What To Consider When Booking Travel Insurance For A Group

Friends taking a tour, family travel, and group business travel are all examples of group travel. When traveling as a […]

Friends taking a tour, family travel, and group business travel are all examples of group travel. When traveling as a group, purchasing travel insurance as a group can save you money, discounts and additional coverage. 

Travel insurance includes various types of coverage that can be purchased. You will want to add different coverages to your group travel insurance. These protections can include:

  • Accidental death or accidental disablement, 
  • Personal liability insurance, 
  • Hijack hostage and wrongful arrest, 
  • Travel supplier insolvency, 
  • Rental car insurance, 
  • Trip cancellation insurance, 
  • Trip interruption insurance, 
  • Cancel for any reason, 
  • Repatriation and evacuation insurance, and 
  • Medical insurance. 

With so many add-ons to choose from, the cost of travel insurance for an individual can be quite high. Furthermore, working together as a group to obtain travel insurance will assist you in determining the most important coverage that you require.

With so many travel insurance covers available, here are some things to consider when purchasing travel insurance for a group.

What to consider when purchasing group travel insurance

1. Get quotes from different insurers

When looking for group travel insurance, it is always a good idea to get multiple quotes. The cost of travel insurance can vary depending on the travel insurance provider, so getting multiple quotes can help you get a better deal.

2. Consider the different types of travel insurance 

When looking for travel insurance, it is best to start by selecting the coverage that you require. Before getting a quote, make a list of the types of travel insurance that your group will require.

In addition, specify the amount of coverage you require for your travel insurance. By making this move, you will be able to obtain the necessary coverage. You will receive a more detailed quote for your group travel.

3. Consider discounts

There are travel insurance discounts available, so you should look into them. You should also think about the travel insurance that comes with your credit card. If you do not yet have a credit card, consider getting one that offers group travel insurance discounts.

Before adding add-ons to a travel insurance policy, discounts on travel insurance can be provided. For example, if you purchase accidental and death insurance from a travel insurer, you can get trip cancellation insurance. 

4. Ask for a discount 

A large group may be able to obtain a discount from a travel insurance provider. You have more bargaining power as a group than as a single person, so an insurer may be willing to give you a discount.

Discounts are considered based on a variety of factors, including the types of travel insurance added, the total amount of coverage for the entire group, and more. Any discount will be enough because you will have the same amount of coverage but at a lower cost.

The best time to ask for a discount is right after you’ve narrowed down the best quotes from a pool of quotes you requested. Given that large groups do not travel frequently, discounts are common.

5. Get group travel insurance as early as possible 

When purchasing group travel insurance, it is best to do so as soon as possible. There are numerous factors to consider, and many can be overlooked when purchasing individual or group travel insurance at a later stage.

Purchasing travel insurance as a group can help with add-ons such as early cancellation and pre-existing medical conditions. Those with pre-existing medical conditions can be accommodated on a travel insurance policy with ease if purchased early, as there may be a waiting period.

Cancellation insurance for any reason is time sensitive and must be obtained as soon as possible. Purchasing this cover in advance has advantages because it may become unavailable if ordered later.

6. Get a flexible travel insurance option

When purchasing travel insurance for a group, it is critical to choose a more flexible insurance plan. There are many things that can happen before leaving as a group, and managing group circumstances is difficult, so you must not lose money if one or more of the group members is unable to go on the trip as planned.

Look for travel insurance options that allow you to cancel for any reason, as the product can be found without paying an additional premium. This product can assist the group in obtaining reimbursement if one of the group members gets injured. For example, if an employee is laid off before a planned trip, provisions can be made to accommodate such incidents.

7. Consider getting a travel card 

When using a travel credit card to purchase airline tickets, you automatically receive travel insurance. When travelling in a group, you can include the people you’re travelling with.

Other travel credit cards can accommodate the travellers’ guests. If the credit card holder uses their credit card to purchase their air tickets as a group, their guests can also get travel insurance.

A travel credit card not only comes with free travel insurance, but it also has other advantages. Travellers can expect trip cancellation insurance, lost luggage insurance, and rental car insurance. This will assist in lowering the insurance costs associated with travel.


Travelling as a group offers significant savings on travel insurance when compared to purchasing travel insurance for each individual traveller. If you are travelling in a group, use the tips in this article to save money on insurance or find a travel credit card that covers guests so that you can avoid paying for travel insurance entirely.

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