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Altron's Fiscal Triumphs: Resilience, Growth, and Strategic Realignment Propel Future Success | Rateweb
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Altron’s Fiscal Triumphs: Resilience, Growth, and Strategic Realignment Propel Future Success

Altron Limited has recently announced its annual consolidated results for the fiscal year ending 29th February 2024. Despite challenges in the sector and specific non-core subsidiaries, Altron has showcased remarkable resilience and strategic acumen, positioning itself as a standout performer in the technology and IT services domain.

Financial Performance Overview: Key Metrics and Growth Trends

Altron’s financial performance for FY2024 underscores its strategic prowess and operational excellence. The table below provides a snapshot of Altron’s key financial metrics and growth trends:

MetricFY2024FY2023% Change
Revenue (R million)10,32510,848-5%
EBITDA (R million)9851,049-6%
Operating Profit (R million)210342-39%
Net Profit After Tax (R million)(141)13>100%
HEPS (cents)(25)29>100%
EPS (cents)(43)(1)>100%
Final Dividend (cents)3319+74%
Cash Generated from Ops (R million)1,6001,280+25%
Net Debt (R million)313563-44%

Key Insights from Altron’s Performance

  1. Revenue and Earnings Analysis:
    • Altron’s revenue witnessed a 5% decline to R10.3 billion, mainly attributed to the sale of the ATM Business.
    • EBITDA showed a 6% decrease to R985 million, reflecting the impact of divestitures and sectoral challenges.
    • Operating profit saw a significant decline of 39%, primarily due to provisions and impairments in non-core subsidiaries.
  2. Earnings per Share (EPS) and Dividend Growth:
    • EPS plummeted from a profit of 1 cent to a loss of 43 cents, indicating challenges in profitability.
    • However, the company’s commitment to shareholders is evident through a 74% increase in the final dividend.
  3. Cash Generation and Debt Reduction:
    • Altron’s cash generation from operations surged by 25% to R1.6 billion, showcasing robust operational cash flows.
    • The company achieved a commendable 44% reduction in net debt, enhancing its financial stability and flexibility.

Segmental Performance Analysis: Driving Forces and Strategic Focus

Altron’s business segments demonstrate varying performance and strategic priorities, contributing to the overall financial landscape. Here are the key insights from Altron’s segmental performance:

  1. Own Platforms Segment:
    • Notably, Netstar, a flagship brand under this segment, achieved significant milestones, surpassing the R2 billion revenue mark.
    • Altron FinTech and Altron HealthTech showcased resilience and growth in annuity revenue, contributing positively to the segment’s profitability.
  2. Digital Transformation Segment:
    • Altron Systems Integration and Altron Karabina demonstrated robust growth in revenue and profitability, aligned with the company’s digital transformation focus.
    • Altron Security faced challenges in project services but initiated corrective actions to address these constraints.
  3. Managed Services Segment:
    • Post the reclassification of Altron Nexus, Altron Managed Solutions showcased a 9% revenue growth, reflecting operational resilience.
  4. Discontinued Operations:
    • Altron Document Solutions and Altron Nexus, though facing challenges, exhibited improved management of working capital and cash flow generation.

Strategic Initiatives and Future Outlook: Navigating Challenges with Purpose

Altron’s CEO, Werner Kapp, emphasized the company’s strategic direction and focus on leveraging technology for transformation. Key strategic initiatives and future outlook include:

  1. Financial Discipline and Capital Management:
    • The company’s disciplined capital management and strategic investments underscore its commitment to sustainable growth.
  2. Operational Realignment:
    • Effective March 2024, Altron realigned its operational model, integrating key businesses into a unified digital business, aiming for improved synergies and value propositions.
  3. Long-Term Growth Targets:
    • Altron sets ambitious targets, aiming for an operating profit margin of +19% for platforms and +7% for IT services by 2026, focusing on sustainable and profitable growth.


Altron Limited’s fiscal year 2024 results reflect a blend of resilience, strategic foresight, and operational excellence. Despite sectoral challenges and specific non-core issues, the company has navigated through complexities with purpose and determination. With a strong focus on technology-driven transformation, disciplined financial management, and strategic realignment, Altron is well-positioned to achieve sustainable growth and create long-term value for its stakeholders.