are very competitive.
  • The comprehensive cover provides cover for a wide range of incidents.
  • Natural acts are covered by the plan.

Disadvantages of Hollard Car Insurance

  • There is no cashback benefit when the policyholder remains claim-free.
  • There is no premium discount for those who drive less.


Hollard Car insurance provides coverage for the essential components of car insurance, as well as additional benefits that the policyholder can add to the product. The plan’s disadvantage is that it does not provide cashback when the policyholder remains claim-free, which has become a standard add-on on car insurance policies in South Africa.

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