FNB internet banking review 2022

FNB internet banking has made it easy for clients to bank online. Whether in urban or rural areas you can access FNB internet banking with ease.

Thanks to the growth of internet access to most South Africans today. There is no need to visit the bank to get statements or make transactions, these can be done from a computer.

Although the FNB mobile app is more popular than internet banking, many are still using FNB internet banking services.

With the mobile app, there are more features than on internet banking, however, this doesn’t take away the usefulness of internet banking technology. There are many benefits of using internet banking.

With internet banking, you can get a clearer picture of what is going on with your accounts. Using instant accounting on FNB internet banking facility is even better than on the FNB mobile app.

What you get

FNB internet banking comes with a whole lot of banking needs for both businesses and individuals.

Businesses can have a separate internet banking account so that business transactions can be managed without any interference from personal transactions.

Access to bank account(s)

You can get access to all the bank accounts you have with FNB, including savings and investment accounts.

Features included in the accounts section include inter-bank transactions, transfers, EBucks access and bank statements of each account.

Bank statements of up to 90 days are free and can be downloaded or emailed. Any bank statement that is older than 90 days comes at a charge.

Send money option

You get full access to the ewallet facility with FNB internet banking. Sending money to any cellphone number in South Africa is simple with the use of the ewallet facility.

By simply adding the recipient cell phone number you can send up to R3000.00 per day to any person or multiple persons in South Africa.

You can add multiple recipients on the send money phone book and add names of recipients for future transactions.

There is a maintenance bottom to edit the recipient name and cellphone number whenever you want to. Also, you get access to historic payments and can make a once-off ewallet transfer.

My Investments

FNB gives a function to manage all your portfolio investments and see how they are doing on 1 dashboard.

You can manage your unit trusts, savings and cash investment, retirement savings, share portfolio and tax-free savings accounts at a go.

EBucks rewards

The Ebucks rewards function helps by giving insights on how ebucks works and how you can use your ebucks rewards.

You can also have access to online shops that accept ebucks as payment and can start making purchases on online stores.

Ebucks shop makes it possible to buy whatever you want from online shops using ebucks rewards. You can buy prepaid, home essentials, gaming and computer devices, apple products, travel tickets and many more.

Also, you can apply for an ebucks reward card on ebucks shop to use it for shopping at participating stores.


With insurance option, you can apply for life insurance with FNB using internet banking. Since FNB has your personal information application is easy and you get to know how much cover you qualify for after applying.

The insurance depends on the type of bank account you hold with FNB. Life cover covers up to R1,600,000.00 for private wealth account users.

Business Solution

Managing a business can be tough especially as a startup. FNB business solutions help small businesses administer their business efficiently.

With access to business solutions, you can get a BBBEE certificate using this function and maintain day to day business accounting transactions using internet banking. Accounting data is always available when needed.

You can manage your debtors, invoices, salaries and financial statements with this function

Competitive advantages of using FNB internet banking

  • You can manage your investments from anywhere and anytime using internet banking.
  • Your business can get access to business solution function and control, maintain all business transactions and other information.
  • A will can be written using internet banking. You can simply write a will by following FNB guide on how to complete a will online.
  • You get logged off automatically if you are not using the internet banking facility for an unspecified amount of time.
  • Can transfer money from one account to another at no fee.
  • You get access to multiple accounts for personal and business on 1 dashboard.
  • Application for life insurance can be done on internet banking.
  • FNB always alerts you of current scams whenever you login to the FNB internet banking.

Competitive disadvantages of using FNB internet banking

  • When using internet banking, you don’t get all the services offered by FNB like you would when using a mobile app.
  • You cannot get access to services such as navigate life using internet banking.
  • Cannot open bank accounts when logged in.

How to register for FNB Internet Banking?

There are three methods of registering for FNB internet banking. These methods include registering with a card and ATM pin, with an account number and with PayPal for non-FNB clients.

  • When registering with a card and an ATM pin you will need to have an FNB account with a debit card. Your card number and pin will be required to start registration. Then you will have to accept the terms and conditions of the internet banking use. You will then have to register your username and login password.
  • You can also register with an FNB account number and which will only need your ID number and account number. Also, those with passports can register using an FNB account number. Then you will need to accept the terms and conditions and continue. After, you will furnish a username and password.
  • Another method is to register using PayPal as a non-FNB client. Registration can be for either business or personal. Either for business or personal, you will need to fill in a form that requires a tax number, personal information, physical address and source of funds. Also, you will need to provide your username and password and agree to the terms and conditions to get started.


It is safe to conclude that FNB Internet Banking is at a level of its own in South Africa. Amongst the big five banks, it has the most user friend Internet Banking platform.

Other banks also use Internet Banking to make banking easier for their clients such as Capitec Bank, Standard Bank and Nedbank

FNB internet banking review 2022

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