Absa Gold Value Bundle Account Review 2022

The Absa Gold Value account provides additional value in the form of free bonuses. The account comes with cash rewards through the Absa rewards program, which gives you cashback on purchases made at certain stores. The Absa Value Bundle Account comes with a free lump sum death benefit as well as a retrenchment and disability payment. These will take care of you if you get handicapped, laid off, or die (the lump sum will be paid directly to your beneficiaries).

The Absa Gold Value account comes with limitless transactions, including card swipes, cash withdrawals at tills, balance inquiries, debit orders, and notifications, in addition to insurance advantages. You’ll also have access to an overdraft facility, which you can use in an emergency or for unanticipated circumstances.

Absa Gold Value Bundle Account Summary 

The Absa Gold Value Bundle Account is a first-tier cheque account with a R109.00 monthly service cost. You can save 50% on your monthly service cost if you keep a balance of R30,000.00 or more in your Gold Value Bundle Account. Absa suggests that Gold Value Bundle account applicants earn between R4000.00 and R24,999.00 per month. Absa ATM deposits of up to R4,500.00 and Absa ATM withdrawals of up to R4,500.00 per month are included in the account. Any unused transactions are carried over to the next month, allowing you to take advantage of both the new month’s perks and those from the prior month.

An overdraft facility and an instant loan are available with the Gold Value Bundle Account. Both the overdraft facility and the immediate loan are subject to credit checks. Your eligibility for an overdraft or an instant loan is determined by your financial situation. The Absa Gold Value Bundle Account has an R20,000.00 lump sum death payment. You get an R5,000.00 retrenchment cover that is paid in two R2,500.00 instalments over a two-month recurring period. A disability benefit of R5,000.00 is also included, payable in two instalments of R2,500.00 over a two-month period.

Absa Gold Value Bundle Account Benefits

  1. You can join the Absa Rewards program and start earning cashback when you swipe your Absa Gold Value Bundle Account card. 
  2. Comes with a retrenchment benefit of R5,000.00. 
  3. You get rewards, offers, and benefits by using your Visa card. Rewards and benefits include concierge service, travel insurance, lounge access, and extended warranty & buyers protection when you purchase valuables with your Visa card. 
  4. Free access to the Absa Mobile App even when you don’t have data. 
  5. Comes with an overdraft facility. 
  6. Can get an instant loan at any time. 
  7. The account comes with a lump sum death benefit of R20,000.00. 
  8. You get disability benefit to the value R5000.00. 
  9. Comes with unlimited till withdrawals, card swipes, balance enquiries, and electronic account payments. 
  10. You only pay 50% of your monthly service fee if you keep R30,000.00 or more in your account for a month. 

Absa Gold Value Bundle Account Fees 2022

Description Fee
Monthly service feeR109.00
Absa ATM withdrawals feeFree Up to R4,500.00 and R2.00 per R100.00 thereafter 
Absa ATM deposits feeFree Up to R4,500.00 and R2.00 per R100.00 thereafter
Card swipe feeFree
Other banks ATM withdrawals feeR6.00 + R2.00 per R100.00
Cash withdrawals at tillsFree
Balance enquiries Free
External debit order feeFree
Internal debit order feeFree
Prepaid electricity, airtime and data purchase fee Free
Notifications through SMS and EmailFree
Absa branch deposit feeR60.00
Absa branch withdrawal feeR75.00 + R2.50 per R100.00
Overseas ATM withdrawals R75.00
Online account verification fee R6.50
Branch account verification feeR25.00
Cash send online, Absa ATM or MobileR2.00 per R100.00
Special clearance feeR200.00
Debit card replacement feeR140.00
Absa Gold Value Bundle Account Fees and Rates 2022

Competitive Advantages of the Absa Gold Value Bundle Account 

  • You can get extra cash for emergencies with the instant loan option of up to R8,000.00.
  • You get death cover, disability cover and retrenchment benefit at no extra cost. 
  • The account comes at a fairly low rate of R109.00 when considering the unlimited services and benefits that come with the account. 
  • You can open and register for a Visa profile using your card and receive benefits and discounts when you travel and shop. 
  • The account gives you access to the Absa Rewards program whereby you can get cash back when you use your account. 
  • You can utilise the overdraft facility whenever you are low on cash. 
  • It is easy to apply for overdraft and instant loan which can take minutes. 

Competitive Disadvantages of the Absa Gold Value Bundle Account 

  • The instant loan is repayable at most 6 months and charges high interest. 
  • Initiation fee on the instant loan is progressive so the more you borrow the higher the Initiation fee you are going to pay. 
  • There is no revolving loan with the Account. 

How to qualify for the Account

  1. You must have a South African ID book or Smart card or a valid passport if you are not a South African citizen. 
  2. Proof of residence that is not older than 3 months at the time of application. 
  3. Your latest payslip. 
  4. Recommended monthly income of R4000.00 to R24999.00.


The Absa Gold Value Bundle account comes with a slew of perks and access to limitless services. When you consider the insurance advantages, lifestyle benefits, and banking perks that come with an account with a monthly service charge of R109.00, it’s evident that the account is a good value for money. The total value of the benefits exceeds R109.00. This account is ideal for anyone looking to pay moderate fees while receiving middle-of-the-road perks.

The Gold Value Bundle account is not Absa’s greatest account, but for a Gold cheque account, it can be compared to Platinum cheque accounts from other banks due to the features that come with it.

Absa Gold Value Bundle Account Review 2022

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