7 genius functions on the FNB Mobile App

If you are not using mobile apps you are getting left behind. There are many advantages of using mobile apps. […]

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If you are not using mobile apps you are getting left behind. There are many advantages of using mobile apps.

There are currently a total of 14 million mobile app users in South Africa and the number is expected to increase to 15.7 million by 2024 according to STATISTA.

FNB has over 2.8 million South Africans using its mobile app with a growth of 12% from 2018.

It is clear that the number of app users is increasing at a rapid rate, especially for banking apps.

It is now the time to familiarise yourself with your bank’s mobile app features so that you can utilize them to the fullest.

FNB mobile app is arguably the best mobile banking app South Africa. The question is: are you using one of the best banking apps in the country to your advantage?

Banking Apps are no longer about making payments and transfers, access statements, buy prepaid or access in-app channels because that’s what any banking App can do nowadays.

As an FNB mobile app user or potential user, you need to know other functions that come with the app.

You can do more than making payments with the FNB App. FNB is using technology like never before with its banking App.

Let’s look at what the FNB mobile app has to offer that other banking apps don’t offer. Here are the 7 genius functions that you can find in the FNB mobile app.

1. Car

To access the car function, all you need to do is to go to nav-igate life > car. This function is one of the best on the FNB mobile banking App.

You can add all your motor vehicles using this function by scanning your car license disc. By adding your cars, you get to track all fines that are due to your vehicles.

You can pay all the fines due using this function. The function also allows you to pay your car license disc for any amount due.

There is no need to go to the post office or traffic department anymore to clear fines and pay for your traffic register.

You can also get access to fuel tips for your motor vehicles and apply for vehicle insurance.

Using the function you can apply for a motor vehicle loan from FNB. This function is clearly a one way stop for your motor vehicle needs.

2. Home

The home function is for your home needs. You can use this function to find a home anywhere in the republic. All you need to do to find a home is to click on find a property.

You can sell a property using the function. There are 2 options to choose from when selling a house.

You can choose to sell your house privately or use an agent to sell your house. FNB has agents that can get your property sold anywhere in the country.

Other things you can do within the home function is that you can apply for a home loan.

Switch your home loan to FNB and get an estimated value for your property.

Thanks to FNB mobile banking App, all these could only be done at a bank or through a third party. Now you can do all these at home.

3. Money

FNB is here to ensure that you are financially healthy and you are able to reach your financial goals.

The money function is revolutionary in South Africa as the function goes beyond banking to ensure that FNB clients are financially stable.

You can plan your finances using this function by setting savings goals and making sure that your credit score is good.

All your credit information is displayed so that you can track your credit without paying a dime.

You also get free financial coaching and tips that you can use to better your finances.

4. Wellness

Wellness function helps you track your wellness and health. There is a wellness score that changes according to your health behaviour.

You can upload medication that you need to take and upload pictures of such medication after buying, for tracking purposes.

The function allows you to set health goals such as running 5km or working out for 30min every 2 days etc.

You get access to physical exercise events across the country that you can enter and participate in. Events can be free at times.

5. Forex

With Forex function you can get access to real-time foreign exchange rates. You can make global payments to any country using a different currency.

You can also manage global receipts in foreign currency and withdraw receipts in Rands.

6. My investments

This function consolidates all your investments on a single dashboard. You get control of all your investments both local and global, including your savings.

Your unit trusts, share portfolio, retirement savings and tax-free savings are available on this function.

Using this function will let you see your overall investment portfolio in different investment areas.

7. Vouchers and Coupons

If you don’t use this function you probably missed out on the Uber Eats coupons from FNB issued for the month of December 2019.

With this function, you can buy vouchers for yourself and gift others. There are over 10 stores that you can buy vouchers from. Frequently check this function for coupons.


Banks are trying to encourage clients to bank online. We are seeing Standard Bank closing most of its branches to encourage clients to bank online.

Also, when asking for statements, making balance enquiries, making deposits or making of transfers at a branch you get charged.

There is no running away from technology especially when it comes to banking. You need to familiarise yourself with the online platforms and most importantly the banking App.

Mobile Banking App is the easiest way to do banking, as you can bank anywhere and can access to almost all your banking features.

All genius features from the FNB mobile banking app are to better your banking life.

There is more to benefit from knowing these functions as you can spend your precious time doing other things other than spending your time between banks.

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