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Coronation Fund Managers Projects Substantial Earnings Growth

  • Coronation Fund Managers anticipates significant earnings growth, with fund management earnings per share expected to rise substantially.
  • The company's trading statement underscores positive market sentiment and potential investor interest, driven by strong financial performance.
  • Investors should await the audited financial results for a comprehensive assessment of Coronation's financial health and future prospects.
Coronation Fund Managers

Coronation Fund Managers Limited recently released a trading statement indicating substantial growth in earnings for the period ending 31 March 2024. This article delves into the details of this statement and analyses its implications for investors and the company’s future prospects.

Overview of the Trading Statement

Coronation’s board of directors initially forecasted a significant increase in earnings, with a reasonable degree of certainty exceeding 20% from the prior corresponding period. The latest statement reaffirms this positive outlook, providing specific ranges for various financial metrics.

Fund Management Earnings

The company expects fund management earnings per share (EPS) for the current period to be between 183.5 to 186.1 cents per share. This marks a substantial improvement from the prior period’s losses of 13.0 cents per share. Fund management earnings exclude net mark-to-market impacts of fair value gains/losses and related foreign exchange on investment securities held.

Earnings Per Share (EPS) Analysis:

Financial MetricExpected Range (cents per share)Increase from Prior Period (cents per share)
Fund Management Earnings (EPS)183.5 to 186.1196.5 to 199.1
Total Earnings Per Share (EPS)199.7 to 200.9193.5 to 194.7
Headline Earnings Per Share199.7 to 200.9193.5 to 194.7
Diluted Headline Earnings (DHE)199.7 to 200.9193.5 to 194.7

The table illustrates the expected ranges for EPS and their substantial increase compared to the prior period. This growth is a testament to Coronation’s strong financial performance and strategic initiatives.

Impacts of Unrealized Fair Value Gains

The trading statement highlights the impact of unrealized fair value gains on Coronation’s earnings. In the current period, the net impact of such gains is 14.7 cents per share, slightly lower than the gains of 19.2 cents per share in the prior period. This indicates a nuanced trend in the company’s investment portfolio performance.


Coronation Fund Managers Limited’s trading statement reflects a robust financial performance, with expected increases in earnings per share and other key metrics. This positive outlook signals growth potential and reinforces the company’s position as a key player in the financial industry. Investors should monitor the upcoming audited financial results for a comprehensive analysis and make informed investment decisions based on thorough research and market insights.



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