Auto and General Life Insurance Review 2021

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Auto and General Life insurance is a life insurance cover that ensures that your loved ones are taken care of should something happen to you. Auto and General life cover has been there for decades, therefore, you can expect reliable services that are there to serve you and your family’s interests. 

The insurance cover is there for any South African between the ages of 18 and 64. Clients get to customise their life cover according to their needs and specifications. An added advantage to the Auto and General Life Insurance is that it comes with no waiting period for accidental death. 

Auto and General offers one of the most convenient ways to make claims for its life insurance cover. With the use of its mobile app, you can make claims that can be attended to as quickly as possible. You can also manage your policy on the mobile app and report claims 24/7.

It’s easy to get a life insurance quote with Auto and General Life Insurance. All it takes is to fill an application form online that takes a few minutes to complete. Once completed you will get a quote of the cover amount you want. 

Auto and General Life Insurance

Auto and General has life insurance products that are there to benefit different life insurance consumers. The life insurance policies come with automatic benefits at no additional cost. 

Life insurance covers include Pure Life Insurance, Dread Disease cover, terminal illness cover, and disablement cover. The above-mentioned life insurance products are discussed below. 

Auto and General life insurance Pure Life Insurance

Auto and General Pure Life insurance is a life insurance product that covers you for death. The cover is available for life, therefore, it can not be canceled when you reach a certain age. 

The cover starts from R200,000.00 and has a maximum cover threshold of R10,000,000.00. You can add up to 10 beneficiaries of your choice to the cover. The beneficiaries will benefit by living a financially stable life when you are no longer available to provide for them. 

Pure Life Insurance includes a funeral benefit that pays out R50,000.00 which is paid to your beneficiaries within 24 hours after making a successful claim. Funeral benefit payout can only be channeled towards covering your funeral expenses. 

The policy comes with Guaranteed Assurability which allows policyholders to increase their cover amount in the future should they deem it necessary. This is necessitated by the changes in lifestyle needs as people normally change their lifestyles over time. 

The cover pays you the whole cover amount should you get diagnosed with a terminal illness. Payout is only to customers that are expected to live for less than 12 months. 

Disablement Cover

The Disablement cover is there to cover you should you suffer a permanent disability. The cover comes in two options which include occupation-based Disablement and event-based Disablement. 

Occupation-based Disablement pays out from R200,000.00 to R10,000,000.00 should you become permanently and totally disabled, and cannot perform your normal duties. The Occupation-based Disablement option doesn’t affect your Pure life cover if the full Disablement benefit is paid out. 

Your cover won’t expire until 5 years before you turn 65 or retire. Like Pure life insurance, the Occupation-based Disablement also comes with guaranteed assurability which allows you to increase your cover amount. 

You are covered for accidental disablement immediately after your cover gets activated. Also, you can choose the Auto and General disablement premium waiver which pays premiums of your disability and dread disease cover on your behalf for up to 5 years if you become disabled and your full cover amount is paid out. 

The event-based disablement option pays out between R50,000.00 to R10,000,000.00 depending on your cover amount. The option also comes with a choice of getting a disablement premium waiver and guaranteed assurability. You also get covered immediately for accidental disability. 

Dread disease Cover

Dread disease cover is there to cover policyholders should they be diagnosed with a dread disease such as cancer. The cover amount starts from R50,000.00 to R4,000,000.00. The payout on the dread disease cover won’t affect your pure life cover and/or disablement cover. 

You are covered for your whole life, meaning the cover doesn’t expire at any certain age. You can rest assured that your premiums will get you the cover that you’ve always wanted at some point. 

The dread disease cover includes a guaranteed assurability which lets you increase your cover amount with limited underwriting. This benefit will help you maintain the lifestyle of your loved ones if your family grows in the future, or you buy a home, etc. 

Terminal Illness Cover

Terminal illness cover is included in the Pure life insurance cover. The Payout on the cover starts from R200,000.00 to R10,000,000.00. This cover pays out if you get diagnosed with a terminal illness and you are expected to live for less than 12 months. 


Auto and General Life Insurance provide life insurance products that are well thought after. The products tend to help the clients and their loved ones at large and come with benefits that are there to help you build a secure future for your loved ones when you are no longer there to do so yourself. 

The funeral benefit on the cover provides a great sense of relief to the beneficiaries in unfortunate events like death. It is clear that the cover intends to serve the policyholder as well by making sure that the burial goes as planned. 

It is no doubt that Auto and General Life Insurance is an insurance cover that you can rely on. This cover comes highly recommended by many customers. Put money on an inflation-beating life cover and ensure that the future of your loved ones is secure.

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Published by
Lethabo Ntsoane