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Discord to Introduce Game-Themed Items in its Store

Discord, the popular communication platform for gamers, is set to unveil a significant enhancement to its in-app store: game-themed items. This move comes as a response to user feedback and aims to further personalize the Discord experience while providing a new revenue stream for game developers. In this article, we delve into the details of this exciting development and its implications for both users and developers.

The Evolution of Discord’s In-App Store

Since its launch in November, Discord’s in-app store has been offering users various avatar decorations and profile effects for purchase. These items have allowed users to express themselves creatively and enhance their profiles within the Discord community. However, it became evident that there was a demand for decorations and effects themed around users’ favorite games.

Partnership with Game Developers

Discord’s response to this demand has been to partner with game developers to create game-themed versions of avatar decorations and profile effects. By collaborating closely with developers, Discord aims to ensure that these items authentically represent the games they are based on. This partnership not only benefits Discord users by providing them with more options for personalization but also offers developers a new avenue for monetization.

Revenue Sharing Model

One of the most significant aspects of this initiative is Discord’s commitment to sharing the revenue from these purchases with developers. This revenue-sharing model acknowledges the creative input of developers and incentivizes them to continue producing high-quality game-themed items for the Discord store. It also strengthens the relationship between Discord and the gaming community, fostering a sense of collaboration and mutual support.

Upcoming Game-Themed Items

While Discord has yet to reveal the specific game developers or items that will be available in the store, anticipation is high among users. The promise of themed profile effects and avatar decorations based on popular games is sure to generate excitement within the Discord community. Whether it’s iconic characters, symbols, or themes from beloved games, users can look forward to showcasing their gaming passion through their Discord profiles.

Quests Feature

In addition to game-themed items, Discord is expanding its Quests feature, which allows users to earn in-game items by streaming their gameplay to friends during calls. This feature has been in testing, with previous quests such as the Fortnite Quest, where users could earn exclusive in-game rewards by streaming Fortnite gameplay. By opening up sponsored quests to more game developers, Discord is further integrating itself into the gaming ecosystem and providing additional incentives for users to engage with the platform.


Discord’s decision to introduce game-themed items in its store marks a significant milestone for the platform and its community. By partnering with game developers and implementing a revenue-sharing model, Discord is not only enhancing the user experience but also supporting the creative efforts of developers. The upcoming availability of game-themed items, coupled with the expansion of the Quests feature, solidifies Discord’s position as a central hub for gamers to connect, communicate, and showcase their passion for gaming. As the platform continues to evolve, users can expect even more exciting developments that cater to their gaming interests and preferences.



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