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OUTsurance Fleet Insurance Cover Review 2023

OUTsurance Fleet Insurance Cover

The OUTsurance Fleet Insurance is a commercial insurance policy that protects businesses operating a fleet of motor vehicles. The insurance policy covers commercial vehicles, motorcycles, motorscooters, buses, trailers, caravans, and private vehicles owned by a business.

By selecting OUTsurance Fleet Insurance, businesses receive a 10% cashback for every three claim-free years. If the company remains claim-free for another two years, it will receive an additional 10% cash back on premiums paid. Following that, the company receives 10% of its premiums back if it remains claim-free each year.

Help@OUT provides 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, home assistance, and emergency assistance. When you purchase OUTsurance Fleet Insurance Cover, you will receive Help@OUT at no additional cost.

There are several options available for OUTsurance Fleet Insurance, ranging from comprehensive coverage to limited coverage. These alternatives are discussed in greater detail below.

OUTsurance Fleet Insurance Options

The OUTsurance Fleet Insurance has comprehensive fleet insurance, limited cover options, and goods-in-transit insurance.

Comprehensive Fleet Insurance

The comprehensive coverage protects a fleet of vehicles against loss or damage. This policy extends to vehicles in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

Motor vehicles are covered for the following:

  • Damage caused by an accident.
  • Theft and property damage as a result of attempted theft.
  • Hijack and damage as a result of an attempted hijack.
  • Fire, explosion, hail, storm, wind, and flood damage.
  • Spare parts that may be damaged or lost while in or on the vehicle.
  • Factory-installed accessories that are damaged or lost.
  • In the event of an accident, passengers’ medical expenses are covered.
  • The cost of securing and removing a vehicle after an accident.
  • Third-party liability.

The comprehensive fleet insurance also provides additional coverage that the policyholder can enjoy. Policyholders are covered for the following:

  • Vehicle hire after an incident.
  • Vehicle loss of use cover.
  • Extended liability cover for employees, partners, directors, or members.
  • Passenger liability and unauthorized passenger liability.
  • Coverage extends to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola, and Zambia.
  • Liability protection if your vehicle harms the environment (spills, etc.).
  • Coverage for key loss.
  • Coverage for credit shortfall.
  • Coverage for the cost of fire extinguishing.
  • Riot and strike protection.
  • Parking and the movement of third-party vehicles.
  • Coverage for 4×4 vehicles used privately outside of South Africa.
  • Overall, OUTsurance Fleet Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for businesses with a fleet of vehicles, including additional benefits and a cashback system for claim-free years. Help@OUT provides emergency roadside assistance, home assistance, and emergency assistance, giving policyholders peace of mind while on the road.

Limited Cover Options

Limited Cover Options include liability to other parties only and comprehensive cover excluding hijack and theft. A limited cover is a great option for businesses that don’t want a comprehensive cover.

A liability to other parties only insurance provides cover for any legal obligations to a business that has been caused by an insured motor vehicle. The product will pay out up to a specific amount in the event of a liability to a third-party.

Comprehensive cover without theft and hijack cover offers all the comprehensive insurance cover benefits but excludes damage or loss caused by theft or hijacking. Damages and losses caused by attempted theft or hijacking are not covered.

Under limited liability cover options, motorcycles have the following options:

  • Comprehensive cover, excluding liability to other parties.
  • Limited cover, excluding liability to other parties.
  • Comprehensive cover, excluding liability to other parties and riding damage.

Goods In Transit Insurance

Goods in transit insurance protect goods while they are being transported. A goods-in-transit insurance policy covers the goods being transported up to the policy’s maximum cover amount. The business will not have to pay for the lost or damaged goods that are being transported should there be an accident.

Good in-transit insurance policy is highly customizable, and businesses can select the amount of coverage for their goods. Businesses that transport goods from warehouses, retail stores, mines, farms, hospitals, utility providers, and other locations can apply for this insurance to cover any loss or damage.

Here is what OUTsurance goods in transit insurance covers:

  • Damage from accident, collision, derailment, or overturn.
  • Damage from theft and hijacking.
  • Damage from fire and explosion.
  • Weather damage from lightning, storms, wind, hail, and snow.

Additional cover options are available and they include:

  • Cover for deterioration or contamination of refrigerated goods in transit.
  • Overloading allowance up to 5%.
  • Cover in extended territories, including DRC, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola, and Zambia.
  • Driver fidelity cover.
  • Debris removal cover.
  • Riot and strike cover.
  • Fire extinguishing cover.

Advantages of OUTsurance Fleet Insurance Cover

  • There is a cashback benefit when the business remains claim free for a certain period of time.
  • The cover allows policyholders to get covered for the fleet’s risk factors such as getting lower premiums and not subsidizing higher-risk clients.
  • Come with 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • The access fee that is payable is flat and doesn’t affect multiple claims.
  • Customers can choose from limited cover to comprehensive cover for their fleet.
  • Different types of motor vehicles can be covered through the plan.

Disadvantages of OUTsurance Fleet Insurance Cover

There are no optional benefits that can be taken with the fleet insurance.


When purchasing a fleet insurance policy, businesses can choose from a variety of options provided by OUTsurance Fleet Insurance. Customers also receive additional benefits, such as cashback, at no additional cost if they do not file a claim. This makes the product very appealing to fleet owners because it reimburses some of the premiums paid when they do not file a claim.

Policyholders are unable to add additional benefits to the plan because it lacks the optional benefits that some fleet insurers provide. Furthermore, for those who are unable to manage their fleet, a fleet management service would have been a better complement to the fleet insurance product.



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