FNB Petrol Card Review 2021

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The FNB Petrol Card comes in two variants, however, offering the same benefits. When getting an FNB Petro Card for yourself, you need to choose between a stand-alone card or a credit card linked Petrol card.

FNB Petro Card Summary 

FNB Petrol Card is a credit card for fuel, toll and vehicle maintenance from FNB. You need to earn a minimum of R84,000.00 per year to qualify for the FNB Petrol Card. The card also comes with a monthly maintenance fee of R55.00 and you can get up to 15% back when you purchase fuel. 

How does FNB petrol card work?

FNB Petrol Card Account offers you a credit facility account as well as a transactional account which is linked to a single petro card. Whereas an FNB Stand alone Petrol Card is a transactional card for your vehicle, fuel, toll payments and vehicle maintenance.

The FNB Petrol Card comes with free AA roadside assistance which includes the following free benefits:

  • Free roadside repair. 
  • Changing of flat tyres. 
  • Tow in services limited to 40 kilometres round trip. This service is available 24/7/365 days. 
  • Stand by your service. 
  • Refuelling with up to 10 litres.
  • Key lockout service, limited to a maximum of R300.00 including VAT. 
  • Restarting a flat battery. 
  • Courtesy services that include car hire and overnight accommodation including you and four of your passengers. 

FNB Petrol Card Benefits

The FNB Petrol Card immaculate benefits that you can take advantage of. Here are the benefits of the FNB Petrol card:

#Stand-alone Petrol CardLinked Petrol Car
1Comes with a separate card limitHas personalised interest rates 
2Easy fuel expenses management for taxation purposes Comes with roadside assistance from AA
3Comes with free AA roadside assistance Separate reporting on the credit card statement to manage fuel and vehicle expenses 
4Has personalised interest rates Can consolidate your credit repayment at a go
5You receive a separate credit card statement to better manage your fuel and motor vehicle expenses 
FNB Petro Card Benefits

Where to use the FNB Petro Card 

The FNB Petro Card can be used to purchase fuel at any fuel station in South Africa. You can also use the FNB Petro card to pay for toll fees and for your car maintenance. 

Although the Petro Card is a credit card in its own right, it has got its own limitations. You cannot make any transactions with the FNB Petro card other than those pertaining to your motor vehicle expenses. 

The Petro Card not only allows you to pay for your general motor vehicle services, but you also get free AA Emergency roadside assistance by virtue of having or owning the FNB Petro card.

What the card Gives you 

  1. Free auto payment, offering you the convenience of having your account paid on time each time. 
  2. You get access to online banking, mobile banking, telephone banking and/or Mobile App banking for having the FNB Petro card. 
  3. Free lost card protection and PIN replacement
  4. The FNB Petro Card comes with a secure chip and pin, therefore, providing extra security against unauthorized use. 
  5. Comes with a free subscription to inContact, meaning, you will receive an SMS notification for every transaction of more than R100.00.
  6. Free AA roadside assistance. 
  7. Has personalised interest rates and limited. 
  8. Free Contactless technology that allows you to make fast and secure payments for low-value purchases. 
  9. You get to choose between a standalone Petro card and a linked Petro card, all dependent on your preference. 
  10. Comes with a credit facility that suits you. 

The list above shows how the Petro card is meant to make your banking, transacting and credit life a lot easier. With the introduction of the magnetic chip on the card and Contactless technology, the card is advancing to become one of the most secure Petro Cards in South Africa. 

FNB Petrol Card Fees 2021

#Fee descriptionFee
1Credit facility feeR17.00
2Initiation fee Up to a maximum of R175.00
3Monthly account fee R38.00
4Additional card feeR20.00
5Credit card budget purchasesFree
6Fuel transaction feeR5.75
7Voucher retrieval request localR105.00
8Voucher retrieval request international R295.00
9Declined transaction feesR9.50
10Card replacement feeOne free per year, and then after R120.00 per card. 
11International card deliveryR700.00
12Courier delivery feeFree
13Urgent delivery feeR250.00
14Branch delivery feeFree
FNB Petro Card fees and rates

Competitive Advantages of the FNB Petro card 

  • Requires you to earn at least taxable income of R7000.00 per month to qualify. 
  • Comes with many freebies such as AA roadside assistance, card replacement, digital banking, etc. 
  • The new card is updated with current credit card technology. 
  • You can use the card internationally and locally. 
  • Offers convenience when you don’t have the adequate cash flow to run urgent maintenance on your vehicle, as such, the FNB Petro card comes in handy at such times. 
  • You can close down your Petro Card at any time with penalties. 
  • It’s easy to apply for the Petro Card especially when you are an FNB client. 

Competitive Disadvantages of the FNB Petro card 

  • The Petro Card just acts as a credit card so if you have a credit card you don’t need a Petro card. 
  • Has transaction fees so the more you transact the more money you are going to pay in fees. 

How to apply for the FNB Petro card

  • You need to have a  South African ID. 
  • Be over the age of 18 at the time of application. 
  • Provide recent 3 months bank statements(this is for those that do not receive their salary through an FNB account). 
  • A recent payslip 
  • Proof of residence that is not older than 3 months. 
  • You can use the FNB digital platforms to apply or you can apply at any FNB branch. 

However, having all these required documents doesn’t mean that you will be automatically approved for a Petro Card. Getting a Petro card is subject to a credit assessment that is conducted by FNB. Also, to qualify for an FNB Petro Card you need to earn at least R84,000.00 per year. 


The FNB Petro Card has benefits that are enticing to every motorist. The fact that you receive free AA roadside assistance worth R100.00 per month is a bonus considering that the monthly card fee is only R55.00.

Before grabbing yourself an FNB Petro Card, try to figure out the opportunity cost of having the card especially if you are a credit cardholder. You will get to know if there is a need for you to have the Petro card or not by making this assessment. 


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