Capitec Bank Savings Account Review 2024

The Capitec Bank Savings Account offers a gateway to financial accessibility with a remarkably low minimum balance requirement of R30, […]

Capitec savings account

The Capitec Bank Savings Account offers a gateway to financial accessibility with a remarkably low minimum balance requirement of R30, making it an inclusive option for individuals seeking to embark on a journey of prudent savings. The account’s appeal is underscored by competitive interest rates, calculated on a nominal annual compounded monthly (NACM) basis. Rates range from 3.50% for balances of R0 to R24,999 to 7.25% for balances exceeding R250,000, representing a potential for substantial growth on savings.

To maintain affordability in financial management, the account incurs a nominal R7.00 monthly administration fee, highlighting Capitec Bank’s commitment to transparent fee structures. Users benefit from versatile transaction channels, including the Capitec mobile app, 1203279#, Internet banking, and the Global One card, ensuring convenience and accessibility in banking experiences. Additionally, the account introduces the option for users to fix their money in any of the four free savings plans, providing higher interest rates for those seeking to maximize the growth of their savings.

As a global banking solution, the Capitec Bank Savings Account extends beyond conventional services. Account holders gain exclusive access to Mastercard Priceless Cities worldwide, enriching the account’s value proposition. With a transparent fee structure, competitive interest rates, and a commitment to holistic financial empowerment, this savings account epitomizes Capitec Bank’s ethos of simplicity and growth in banking experiences.

Capitec Bank offers various ways to save money, and it also pays interest on any positive balance on their Global One Account.

We’ll walk you through the process of opening a Capitec Bank savings account below.


To open the account you will have to visit a Capitec branch or use the Capitec banking app or internet banking.

To open an account, Capitec requests the documents listed below:

  • Original identification document. South African citizen/resident
  • Proof of residential address

Interest earned

Interest is calculated on your daily account balances and paid out to you every month end.

The interest rate charged is determined by your account balances. The higher your account balance the higher rate is used.

With the Capitec’s transaction/savings account you can earn interest from 3.50% per year depending on your account balance.

Capitec Savings Account Interest Rates 2024

Balance Range (Rands)Nominal Interest Rate (%)
R0 – R24,9993.50%
R25,000 – R99,9994.50%
R100,000 – R249,9995.75%
R250,000 and above7.25%

Capitec Bank Savings Account Fees and Rates

Feature/CostAmount (Rands)
Minimum Balance RequirementR30
Monthly Administration FeeR7.00
Interest Rates (NACM)
– R0 to R24,9993.50%
– R25,000 to R99,9994.50%
– R100,000 to R249,9995.75%
– R250,000 and above7.25%
Supplementary Card Fee (Branch)Varies
International Transaction FeeVaries
International Mastercard ATM FeeR11.00
Card Replacement Fee (Branch)R70.00
PIN Reset Fee (Branch)R10.00
Cash Deposit Fee (App/ATM/Branch)Varies

Advantages of Capitec Bank Savings Account

  1. Low Monthly Administration Fee:
    • The Capitec Bank Savings Account typically comes with a low monthly administration fee, making it a cost-effective option for individuals looking to save without incurring significant charges.
  2. Competitive Interest Rates:
    • Capitec Bank offers competitive interest rates on its savings accounts, allowing account holders to earn interest on their balances and potentially grow their savings over time.
  3. Flexible Access to Funds:
    • Account holders have easy access to their savings through various channels, including Capitec ATMs, card machines, online banking, and the mobile app. This flexibility ensures that users can manage and withdraw their funds conveniently.
  4. User-Friendly Digital Platforms:
    • Capitec Bank is known for its user-friendly digital platforms. The savings account integrates seamlessly with internet banking and the mobile app, providing account holders with convenient tools for managing their savings on-the-go.
  5. Transparent Fee Structure:
    • Capitec Bank is committed to transparency in its fee structure. Account holders can easily understand and anticipate any associated fees, contributing to a more informed and predictable banking experience.
  6. PIN Change and Card Management:
    • The ability to change the PIN and manage the card through various channels, including the app, internet banking, and Capitec ATMs, adds to the convenience of the savings account.
  7. Accessibility of ATMs:
    • Capitec Bank has an extensive network of ATMs, providing account holders with widespread access to fee-free transactions when using the bank’s own ATMs.

Disadvantages of Capitec Bank Savings Account

  1. ATM Usage Fees at Other Banks:
    • While Capitec ATMs offer fee-free transactions, using ATMs of other banks incurs additional charges. Account holders need to be mindful of their ATM usage habits to avoid unnecessary fees.
  2. International Transaction Fees:
    • International transactions, whether through card machines, online channels, or ATMs, come with associated fees. Users engaging in frequent international transactions should consider these costs.
  3. Limited Supplementary Card Usage Internationally:
    • Supplementary cards linked to the savings account are not designed for international use. This limitation may inconvenience users who require supplementary cards for global transactions.
  4. Transaction Limits on Digital Platforms:
    • Users should be aware of the transaction limits imposed on digital platforms, such as internet banking and the mobile app. These limits may impact users conducting high-value transactions or those requiring greater flexibility.
  5. Potential Overdraft Fees:
    • In the event of insufficient funds, users may incur overdraft fees. It’s essential for account holders to monitor their balances and transactions to avoid unexpected charges.
  6. Transaction Fees for Certain Services:
    • While many services are free or have low fees, some transactions, such as replacement or supplementary card issuance at a branch, come with associated costs.
  7. Cash Deposit Fees:
    • Capitec Bank may charge fees for cash deposits, and users should be aware of these costs if they frequently deposit cash into their savings account.

How to Apply for The Capitec Bank Savings Account

  1. Visit a Branch:
    • Locate a nearby Capitec Bank branch.
  2. Bring Documentation:
    • Take along your South African ID or passport, proof of residence, and proof of income.
  3. Consult with Staff:
    • Speak to a Capitec Bank consultant for guidance.
  4. Complete the Form:
    • Fill out the application form with accurate information.
  5. Verification:
    • Undergo an identity and eligibility verification process.
  6. Receive Global One Card:
    • Upon approval, receive your Global One card, the key to your account.
  7. Set Up Digital Access:
    • Set up internet banking and download the mobile app for easy account management.
  8. Explore Features:
    • Familiarize yourself with interest rates, transaction channels, and additional perks.


The Capitec Bank Savings Account emerges as a compelling choice for individuals seeking a straightforward and cost-effective means of managing their finances. The account’s low monthly administration fee, competitive interest rates, and flexible access to funds through various digital platforms underscore its commitment to providing a user-friendly banking experience.

The transparent fee structure instills confidence in account holders, allowing them to anticipate and understand any associated costs. The accessibility of Capitec ATMs further enhances the convenience of day-to-day transactions, aligning with the bank’s commitment to simplicity.

However, it is essential for prospective account holders to consider certain limitations, such as international transaction fees and ATM usage charges at other banks. While these drawbacks may impact individuals with specific banking needs, the overall advantages of the Capitec Bank Savings Account make it a noteworthy option for those prioritizing simplicity, transparency, and cost-effectiveness in their financial journey.

Ultimately, as with any financial product, the suitability of the Capitec Bank Savings Account hinges on individual preferences, financial goals, and usage patterns. By carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages, potential account holders can make an informed decision that aligns with their unique circumstances, ensuring a banking experience that meets both their immediate needs and long-term aspirations.

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