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Santova Limited Reports Decline in Earnings, Surge in Asset Value for 2024

  • Santova Limited's HEPS declined by 20.1% to 123.77 cents per share, signaling challenges in profitability.
  • Despite a 30.1% decrease in profit to R147.3 million, TNAV surged by 27.3% to R6.11 per share.
  • Revenue and net interest income fell by 4.5% to R637.8 million, reflecting market and operational pressures.

Santova Limited recently released its audited preliminary results for the fiscal year ended 29 February 2024. This article delves into a comprehensive analysis of Santova’s financial performance, focusing on key metrics such as headline earnings per share (HEPS), profit for the period, tangible net asset value (TNAV), revenue, and net interest income.

Headline Earnings per Share (HEPS) Decline

Santova’s HEPS experienced a significant decline of 20.1% to 123.77 cents per share compared to the previous year. This decline is noteworthy as it reflects challenges or changes within the company’s operations or external market conditions impacting its profitability on a per-share basis.

Profit for the Period Decrease

The company’s profit for the period also saw a notable decrease, dropping by 30.1% to R147.3 million. This decline may raise concerns among investors and stakeholders regarding Santova’s ability to maintain and grow its profitability in the face of economic challenges or internal factors affecting its bottom line.

Tangible Net Asset Value (TNAV) Increase

Despite the decline in earnings and profit, Santova demonstrated strength in its tangible net asset value (TNAV), which increased by 27.3% to R6.11 per share. This increase indicates that the company has been successful in enhancing its asset base, which could be attributed to strategic investments or asset management initiatives.

Revenue and Net Interest Income Decline

Santova’s revenue and net interest income experienced a decline of 4.5%, amounting to R637.8 million. This reduction in top-line revenue and interest income could be a result of various factors such as changes in market demand, pricing pressures, or operational challenges faced by the company during the fiscal year.

Dividend Decision and Cash Reinvestment Strategy

The decision by Santova’s directors not to declare a dividend for the year underscores the company’s strategic focus on reinvesting cash resources back into the business. This approach aims to create long-term value for shareholders by allocating funds towards growth initiatives, capital expenditures, and operational enhancements rather than immediate dividend payouts.

External Audit and Assurance

Santova’s audited preliminary results were reviewed by its external auditors, Moore Johannesburg Inc., who issued an unmodified opinion on the Group’s Annual Financial Statements for the year. This assurance adds credibility to the financial information disclosed by the company, providing investors with confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the reported figures.


Santova Limited’s financial performance for the year 2024 reflects a mixed picture of challenges and opportunities. While there were declines in HEPS, profit, revenue, and net interest income, the significant increase in tangible net asset value indicates underlying strength and potential for future growth. The decision to prioritize reinvestment over dividends signals a strategic approach aimed at long-term value creation. Investors and stakeholders should carefully consider the full announcement and external audit opinion before making investment decisions related to Santova Limited.



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