Pawpaw Pet Insurance Review 2023

Pawpaw Pet Insurance is a type of insurance that covers pets, and its premiums start at R70.00 per month. The […]


Pawpaw Pet Insurance is a type of insurance that covers pets, and its premiums start at R70.00 per month. The maximum coverage amount for a Pawpaw Pet insurance policy is unlimited for comprehensive coverage.

Pets that are eight weeks or older can be insured under the PawPaw pet insurance policy, and interested customers can purchase the insurance by requesting a quote on the Pawpaw website and receiving a follow-up call from Pawpaw to complete the subscription process.

Pawpaw Pet Insurance offers two plans for policyholders to choose from, which we discuss below:

Pawpaw Accident Plan

Pawpaw Pet Insurance offers both comprehensive pet insurance and the Pawpaw Accident plan. The comprehensive pet insurance provides more benefits than the accident plan. Here are the highlights of the comprehensive and accidental plans:

Pawpaw Comprehensive Pet Insurance Plan

The Pawpaw Comprehensive Pet Insurance policy covers pets that are between 8 weeks and 8 years old at the time of policy inception. The comprehensive coverage has no annual limit.

Pawpaw Comprehensive Pet Insurance has a 30-day waiting period from the date the policy is activated. Accidental injuries, on the other hand, are covered from the date the comprehensive coverage is activated.

Pets that are under four years old are eligible for a 10% discount on payable premiums. Pets that are over four years old are subject to a 50% co-insurance period for the first six months after the policy is activated for all treatments, diagnostics, and surgeries for the hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, spine, and urinary bladder system.

Policyholders can select their coverage options based on the excess that is payable with comprehensive pet insurance. The first option provides comprehensive coverage but requires a 10% excess payment when filing a claim, with a minimum excess payment of R500.00.

MRI scans cost an additional R1,000.00 per scan under the first option. Claims that are not pre-authorized incur an additional 20% excess, with a minimum excess of R500.00.

The second premium option includes coverage for dogs at R330.00 and cats at R260.00. For policyholders on the second premium option, the standard excess is 15%. All gastro-intestinal conditions have a 15% excess and a minimum excess of R500.00.

The third and final premium option requires a R1,000.00 excess payment per claim. Dogs can be insured for R275.00, and cats can be insured for R215.00 under the third option. All unauthorized claims are subject to an additional 20% excess payment, with a minimum excess payment of R500.00.

Advantages of Pawpaw Pet Insurance

  • Pawpaw Pet Insurance offers different plans with low premiums starting from only R70.00 per month.
  • The comprehensive pet insurance plan has various premium options, allowing policyholders to choose how they want to pay their excess payment.
  • The comprehensive coverage is highly inclusive, including breed-related conditions.
  • The Accident Plan comes with two options to choose from.
  • The comprehensive pet insurance plan has no maximum annual spend limit, which is rare for a pet insurance cover.

Disadvantages of Pawpaw Pet Insurance:

There are no optional add-ons available to enhance the Pawpaw Pet plans.
Pets that are younger than 8 weeks old cannot be insured under the Pawpaw Pet insurance cover.


Pawpaw Pet Insurance offers two pet insurance plans with multiple premium options. Pet owners can choose the policy that best suits their pet and budget. The premiums for each plan, including the comprehensive pet insurance, are low, starting at R215.00. While there are no optional add-ons, the comprehensive coverage is highly inclusive and includes breed-related conditions. However, pet owners should note that pets younger than 8 weeks old are not eligible for coverage.