FNB Gold Business Credit Card Review 2024

The FNB Gold Business Credit Card provides bespoke credit to credit card holders for R52.00 per month. How To Get […]

The FNB Gold Business Credit Card provides bespoke credit to credit card holders for R52.00 per month.

How To Get The FNB Gold Business Credit Card

  • You need a Business Account with FNB
  • ID of business authorised signatories
  • ID of person you want the credit card for

The credit fees associated with the FNB Business Credit Card are structured as follows:

For the Transact credit option with full settlement, there is a fee of 0.25% based on the credit limit, with a minimum fee of R69. Additionally, a monthly credit limit fee of R36 is applicable. On the other hand, for Revolver credit with installment repayment, a flat fee of R36 per month is charged.

Furthermore, for non-National Credit Act (NCA) transactions, there are initiation fees to consider. The new initiation fee amounts to 15% of the total credit limit, capped at a maximum of R290. Similarly, in the case of a limit increase, the initiation fee is 15% of the increased limit, with a maximum fee of R200. These fees are integral to the FNB Business Credit Card framework, ensuring transparency and facilitating efficient financial management for businesses.

Other fees that are associated with the FNB Gold Business Credit Card are tabled below:

Payments and PurchasesFees
Card Purchases
Debit Card PurchaseR3.68
Petrol Card Purchase/Debit Card Fuel PurchaseR6.25
International Currency Commission and Conversion2% of the value
Prepaid Purchases
Prepaid AirtimeR0.01-R25: R1.50
Greater than R25: R2.50
Prepaid ElectricityR0.01-R150: R1.50
Greater than R150: R2.50
Voucher (Entertainment, gaming, music, transport, etc.)R2.70
Traffic FineR2.70
FNB Branch and FNB Business Desk (Consultant Assisted)R15
Other Bank’s ATMsR15
Account Payments
Electronic Third-Party Payment (Unassisted)1 – 1,000 transactions: R5.75
Plus: 1,001 – 10,000 transactions: R5.15
Plus: 10,001+ transactions: R3.53
Internal Debit OrderNo charge
External Debit OrderR12
Consultant Assisted PaymentR84
RTC Pay & Clear Now*Less than/Equal to R3,000: R8
Greater than R3,000: R15
PayShap*Up to and including R100: No charge
Greater than R100: R6
FNB Instant Payment*R8
International Payment Denominated in ZAR (Debit and Credit Card)No charge
Scheduled Payments
New/Changing Scheduled Payment (FNB Online Banking for Business or the FNB App)No charge
Payment Related Fees
FNB Payment Channels
EFT PaymentR2.50 + 0.35%
Cash PaymentR2.50 + Cash deposit fees
R6.50 + R0.60 per R100 or part thereof
Debit Card PaymentR2.50 + Merchant Services pricing
R6.50 + 0.95% of the value
Credit Card PaymentR2.50 + Merchant Services pricing
R6.50 + 2.5% of the value
Other Fees
Notifications sent to payerR0.15
Implementation Fee (Push Biller)No charge
Implementation Fee (Pull Biller)R750

Benefits of The FNB Gold Business Credit Card

The FNB Gold Business Credit Card offers a range of benefits and services at no additional cost, providing convenience and value for business owners. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Cash@TillTM: Access cash at participating retailers when making purchases, offering added flexibility and convenience for business transactions.
  2. Email Statements and Dual Email Statements: Stay updated on your account activity with electronic statements delivered to your email, making financial management easier and more accessible.
  3. Lost Card Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with protection against unauthorized transactions in case your card is lost or stolen, ensuring the security of your business finances.
  4. eBucks Rewards for Business: Earn eBucks rewards on your business spending, allowing you to redeem rewards for various benefits such as travel, shopping vouchers, or fuel discounts, among others.
  5. Inter-Account Transfers: Easily transfer funds between your business accounts, facilitating efficient cash flow management and financial operations.
  6. Access to the SLOW Lounge:* Enjoy complimentary access to the SLOW Lounge at select airports, providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for business travelers.
  7. Local Purchases: Make local purchases with your FNB Gold Business Credit Card, enjoying the convenience of a widely accepted payment method for business expenses.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Comprehensive Benefits: The card offers a range of complimentary services such as access to the SLOW Lounge, eBucks rewards, and lost card protection, providing added value to cardholders.
  • Cash@TillTM: The ability to withdraw cash at participating retailers during purchases can be convenient, especially in situations where ATMs are not readily available.
  • Inter-Account Transfers: Easy and efficient transfer of funds between business accounts helps in managing cash flow and financial transactions seamlessly.
  • Local Purchase Convenience: Widely accepted for local purchases, the card provides a convenient payment method for various business expenses.
  • eBucks Rewards: Earn rewards on business spending that can be redeemed for a variety of benefits, enhancing the overall value proposition of the card.

Competitive Disadvantages:

  • Fees and Charges: While the card offers a range of benefits, businesses should be aware of any associated fees and charges, such as annual fees, transaction fees, or interest rates, which could impact the overall cost of using the card.
  • Credit Limit Management: Businesses need to manage their credit limits effectively to avoid overspending or accruing excessive debt. Failure to do so could lead to financial strain or additional fees.


The FNB Gold Business Credit Card presents a compelling option for businesses seeking a comprehensive financial solution. With its array of benefits including cash@tillTM, eBucks rewards, and lost card protection, the card offers convenience, security, and value-added services. The ability to earn rewards on business spending, coupled with features like inter-account transfers and local purchase acceptance, contributes to efficient financial management and smoother operations.

However, it’s important for businesses to be mindful of potential fees and charges associated with the card, as well as to manage their credit limits responsibly to avoid financial strain. Despite these considerations, the FNB Gold Business Credit Card remains a competitive choice for businesses looking to streamline their financial processes and maximize benefits without compromising on security or convenience.

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