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City Power Cracks Down on Electricity Theft With Smart Meters

  • Johannesburg's City Power is aggressively addressing electricity theft and meter tampering by implementing smart meters and enforcing penalties for offenders.
  • The utility has observed a concerning trend of meter manipulation during its meter replacement program and is actively investigating potential collusion involving contractors and staff members.
  • City Power's initiative aims to enhance operational efficiency, revenue protection, and sustainability by curbing electricity theft, promoting responsible resource management, and fostering trust among residents.
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Miriam Matoma

Johannesburg’s City Power has issued a stern warning to its customers, emphasizing its resolve to enforce penalties and discontinue power supply for those found tampering with or bypassing the newly implemented smart meters.

The municipal power authority has observed a concerning trend of meter manipulation during its initiative to replace outdated or malfunctioning meters. As part of its efforts, City Power has been installing smart meters across all its service areas, including regions like Alexandra, Naturena, and Mayibuye, where unauthorized connections were prevalent.

Isaac Mangena, the spokesperson for City Power, revealed that investigations are underway to ascertain the involvement of both contractors and City Power staff in instances of tampering or bypassing smart meters.

Mangena stated, “Residents discovered to have tampered with the newly installed meters will face disconnection and will be liable for a reconnection fee. Our security management team is actively pursuing leads related to internal collusion, and disciplinary actions will be taken swiftly. City Power remains resolute in holding accountable those implicated in any criminal activity, a stance we have consistently upheld in recent times.”

City Power’s announcement underscores its commitment to combatting electricity theft and ensuring fair usage of resources among its customer base. By deploying smart meters, the utility aims to improve monitoring capabilities and reduce instances of unauthorized connections or meter tampering.

The initiative to install smart meters serves not only as a technological upgrade but also as a strategic measure to enhance operational efficiency and revenue protection for City Power. These advanced meters enable real-time monitoring of electricity consumption, allowing for prompt detection of irregularities or attempts at manipulation.

Furthermore, the implementation of smart meters aligns with broader objectives of promoting sustainability and responsible resource management within the city of Johannesburg. By curbing electricity theft and reducing losses due to unauthorized connections, City Power can better allocate resources and invest in infrastructure upgrades to meet the growing demands of its expanding urban population.

However, the effectiveness of the smart meter rollout hinges on the cooperation and compliance of residents. City Power emphasizes the importance of adhering to regulations and refraining from tampering with or bypassing the newly installed meters. Failure to comply not only risks disconnection and financial penalties but also undermines the collective efforts to maintain a reliable and equitable electricity supply for all residents.

In addition to addressing immediate concerns related to meter tampering, City Power’s investigation into potential collusion involving contractors and staff members highlights the need for robust internal controls and accountability measures. By holding individuals accountable for their actions, City Power aims to uphold the integrity of its operations and foster trust among its customer base.

The warning issued by City Power serves as a reminder of the serious consequences associated with electricity theft and meter tampering. Beyond the immediate penalties imposed on offenders, such activities pose broader risks to public safety, infrastructure integrity, and the sustainability of essential services.

As Johannesburg continues to grapple with challenges related to electricity provision and resource management, initiatives like the smart meter rollout represent proactive steps towards addressing systemic issues and improving service delivery. By leveraging technology and implementing stringent enforcement measures, City Power aims to safeguard the interests of its customers while promoting the responsible use of electricity resources.

Ultimately, the success of City Power’s efforts to combat electricity theft and ensure the integrity of its metering infrastructure depends on collaborative efforts from all stakeholders, including residents, contractors, and staff members. Through ongoing vigilance, effective enforcement, and community engagement, City Power seeks to create a more sustainable and equitable energy landscape for the city of Johannesburg and its residents.


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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam