Absa Transact Account Review 2024

The Absa Transact Account is a checking account with a monthly account fee of R5.50. There is no recommendation fee, […]

The Absa Transact Account is a checking account with a monthly account fee of R5.50. There is no recommendation fee, making it accessible for anyone to open.

Additionally, upon opening the account, you receive a life cover of R5,000.00 included.

Furthermore, the account offers the following benefits:

  • No subscription fee for Absa Online, mobile, and telephone banking.
  • Unlimited debit card swipes.
  • Safe cash withdrawals at selected retailers.
  • Convenient top-up of prepaid electricity or airtime from your account.
  • Receive monthly and interim statements from Absa ATMs or branches.
  • Access NotifyMe SMS or email notifications.
  • Unlimited balance enquiries at Absa ATMs, selected retailer tills, and Absa-supported ATMs.
  • Perform various transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, transfers, account payments, and print balances and statements at any Absa ATM.
  • Send money to individuals without bank accounts using CashSend.
  • Enjoy exclusive offers, rewards, and benefits worldwide by using your Visa card.
  • Instantly access Visa services by creating an account or signing in.

Aside from the benefits that the account provides, the account also charges transactional fees. The fees that come with the Absa Transact Account are detailed below.

Absa Transact Account Fees 2024

Application Requirements

The Application process for the basic ABSA account is tailored to facilitate new clients in initiating formal banking with minimal costs.

What you need:

  1. A valid South African Identity Document.
  2. Proof of residence dated within the last 3 months.
  3. A minimum deposit of R20 to maintain activity in your account.

The Absa Transact Account is specifically designed for the entry-level market, making it accessible to customers with a monthly income of less than R3000. If you demonstrate increased transactional activity, such as exceeding R5000 per month for three consecutive months, the bank may offer additional benefits or services.

Account features

  • The Absa Transact debit account functions like any other debit account, allowing you to perform withdrawals, deposits, transfers, account payments, and access statements at any Absa ATM.
  • The Absa Transact debit account provides unlimited balance inquiries at Absa ATMs and participating retailer counter tills.
  • With the CashSend feature, you can send money to individuals, including those without bank accounts.
  • Top-up prepaid electricity or airtime directly from your account.
  • Keep track of all transactions with NotifyMe SMS and email notifications.
  • The debit card allows unlimited swipes without restrictions on frequency.
  • Utilize the “bank on me” feature to pay banking fees for another customer.
  • Receive rewards and discounts when using your Visa card for travel expenses.
  • Manage your account conveniently through Absa’s online, mobile, and telephonic banking services.
  • Access Absa loans easily with assessments tailored to your financial needs, available anytime you require.

Competitive Advantages of the Absa Transact Account

  1. Low Cost: The Absa Transact Account is designed to be affordable, with a low monthly administration fee and no subscription fee for various digital banking services, making it attractive for customers seeking cost-effective banking solutions.
  2. Accessibility: The account is accessible to individuals with a minimum monthly income, allowing entry-level customers to access basic banking services without stringent income requirements.
  3. Comprehensive Services: The Absa Transact Account offers a range of banking services, including withdrawals, deposits, transfers, account payments, balance inquiries, and statement access, making it a convenient option for everyday banking needs.
  4. Additional Features: The account includes features like CashSend for sending money to individuals without bank accounts, prepaid electricity and airtime top-ups, NotifyMe notifications for transaction alerts, and the ability to manage the account through various digital channels.
  5. Visa Card Benefits: Customers can enjoy exclusive rewards, discounts, and benefits when using their Visa card for transactions, including travel-related expenses, adding value to the overall banking experience.

Competitive Disadvantages of the Absa Transact Account

  1. Transaction Fees: While the account offers a range of services, some transactions may incur fees, such as cash deposits, ATM withdrawals beyond certain limits, and other specific transactions, which could add up depending on usage patterns.
  2. Limited Life Cover: Although the account comes with a lump-sum life cover, the coverage amount of R5,000 may be considered low compared to offerings from other financial institutions, especially for customers seeking higher insurance coverage.
  3. Account Requirements: While the account is accessible to individuals with lower incomes, there are still requirements such as proof of identity, proof of residence, and a minimum deposit to keep the account active, which may pose challenges for some potential customers.
  4. Competitive Market: The banking industry is competitive, with many institutions offering similar basic banking services and features, which may make it challenging for Absa to differentiate its Transact Account significantly.


The Absa Transact Account stands out as a competitive and accessible banking option, especially for individuals seeking low-cost banking solutions and essential financial services. With its affordable monthly administration fee, convenient digital banking features, and a range of transactional capabilities, the Absa Transact Account caters to the everyday banking needs of a diverse customer base.

While it offers several advantages such as unlimited debit card swipes, CashSend functionality, and Visa card benefits, customers should be aware of potential transaction fees, coverage limitations, and account requirements. Despite these considerations, the Absa Transact Account remains a viable choice for those looking for a reliable and comprehensive banking experience.

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