Standard Bank Business Garage Card Review 2023 

The Standard Bank Business Garage Card is designed to assist businesses in managing their motor vehicle costs. The card provides […]

Standard Bank Business Garage Card

The Standard Bank Business Garage Card is designed to assist businesses in managing their motor vehicle costs. The card provides the cash flow that businesses may desperately require to keep their vehicles running.

Cardholders can use the Standard Bank Business Garage card to pay for tolls, gas, car maintenance, and other expenses. The card also offers some benefits through the Standard Bank UCount rewards program.

The card can also be linked to SnapScan, which allows you to pay for items with your phone by scanning a QR code. Furthermore, cardholders can use the Mastercard contactless card to pay for items costing R500.00 or less without entering a pin.

The Standard Bank Business garage card has some of the best business garage card features. We go over the Standard Bank Business garage’s features and fees in greater detail below.

Standard Bank Business Garage Card summary

The Standard Bank Business Garage Card provides credit to businesses for vehicle-related expenses such as fuel, tolls, and vehicle maintenance. The card charges an annual service fee of R492.00 and an R275.00 one-time initiation fee.

Garage cardholders are entitled to free lost card protection as well as advanced fraud protection. When the garage card is issued, it is issued in the name of the driver who regularly uses the card. This will make it easier to verify the cardholder when the driver makes payments with the card.

Standard Bank charges an R145.00 card replacement fee to replace the garage card. Standard Bank charges a one-time fee of R275.00 for emergency card replacement. Card delivery is free both online and in person.

Cardholders of Standard Bank Business garage cards have access to Standard Bank’s digital platforms. Cardholders can transact remotely using their cards thanks to digital platforms. Customers can also join the UCount rewards program for business for R30.00 per month.

The UCount rewards for the business program offer fuel rewards. Cardholders can earn up to R10.00 in rewards points per liter of fuel or oil purchased from Caltex or Astron Energy. Moreover, cardholders can earn up to 5% back in rewards points on qualifying purchases at retailers.

There are fees associated with the Standard Bank Business Garage card. Transactional costs and other service-based costs are examples of these. The business credit card fees are tabled below.

Standard Bank Business Garage Card fees 2023

Fee DescriptionAmount
Annual service feeR492.00
Once off initiation feeR275.00
Standard Bank branch withdrawal feeR80.00 + R2.50 per R100.00 thereafter 
Standard Bank ATM withdrawal feeR2.20 per R100.00 
Withdrawal at other bank’s ATMsR2.20 per R100.00 
Cash withdrawal at Point Of SaleN/a
International ATM Cash withdrawal fee2.75% of value + R3.00 per R100.00 (Min:R70) 
Standard Bank ATM deposit feeR4.50 + R1.10 per R100.00 
Standard Bank branch deposit feeR8.00 + R2.00 per R100.00 (Min:R60) 
Electronic Account PaymentR7.95
Electronic inter account transfersFree
Branch inter account transfersR100.00 
Branch account paymentR100.00 + 0.104%
Auto plus ATM statements Free
Branch statementsR32.00
Transaction history statement feeFree
Standard Bank ATM balance enquiry Free
Standard Bank branch balance enquiry R9.50
Balance enquiry at other bank’s ATM Free
International conversion fee2.75%
Card replacement fee R145.00
Emergency card replacement feeR450.00
Local voucher retrievalN/a
International voucher retrievalN/a
Card delivery fee at a branchFree
Card delivery face to faceFree


Advantages of the Standard Bank Business Garage Card

  • The card comes with the driver’s name on the card for convenience. 
  • Each spend on the card is separate. e.g fuel purchases are aggregated while toll fees are also aggregated. 
  • The garage card can be linked with the corporate card account for easy management. 
  • The card comes with a dedicated support team and priority center to help with one’s banking needs. 
  • Cardholders get access to the Standard Bank digital platforms. 
  • Comes with free lost card protection and advanced fraud protection. 
  • The service fee is only paid once a year. 
  • Cardholders can earn rewards through the UCount rewards program. 

Disadvantages of the Standard Bank Garage Card

  • The card covers only vehicle-related expenses and if you need to cover other expenses, you need to get another credit card. 
  • There is no free travel insurance with the garage card. 


The Standard Bank Business garage card makes it simple for businesses to manage their vehicle expenses. Since the card can bear the driver’s name, the driver(s) can use it to make payments and purchases with ease. Purchasing spare parts and paying for vehicle-related expenses can be done quickly and easily without the involvement of additional company personnel.

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