Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card Review 2022

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The Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card enables users to earn rewards and discounts on a variety of purchases, the majority of which are travel and leisure related. The World Citizen Credit Card is created for individuals who appreciate traveling and high-end entertainment. The credit card comes with a dedicated private banker who can assist you with travel reservations and other banking issues you may have.


Additionally, you receive travel discounts when you purchase hotel rooms and auto rentals. The credit card comes with comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, lost luggage, and flight delays.

Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card Summary

Standard Bank World Citizen credit card is a black credit card with an R250,000.00 credit limit. To qualify for the World Citizen credit card, you must make a minimum monthly income of R25,000.00. The World Citizen credit card has a monthly cost of R264.00, an international transfer fee of 2.25 percent, and a one-time initiation fee of R180.00. If you combine your World Citizen credit card with a Private Banking Signature Account, there is no monthly cost. The World Citizen credit card offers a variable interest rate that ranges between the prime rate and the repo rate plus 14%. Each month, the credit card holder must repay at least 3% of the credit card’s outstanding balance.


Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card Benefits

  1. You get up to 35% off on Emirates flights when you book through ‘Leisure Desk’.
  2. If you rent a car and get a chauffeur service through Avis, you can enjoy up to 25% off on your next rental when you book through Avis.
  3. Get to enjoy special privileges and discounts of up to 10% at ‘ Luxury serviced apartments’ when abroad.
  4. You get 10% off when you swipe your card at Hirsch’s.
  5. You get 10% off when you use your the credit card for bookings through
  6. When you book a spa treatment through ‘Health Spas retailers’, you get 10% off your Health Spa voucher when you pay with your credit card.
  7. You are covered with basic comprehensive travel insurance which includes:
    1. Covers for baggage loss of up to $3000.00, Baggage delay of up to $300.00, and trip cancellation cover of up to $7500.00.
    2. Personal accident insurance of up to $500,000.00.
    3. ATM robbery insurance that covers you if you get robbed of your cash within 15 minutes of withdrawal.
    4. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of up to $500,000.00.
    5. Emergency medical expenses of up to $500,000.00.
    6. Daily in-hospital cash benefit of up to $100.00 per day.
    7. Purchase protection cover with claims up to $3000.00.
  8. You get complimentary hotel nights when you stay with ‘Marriott Bonvoy ™’.
  9. Can get discounts from Hertz when you use the credit Card to rent a car from Hertz.
  10. You get 20% off trips in the Middle East and Africa using the ‘Careem cab-hailing App’.
  11. You can get 10% off when you spend R300.00 or more at ‘Pro Gifts’ and ‘A place to shop’.

Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card Fees 2022

Fee descriptionAmount
Monthly service feeR264.00
Initiation feeR180.00
International transaction fee2%
Cash deposits at a Standard Bank ATMFree up to R3000.00, thereafter R10.00 per R1000.00
Cash Deposit at a Standard Bank BranchR18.00 per R1000.00
Online inter-account transfers feeR4.00
Branch inter-account transfers feeR75.00
Cash withdrawals at Standard Bank ATMsR7.50 per R1000.00
Cash Withdrawals at Standard Bank Branch R20.00 per R1000.00
International ATM withdrawals feeR20.00 per R1000.00 + 2% int fee
Cash advance on casino chips purchasesR2.00 per R100.00
Cash withdrawals at other banks ATMs R10.00 per R1000.00
Online account payments R9.00
Branch accounts paymentsR75.00
Purchase with cashback point of saleR1.40 per R100.00
Point of sale purchase onlyFree
Point of sale cashback onlyR1.40 per R100.00
Prepaid airtime, SMS and Data (ATM & Online) R0.50
Prepaid electricity rechargeR1.50
World Citizen Credit Card Fees 2022

Competitive Advantages of the Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card

  • You get up to 55 days free interest when you pay your account in full.
  • The card is secure and comes with the most recent card technology such as a card micro-chip, card protection and 3D Security verification for online purchases.
  • You get to pay using your phone with ‘Tap to Pay ™’ for purchases of R500.00 or less.
  • The credit card comes with travel perks such as discounts on accommodation, flight tickets and car higher. Discounts can go up to 35% depending on what you are purchasing.
  • You get lifestyle discounts when you use the World Citizen credit card at selected stores.
  • The World Citizen Credit Card comes with travel insurance.
  • You get personalised travel concierge assistance whenever you need it.

Competitive Disadvantages of the Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card

  • The credit card has a very high monthly fee of R264.00, which is the highest of all Standard Bank credit cards.

How to qualify for the Credit Card

  1. You must earn a minimum income of R25,000.00 per month.
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  3. Must be over the age of 18 at the time of application.
  4. You need to have a South African ID or a passport if you are not a South African citizen.
  5. Have proof of residence not older than 3 months.
  6. Have a recent payslip and a 3 months bank statement showing income


The Standard Bank World Citizen Credit comes with great travel benefits that include hotel discounts, and flight discounts. This credit card is suitable for someone that likes to travel the world as they would enjoy most if not all the benefits that come with the credit card. 

Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card Review 2022
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Lethabo Ntsoane