Cashbuild Limited Welcomes Hanré Bester as New CFO

  • Cashbuild Limited appoints Hanré Bester as Chief Financial Officer, enhancing financial leadership and governance.
  • Hanré Bester's background in finance, taxation expertise, and strategic insights are assets for Cashbuild.
  • Expectations are high for Bester's impact on financial operations, compliance, and driving growth at Cashbuild.

Cashbuild Limited recently announced the appointment of Mr. Hanré Bester as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and executive director. This move comes as part of the company’s strategic leadership restructuring aimed at enhancing financial stewardship and driving growth.

Profile of Hanré Bester

Hanré Bester brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role at Cashbuild. Currently serving as the CFO of Pinnacle Micro, Bester has a strong background in finance, particularly in the distribution and warehousing sectors. His tenure at a previously JSE-listed group further bolsters his understanding of the dynamics of the South African market.

Career Journey

Bester’s career journey is marked by significant milestones and accomplishments. He began his professional journey at PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc (PwC), where he specialized in taxation as a multi-disciplined tax practitioner. His experience at PwC provided him with a solid foundation in financial management and compliance.

Educational Background

Hanré Bester is a Chartered Accountant, having completed his articles at PwC in 2003. Additionally, he holds a Masters degree in Taxation, further underscoring his expertise in financial matters and taxation strategies. This blend of academic qualifications and practical experience positions him well for his new role at Cashbuild.

Role and Responsibilities

As the new CFO of Cashbuild, Hanré Bester will play a pivotal role in overseeing the company’s financial operations and strategy. His responsibilities will include financial planning, budgeting, risk management, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Bester’s strategic insights and financial acumen are expected to contribute significantly to Cashbuild’s growth trajectory.

Expectations and Impact

Cashbuild’s decision to appoint Hanré Bester reflects the company’s commitment to strengthening its financial leadership and governance framework. His appointment is expected to bring fresh perspectives and drive efficiencies in financial management. Shareholders and stakeholders alike anticipate positive outcomes from Bester’s contributions to the company’s overall performance and value creation.

Table: Hanré Bester’s Qualifications

Chartered AccountantCompleted articles at PwC in 2003
Masters in TaxationEnhances expertise in tax strategies
CFO ExperiencePrevious experience at Pinnacle Micro
Finance LeadershipSenior roles in distribution & warehousing
Regulatory ComplianceStrong background in financial governance


Cashbuild Limited’s appointment of Hanré Bester as Chief Financial Officer marks a significant step towards strengthening the company’s financial leadership and driving sustainable growth. Bester’s extensive experience, coupled with his academic qualifications, positions him as a strategic asset for Cashbuild as it navigates the dynamic landscape of the South African market. Shareholders, investors, and stakeholders can look forward to a new era of financial stewardship and value creation under Bester’s leadership.

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