Sanlam Travel Insurance Review 2023

Sanlam Travel Insurance is a policy that offers coverage for emergency medical and related expenses up to R5,000,000.00. Reality Access […]


Sanlam Travel Insurance is a policy that offers coverage for emergency medical and related expenses up to R5,000,000.00. Reality Access members are entitled to free travel insurance for up to 45 days while traveling. Additionally, there is an optional top-up cover available for a premium ranging from R450.00 to R1,670.00. This policy offers up to R15,000,000 in coverage for medical and related emergencies with the top-up cover. However, it is important to note that Sanlam Travel Insurance is only available to individuals who are 65 years old or younger.

In addition to medical emergencies, the insurance policy provides additional benefits, which will be discussed below. The Sanlam Travel Insurance offers two types of travel insurance products: free cover and optional cover. Both products will be discussed in detail below.

Sanlam Free International Travel Insurance

Sanlam provides free international travel insurance to Reality Access and Fedhealth members. This plan covers unexpected medical emergencies and related expenses when traveling outside of South Africa’s borders. The plan covers emergency medical and related expenses up to R5 million. However, an excess fee of R2000.00 is charged when filing a claim. When traveling to the United States, emergency medical and related expenses are covered differently, with the USA cover being R500,000.00 and an inpatient excess fee of R2,000.00.

The basic travel insurance covers medical transportation to a nearby hospital. Additionally, the free plan covers the costs of repatriation and evacuation. However, outpatient excess fees of R2,000.00 apply to medical transportation, repatriation, and evacuation.

For pet owners who travel with their pets, the plan also covers pet emergencies. When traveling with a pet, a R3,000.00 pet care cover is automatically enabled, with a minimum daily spend of R250.00.

The free international travel insurance also includes additional coverage for which no excess payment is required, such as compassionate emergency visit, repatriation of children, repatriation of travel companion, burial, cremation or return of mortal remains, and medical support as a result of sporting activity.

Optional Top-Up Cover

The optional top-up cover offers additional coverage, but it only lasts up to 45 days, depending on the number of cover days selected. The cover days range from 1 to 14 days, and for non-USA visits, the optional cover starts at R450.00, and for USA visits, it starts at R585.00.

Additional premium days of 15 to 32 days have a fixed premium of R875.00 for non-USA visits and a once-off premium of R1,135.00 for USA visits. Finally, the option for 33 to 45 days is available at a premium of R1,285.00 for non-US visits and R1,670.00 for US visits.

The optional top-up cover provides a cover amount of up to R15 million for emergency medical and related expenses. The cover amount for emergency hospital medical and related expenses for pre-existing illnesses is R750,000.00.

Permanent disability is covered by the plan, with a cap of R1 million on permanent disability caused by international travel. Accidental death is covered up to R250,000.00.

When traveling, luggage is covered up to R15,000.00 with a single item claim limit of R3,750.00. The excess payment for luggage cover is R350.00. Additionally, luggage delays are covered for R2,000.00.

The top-up plan, called Journey, covers cancellation, curtailment, extension, and missed connections up to a maximum of R15,000.00 and requires an excess of R500.00 when making a claim. The plan also covers trip postponement for a cover amount of R7,500.00, with an excess payment of R500.00.

With a total cover amount of R2 million, personal liability cover is the second-highest coverage on the top-up plan. The insurance covers any liabilities incurred while traveling abroad.

Advantages of Sanlam Travel Insurance:

  • The free travel insurance option covers a wide range of liabilities, including the repatriation of a travel companion.
  • There is an option to supplement existing travel insurance with more comprehensive coverage.
  • In-patient and out-patient expenses are covered to a certain extent.
  • The top-up cover protects luggage.
  • Those over the age of 65 can also obtain Sanlam Travel Insurance at their own expense.
  • Not all covered occurrences require an excess payment.

Disadvantages of Sanlam Travel Insurance:

  • The benefits on the basic cover are not comprehensive when compared to other insurers’ benefits.
  • USA visits require a higher premium on the optional top-up plan, and the free basic cover only offers limited coverage for USA visits.
  • To get Sanlam Travel Insurance, you must provide personal details and the Fedhealth membership number, select a destination outside South Africa, and provide the date of departure from and arrival back to South Africa. This information must be presented to


The Sanlam Travel Insurance product is a great option for traveling abroad. The product is free for Reality Access and Fedhealth members, which eliminates a cash burden for travelers. If the basic cover is not enough, you can add a top-up cover to enhance it.

Those over the age of 65 cannot access the free travel insurance and must pay a fee. As a result, those over the age of 65 can opt to shop for coverage elsewhere and compare the benefits that Sanlam offers against those of competing companies.