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Challenges Ahead for Apple’s Vision Pro: Limited Apps and Developer Enthusiasm

  • Limited Developer Enthusiasm: Low interest due to Apple's 30% App Store cut and a small initial release of 80,000 units.
  • Major Companies Opting Out: YouTube and Netflix won't have native apps initially, potentially impacting the Vision Pro's appeal.
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    Lethabo Ntsoane

Apple’s latest foray into augmented reality, the Vision Pro, is generating buzz, but recent reports suggest the device may face challenges on the app front. With a price tag of $3,500 and a limited initial release of around 80,000 units, the Vision Pro aims to offer a unique augmented reality experience. However, concerns are arising about the device’s app ecosystem and developer enthusiasm.

First-Party Apps and Interface Concerns

One surprising revelation is that some of Apple’s key first-party apps, including Podcasts, News, Calendar, and Reminders, will be part of the Vision Pro’s launch lineup. The concern here lies in how well these apps will adapt to the device’s gaze-and-tap interface. While certain apps may not require immersive 3D effects, the success of the Vision Pro as a productivity device hinges on the seamless integration of these touch-first apps.

Developer Enthusiasm Waning

In a recent Power On newsletter by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it was highlighted that developer enthusiasm for the Vision Pro is currently low. Factors contributing to this subdued excitement include Apple’s 30 percent App Store cut and the limited number of units available at launch. Independent developers, unable to access Vision Pro developer kits, might be hesitant to invest in a platform with a high entry cost.

Challenges for DevelopersPotential Impact
App Store cutFinancial disincentive for developers
Limited units at launchSmaller user base, limiting app sales
Limited access to developer kitsHurdle for independent developers

Major Companies Opting Out

The Vision Pro’s app story further takes a hit as major companies, including YouTube and Netflix, have opted not to provide native apps for the headset initially. The absence of these major players raises questions about the device’s appeal, as users won’t be able to enjoy these popular services directly on the Vision Pro. While users can access these platforms through Safari, the lack of dedicated apps may impact the overall user experience.

The Vision Pro in Comparison

Drawing parallels with Apple’s past ventures, such as the Apple Watch and Apple TV, the article notes that neither of these devices is renowned for a vibrant app ecosystem. However, both have found success for other reasons, like unique features and functionalities. The Vision Pro, being a distinct platform from the iPad and iPhone, may need to rely on its own set of strengths to thrive.


As the Vision Pro prepares for its market debut, the challenges on the app and developer front raise concerns about its potential success. A robust and engaging app ecosystem is crucial for a device of this nature, and Apple will need to address the hurdles faced by developers to ensure the Vision Pro becomes a compelling choice for consumers. The coming months will reveal whether the Vision Pro can overcome these challenges and carve its niche in the augmented reality landscape.


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