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EnX Group Limited Surges: H1 2024 Results Show 110% Increase in Profitability

  • EnX Group Limited's unaudited interim results for H1 2024 show a 5% revenue increase, reaching R2.117 billion.
  • The company's headline earnings per share (HEPS) surged by 110% to 61c per share, indicating improved profitability.
  • Despite economic challenges, EnX Group's strategic initiatives have yielded positive results, setting a foundation for future growth.
Hammerson Financial Review

EnX Group Limited recently released its unaudited interim group results for the six months ending 29 February 2024. This analysis delves into the financial metrics and operational highlights of the company during this period.

Revenue Growth and Profitability

EnX Group reported a 5% increase in revenue from continuing operations, reaching R2.117 billion, indicating sustained growth. The company’s headline earnings per share (HEPS) saw a substantial surge of 110% to 61c per share, demonstrating improved profitability. Profit before tax from continuing operations also rose significantly by 70% to R141 million.

Earnings per Share (EPS) Breakdown

A breakdown of earnings per share (EPS) reveals noteworthy figures. Basic EPS for total operations stood at 86c, while for continuing operations, it was 61c, showcasing the impact of discontinued operations on overall EPS. The diluted EPS mirrored the basic EPS figures.

MetricTotal Operations (cents)Continuing Operations (cents)Discontinued Operations (cents)
Basic Earnings per Share (EPS)866125
Diluted Earnings per Share (EPS)866125

Operational Performance

EnX Group’s operational performance was robust, driven by various factors. Increased volumes of polyethylene, specialty chemicals, and generator sales contributed significantly to revenue growth. Operating profit from continuing operations before net finance costs surged by 63%, primarily due to improved margins in Lubricants and Chemicals.

Financial Position and Cash Distribution

Despite increased debt to finance growth in Eqstra’s leasing book, the company maintained a stable net asset value per share of R13.86. Shareholders benefited from a special distribution of R1.00 per enX ordinary share on 27 November 2023, indicating a commitment to shareholder value.

Key Financial Metrics Comparison

Metric29 February 2024 (cents)28 February 2023 (cents)31 August 2023 (cents)
Headline Earnings per Share (Continuing Ops)612994
Net Asset Value per Share1,3861,2961,391
Net Tangible Asset Value per Share1,3611,2431,364

Challenges and Opportunities

EnX Group navigated challenging economic conditions effectively, as evidenced by its strong financial performance. The company’s ability to increase revenue and profitability amidst market uncertainties highlights its resilience. Moving forward, opportunities for further growth and expansion exist, particularly in optimizing operational efficiencies and exploring new market segments.


EnX Group Limited’s unaudited interim group results for the six months ended 29 February 2024 showcase a positive trajectory in revenue, profitability, and operational performance. Despite economic challenges, the company’s strategic initiatives and focus on shareholder value have yielded promising results. This performance sets a solid foundation for future growth and underscores EnX Group’s position as a key player in the South African business landscape.



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