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14 hot in-demand tech jobs in SA right now

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The results of the 2021 ICT skills survey have been released by Wits University’s Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) and the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPA) (IITPSA).

Despite the Covid-19 lockdown, there is still a significant need for IT jobs in the area, according to the findings of the poll, which was conducted among respondents from ICT organizations.

“The findings in our survey show that the ICT industry has coped well in these disruptive times without needing to change much or re-invent itself. ICT companies and ICT professionals have coped well with new working conditions,” the authors said.

“They have not needed to scurry around hunting for new technologies and skillsets. Everything required for the ‘new normal’ was already in place.”

In spite of the fact that considerable work remains to be done, “digital transformation” has already begun in a variety of industries and organizations of varying sizes and scopes. In the opinion of the organization, South Africa now has a chance to cement its position by ensuring that information and communications technology (ICT) continues to evolve.

This will necessitate the continuous development of innovative technologies as well as the expansion of our skill base in order to satisfy the expanding demands.

The analysis highlighted a number of high-demand occupations in the Tech industry that are challenging to fill despite the overall favorable prognosis for the sector.

Here are the 14 in-demand tech jobs in South Africa:

1. Software developer

2. Computer Network Technician

3. Developer Programmer

4. ICT Communications Assistant

5. Computer Network & Systems Engineer

6. ICT Security Specialist

7. ICT Systems Analyst

8. Web Technician

9. Systems Administrator

10. Programmer Analyst

11. Management Consultant (Business Analyst)

12. Advertising Specialist

13. Telecommunications Network Engineer

14. Database Designer & Administrator

.NET, C#, C++, Java, and VB were revealed to be the top programming languages. But the need for personnel to manage legacy systems, such as COBOL coders, has decreased, according to the results of the survey.

“In addition, many companies were adopting the agile project management methodology. As a result, scrum masters were in demand, though there are very few people in the country that have certified qualifications to work with the method.

“With regard to telecommunications, which incorporates both the retail side and the technical side, network-specific professionals, such as computer network technician and computer network and systems engineer, continued to be in demand.”

Also, companies have suggested that generalist skills such as communication, productivity tools and time management are becoming increasingly important.

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