Sasfin Holdings Appoints New Alternate Executive Director and Announces Resignation of Company Secretary

  • Sasfin Holdings appoints Mr. Erol Zeki as alternate executive director, leveraging his wealth management expertise and leadership skills.
  • Ms. Charissa de Jager resigns as company secretary, leaving a notable gap and initiating the recruitment of a replacement.
  • These personnel changes reflect Sasfin Holdings' commitment to effective governance and strategic leadership in the financial sector.

Sasfin Group

Sasfin Holdings Limited, a prominent financial services group based in South Africa, has recently made key personnel changes within its leadership team. These changes, aimed at enhancing corporate governance and strategic direction, signal a significant shift within the company.

Appointment of Mr. Erol Zeki as Alternate Executive Director

Sasfin Holdings has appointed Mr. Erol Zeki as an alternate executive director to its board of directors, effective from 10 May 2024. Mr. Zeki brings a wealth of experience in wealth management and financial services to his new role.

Background of Mr. Erol Zeki

Mr. Zeki joined Sasfin as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sasfin Wealth in 2017. He holds a CFA Charter and a B.Com (Hons) in Financial Management, along with being a member of the South African Institute of Stockbrokers. His leadership has significantly contributed to the growth and success of Sasfin Wealth.

Role and Responsibilities of an Alternate Executive Director

An alternate executive director serves as a substitute for an executive director in their absence. They participate in board meetings and decision-making processes, ensuring continuity in governance and strategic oversight.

Impact on Sasfin Holdings

Mr. Zeki’s appointment as an alternate executive director underscores Sasfin Holdings’ commitment to strong leadership and strategic direction. His expertise and track record in wealth management will likely contribute to the company’s continued growth and success.

Resignation of Ms. Charissa de Jager as Company Secretary

Alongside the appointment of Mr. Zeki, Sasfin Holdings also announced the resignation of Ms. Charissa de Jager as company secretary, effective from 31 July 2024. Ms. de Jager’s departure marks the end of a significant tenure with the company.

Contributions of Ms. Charissa de Jager

During her time as company secretary, Ms. de Jager made significant contributions to Sasfin Holdings, particularly in the realm of corporate governance and compliance. Her departure leaves a notable gap that the company will need to address.

Recruitment of a New Company Secretary

Sasfin Holdings has initiated the process of recruiting a new company secretary. This appointment will be crucial in maintaining effective governance practices and ensuring regulatory compliance within the organization.


Sasfin Holdings’ recent personnel changes reflect its commitment to strong leadership and effective governance. The appointment of Mr. Erol Zeki as an alternate executive director brings valuable expertise to the board, while the resignation of Ms. Charissa de Jager underscores the need for seamless transitions and succession planning within the company. As Sasfin Holdings continues on its growth trajectory, these changes will play a pivotal role in shaping its future success.

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