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UCount Rewards is Standard Bank‘s rewards programme that allows members to earn points whenever they spend with qualifying Standard Bank cheque, credit or debit card.

Unlike Discovery’s Vitality or FNB’s eBucks rewards programmes, the Standard Bank’s UCount programme comes at a price. By paying the minimum subscription fee, you get a chance to earn points when you shop at Standard bank’s rewards retailers.

UCount Rewards members can earn up to 20% back in rewards points. To earn points members can swipe their cards in-store when making payments or by using a card number when shopping online.

Members can use their points to buy at over 20 UCount Rewards retailers. Should a member decide to make a generous philanthropic contribution they can do so by donating to students or charity.

As a UCount Rewards programme member, you can keep track of your UCount Rewards points on your internet banking or mobile app. By using the app, you can check your received and used points and can use them without any hassle.

How to earn Standard Bank UCount Rewards

First of all, to start earning points you need to have a qualifying personal cheque, debit or credit card. Then you need to pay a membership fee which is payable by debit order from your personal account only.

A monthly fee of R25.00 per month is payable. You can opt to change your monthly membership fee to annual fee. To become a member click here and register or visit your nearest Standard Bank branch.

After registering and actively paying your membership fee, you can earn points in 6 different ways. Here are the ways that you can earn the UCount Rewards points:

  • Fuel rewards – You can earn up to R5 back per litre of fuel and oil when you shop at Caltex.
  • Data rewards – You can get up to 2 gigabytes of data every month when you have an active Standard Bank Mobile Sim card.
  • Groceries, Fashion and Lifestyle rewards – You can earn up to 20% in UCount Rewards on fashion, groceries and lifestyle.
  • Retailers rewards – when shopping at participating retailers, you can earn up to 5% back in rewards points.
  • Swiping rewards – You can earn points by simply swiping your Standard Bank credit, debit or cheque card.
  • Sharing experience – by sharing positive uCount experiences on Twitter you can earn rewards points.

UCount Rewards Card

As a UCount Rewards programme member, you need to have a UCount Rewards card. This card will help you easily redeem your membership points. You will be able to use your card when paying for fuel at any participating Caltex.

When paying at the uCount participating outlets you will need to use your UCount membership card. Hence your membership card is the way that you are going to redeem your points in store. Even when you want to use the Bidvest Premier lounges at airports across South Africa.

To redeem your points online only your card number will be needed. Therefore, the uCount membership card is mainly used for physical points of redemption.

To get your UCount Rewards card, you can do one of the following:

  • Order your UCount Rewards card by calling the uCount rewards call centre on 0860 82 68 68.
  • You can also log in on the uCount rewards website to make your card order.

What happens next is that your uCount rewards card will be posted or sent to your nearest Standard Bank. This is dependent on the option that you choose your card to reach to you.

Standard Bank UCount Rewards Tiers

UCount Rewards system has 5 tiers in place. These tiers determine the level of rewards that you are going to receive in fuel, data, lifestyle, fashion or grocery. Tier 5 is the highest tier on the uCount rewards programme with tier 1 being the lowest.

Your tier points are based on your monthly banking activity, the number of Standard Bank products and services you use. The more products from Standard Bank you use the more are your chances of reaching tier level 5. Thereby, qualifying for the highest discount rates available on the UCount Rewards programme in level 5.

With the highest tier you can earn the following:

  • 20% back in rewards points on your groceries of choice , fashion or lifestyle rewards.
  • 5% back in rewards points from Standard Bank retailers.
  • R5 back in rewards points per litre of fuel and oil purchased at Caltex.
  • 1.25% back in rewards points on card purchases.

How and where to redeem you uCount rewards

There are a number of ways that you can redeem your uCount rewards. This can be done using the uCount rewards card or online.

Here are the ways that you can redeem your uCount rewards:

  • At any of over 20 UCount Rewards Retailers
  • For fuel and oil at Caltex.
  • At the UCount Rewards Online Redemption Portal.
  • At the UCount Rewards Travel Mall.
  • Bidvest Premier Airport Lounges in South Africa
  • Convert into Avios.
  • Save or invest in a Notice Deposit, PureSave, Tax-Free Investment Account, or AutoShare Invest.
  • Reduce or pay off your Revolving Credit Plan or Term Loan Product
  • Pay for Ticketless parking through Admyt & KaChing.
  • Donate to a student on the Feenix platform.
  • Making a donation to a charity.
  • Donate to Solidarity Fund.

You can use your uCount rewards points at any of the following stores:

  • Hirsch’s
  • Incredible Connections
  • KFC
  • Clicks
  • Makro
  • Musica
  • Fresh Stop
  • Net Florist
  • Olympic Cycles
  • Samsung
  • Showmax
  • Sweep South
  • The Body Shop
  • The Cross Trainer
  • Tiger Wheel and tyre
  • Wine of the month club
  • X-kids
  • Xtrend
  • Zando


Standard Bank’s uCount rewards programme rewards loyal customers better by giving them better discounts.

Clients that use most of the Standard Bank products are the ones that will mainly benefit from the uCount rewards. This is because they are the ones that are likely to reach level tier 5 in the rewards program.

The main setback of the Standard Bank UCount reward is that the reward percentages are less generous as compared to those of Discovery Vitality and FNB eBucks rewards. Moreover, to become a member you need to pay R25 per month and can only be a debit order.

The uCount rewards can go a long way especially on fuel savings that can be as low as R5 per litre. This is not something you see every day on a rewards program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Standard Bank UCount Rewards Program?

The Standard Bank’s uCount rewards programme is a rewards program that rewards members when they spend using their Standard Bank cheque, credit or debit cards on participating outlets.

2. How do I get started with uCount rewards program?

To start earning uCount rewards points you need to visit the uCount rewards website or visit your nearest Standard bank branch. Alternatively, call 0860 826 868 to get assistance for a consultant.

3. Is there uCount rewards for businesses?

There are UCount Rewards for businesses. Members can earn up to 500 rewards points just for being a member.

4. How do tiers work?

The uCount rewards system has 5 tiers in place so the lowest tier indicates low rewards and the highest indicates that you qualify for higher rewards.

5. How do I get to tier 5?

The tiering system is based on your banking activity, the number of Standard Bank products and services you use per month. If you use the 3 activities more frequently, you automatically get tiering points which will lead to tier 5.

6. What do I need to be a member of the UCount Rewards program?

To become a member of the UCount Rewards program you need to have a cheque, debit or credit card with Standard Bank.

7. How can I redeem my uCount rewards points?

You can redeem your uCount rewards points by shopping online or by using the uCount card in-store.

8. Is there a joining fee for the uCount rewards program?

There is no joining fee applicable to the uCount rewards program. There is only a rejoining fee of R37.

9. What is the uCount monthly fee?

The uCount rewards program monthly fee is R23 which can only be paid via debit order billed on your Standard bank account.

10. What is the uCount cash back on fuel?

UCount Rewards up to R5 per litre back in rewards points in you buy fuel at Caltex.

11. Can I use my uCount rewards points to Invest?

Yes, you can redeem your uCount rewards points and invest. To invest uCount rewards points you will need a minimum of 2500 points to invest.

12. How long do I have to wait to redeem my uCount points?

UCount Reward points can be used instantly as they become available.


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