Dricus du Plessis Makes History as South Africa’s First UFC Middleweight Champion

  • Historic Triumph: Dricus du Plessis secures the UFC Middleweight title, making history as South Africa's first-ever champion in the UFC.
  • Minister's Congratulations: Minister Zizi Kodwa praises du Plessis's remarkable achievement, highlighting the significance of his win for South African sports.
  • National Unity: Minister Kodwa emphasizes the diverse unity of South Africans rallying behind du Plessis, showcasing the power of collective support.

In a groundbreaking moment for South African sports, mixed martial artist Dricus du Plessis has secured the United Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight title, defeating American contender Sean Strickland on Sunday, January 21, 2024. The victory marks du Plessis as the first South African to claim a UFC championship title, sparking nationwide celebration and pride.

Minister Zizi Kodwa Extends Congratulations

The Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, Mr. Zizi Kodwa, extended his heartfelt congratulations to Dricus du Plessis on this remarkable achievement. Minister Kodwa acknowledged the historical significance of du Plessis’s win and praised his outstanding performance in the United Fighting Championship.

“Dricus du Plessis has flown the South African flag high with his performances in the United Fighting Championship. I congratulate him on the remarkable achievement of being the first South African to be crowned UFC Champion,” said Minister Kodwa.

A Record-Breaking Triumph

Dricus du Plessis’s victory over Sean Strickland not only secures his place in South African sports history but also sets a new standard for excellence in the Middleweight division. The Minister applauded du Plessis for breaking records and achieving a milestone that will inspire aspiring athletes across the nation.

Unity in Diversity: South Africans Celebrate

Minister Kodwa emphasized the unity and diversity displayed by South Africans as they rallied behind du Plessis during this historic moment. The collective support from South Africans reflects the strength of the nation when united in celebrating their own achievements on the global stage.

“It has been particularly special to see South Africans unite in their diversity to support their own, as du Plessis made history. This once again shows the power of South Africans when uniting and supporting their own,” Minister Kodwa remarked.

Inspiring Future Generations

Dricus du Plessis’s victory is expected to have a lasting impact on the sports landscape in South Africa. As the first UFC Middleweight Champion from the country, du Plessis becomes a symbol of inspiration for aspiring athletes, proving that with dedication and skill, South Africans can compete and triumph on the international stage.

Call for Continued Support

Minister Kodwa encouraged South Africans to carry the spirit of support forward, not only in sports but also in the broader fields of Arts and Culture. The Minister’s call resonates with the idea that national achievements in various domains contribute to the collective pride and identity of the nation.

“Let us carry this spirit, as South Africans continue to make history on global platforms in Sport, Arts, and Culture,” Minister Kodwa added.

Looking Ahead

As Dricus du Plessis basks in the glory of his historic win, the nation eagerly anticipates the continued success of South African athletes on the global stage. The triumph serves as a reminder of the potential within the country and the significance of unity in achieving new milestones in diverse fields.

In the wake of this historic victory, South Africa celebrates not only the prowess of Dricus du Plessis but also the collective strength of a nation that stands united in supporting its champions.

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