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Oneplan Pet Insurance Review 2023

Oneplan Pet Insurance

Oneplan pet insurance is a pet insurance policy that starts at R80.00 per month and covers various types of pets. The product can cover dogs and cats up to 11 years old, including those with preexisting and hereditary conditions.

Oneplan pet insurance offers annual spending limits of up to R70,000.00 on its pet insurance. There are also add-ons available, such as the excess buster, which eliminates the need to pay an excess fee when filing a claim.

The Oneplan pet insurance offers a diverse pet insurance plan range with four plans to choose from. Each of Oneplan’s plans is discussed in detail below.

Oneplan Pet Insurance Plans

Oneplan has 4 plans available to choose from which include the accident plan, hospital plan, classic plan and super plan. All the plans are discussed in detail as follows.

Oneplan Accident Plan

The Accident Plan protects an insured pet from unintentional injuries. Accident Plan has an annual spending limit of R8,000.00 per calendar year. The plan’s premiums start at R80.00 per month and can go up depending on the pet insured and the underwriting results.

From the first to the sixth month after taking out the insurance, there is a 25% excess payment. Following that, all claims will receive a 10% discount, with a minimum excess fee of R500.00 required per claim. Each policy allows for a maximum of eight pets.

The plan covers day-to-day benefits for casualties for a maximum of 30 days. Medication for pets is also covered for 30 days from the date of injury or accident. Up to R8,000.00 in hospital benefits are covered. Scans and diagnostics are among the hospital expenses that are covered.

The Accident Plan also covers the costs of burial and cremation for pets covered by the plan. The plan covers cremation and burial costs up to R1,500.00.

Oneplan Hospital Pet Insurance Plan

For a monthly premium of R190.00, the Oneplan Hospital plan provides coverage for pet hospitalization. The hospital plan has the second lowest annual limit for a pet insurance plan at Oneplan, with an overall annual limit of R45,000.00.

The hospital plan can be customized with optional add-ons such as the excess buster benefit for a monthly premium of R30.00. Another option is to include the Pet Med Booster benefit, which costs R35.00 per month. Pet Med Booster contributes R350.00 to the Pet Med Savings account each year.

Policyholders receive a discount when insuring multiple pets on the hospital plan. Policyholders receive a 5% discount for the addition of a second pet. When insuring three or more pets, the policyholder receives a 10% discount. It should be noted that the hospital plan only covers 8 pets.

The hospital plan includes a variety of hospital benefits. Accidental hospitalization is covered immediately and has a waiting period of 60 days. Post-operative care costs are covered for up to R2000.00 and includes hydrotherapy and physiotherapy treatments.

The hospital plan includes kennel coverage, which has a 60-day waiting period. The kennel cover covers R1,650.00 per event with a maximum daily spend of R165.00. Burial and cremation are covered immediately for accidents, but there is a 60-day waiting period for illness.

The plan covers day-to-day benefits with a 30-day waiting period. Day-to-day benefits include casualty insurance and a pet medical savings account

Oneplan Classic Plan

The Oneplan Classic plan is more comprehensive than the hospital plan, with monthly premiums starting at R280.00 per cat and R300.00 per dog. The Classic plan has a total annual limit of R48,000.00.

Add-ons are available to supplement the Classic plan. One of the add-ons available for a monthly fee of R35.00 is the Excess Buster benefit. The Pet Med Booster benefit is available for a monthly premium of R75.00, adding R750.00 to the Pet Med Savings account.

An excess fee must be paid for policies that have not added an excess buster benefit. Excess payment applies to all policies, and policies between one and six months old must pay 25% of a claim. Policies that are 7 months and older are only required to pay an excess of 10% of the claim, with a minimum payment of R500.00 per claim.

The Classic plan includes a hospital benefit that covers hospital admission immediately and has a coverage amount of up to R40,000.00 per event. Post-operative care is reimbursed up to R2,000.00 per year.

Kennel cover is also included, with kennel costs covered by the plan up to a maximum of R1,650.00 per event. Kennel cover has a 60-day waiting period and costs R165.00 per day.

Oneplan Super Plan

The Oneplan Super plan is the most comprehensive pet insurance cover, with a monthly premium of R430.00 for cats and R450.00 for dogs. The plan has an annual spending limit of R70,000.00.

Discounts are available for covering multiple pets on the super plan. Individuals who insure two pets in the super plan receive a 5% discount, while individuals who insure three or more pets receive a 10% discount on premiums.

Individuals can supplement their super plan with additional benefits. The first available add-on is the excess buster, which costs R40.00 per month. The second add-on that can be added is the Pet Med Booster, which is available for R85.00 per month, adding R850.00 to the Pet Med Savings account.

Advantages of Oneplan Pet Insurance

  • Different plans are available to choose from.
  • Optional add-ons can be added to the pet insurance.
  • Discounts are available when insuring multiple pets.
  • Premiums are very low, especially for the super plan, which is the most comprehensive.
  • An excess payment of 10% is reasonable, and pet insurance products can be managed online.

Disadvantages of Oneplan Pet Insurance

  • Illnesses have a waiting period, and claims in the first 6 months of activation come with a 25% excess payment.


Oneplan successfully diversifies its product offering by offering low-cost and all-inclusive pet insurance plans. Discounts are available for those who purchase multiple plans. Add-ons are also available to customize plans and reduce their costs.



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