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Canal+ Bolsters Holdings in MultiChoice, Secures 40.01% Stake

  • Canal+ acquires 14.92 million shares in MultiChoice, reaching a 40.01% ownership stake.
  • The strategic move aims to leverage MultiChoice's market position, content offerings, and technological capabilities.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, engagement of financial advisors and legal counsel, and global market impact are key aspects.

French media conglomerate Canal+ has recently announced further acquisitions of shares in MultiChoice Group Limited, a prominent South African company in the media and entertainment sector. This move signifies Canal+’s strategic interest in strengthening its position within the industry and expanding its global footprint.

Canal+’s Acquisition Details

Canal+ has acquired approximately 14.92 million shares of MultiChoice, representing a significant stake in the company. The acquisitions were made through a series of on/off-market transactions on different dates, each with its corresponding consideration per share, as shown in the table below:

DateShares AcquiredPercentage of MultiChoice Shares
Monday, 8 April 20241.88%ZAR 117.62
Tuesday, 9 April 20240.84%ZAR 118.81
Wednesday, 10 April 20240.22%ZAR 118.93
Thursday, 11 April 20240.43%ZAR 119.92

After these acquisitions, Canal+ will hold approximately 40.01% of MultiChoice’s issued shares, indicating a significant ownership position in the company.

Strategic Implications

Canal+’s increased stake in MultiChoice reflects its strategic vision to expand its presence in the media and entertainment landscape. By acquiring a substantial ownership percentage, Canal+ aims to leverage MultiChoice’s market position, content offerings, and technological capabilities to drive growth and innovation within the industry.

Challenges and Opportunities

While Canal+’s acquisitions present opportunities for synergy and growth, they also come with challenges. Managing a diverse portfolio of assets, navigating regulatory landscapes, and adapting to market dynamics require strategic foresight and operational agility. Canal+ must balance risk and reward effectively to maximize shareholder value.


Canal+’s acquisitions of shares in MultiChoice underscore its strategic intent to strengthen its position in the media and entertainment sector. With a substantial ownership stake and strategic partnerships in place, Canal+ is poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities, drive innovation, and create value for shareholders in the evolving global media landscape.



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