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Metropolitan Funeral Cover Review 2023

Metropolitan Funeral Cover

Metropolitan Funeral Cover” is a funeral policy that offers a maximum cover of R100,000. The main member is eligible for coverage up to R100,000, which includes a funeral benefit of R80,000 and a memorial benefit of R20,000.

The main member can add their spouse to the funeral cover for a funeral benefit of up to R80,000. Spouses can also be included in a memorial benefit of R10,000 or R20,000. The funeral cover allows for up to 3 spouses or partners to be added.

Parents and parents-in-law can also be covered by the plan. The plan can cover up to 4 lives, with a maximum funeral benefit of R50,000. A memorial benefit of R10,000 or R20,000 can also be added to the plan.

Extended family members can be covered for up to R70,000. The maximum cover includes a funeral benefit of up to R50,000 and a memorial benefit of up to R20,000. The Momentum funeral plan can cover up to 9 extended family members.

In the event of a member’s death, the funeral cover also includes a monthly essential benefit to cover day-to-day necessities. Cover for monthly essentials can be for R1,000, R2,000, or R3,000 for 6 or 12 months, payable each month. Monthly essentials cover is available for those over 18, therefore children under 18 do not receive this benefit.

The Metropolitan Funeral Plan includes some unique features and benefits that the policyholder can take advantage of. The plan’s benefits are discussed further below.

Additional Cover Benefits

Additional benefits are included in the funeral cover at no extra charge. Here are the additional benefits that come with the funeral cover.

Payment Protection Benefit

When the policyholder reaches the age of 85, the payment protection benefit is embedded in the funeral plan and covers the cost of payable premiums. As a result, the policy does not end when the policyholder reaches the age of 85. When the policyholder reaches the age of 85, immediate and extended family members will continue to be covered under the plan.

Plan Continuation

If the policyholder dies, the funeral cover can be transferred to a family member, keeping the funeral cover active for all members.

Repatriation Benefit

The repatriation benefit assists with the transportation of any policy-covered member. The repatriation benefit is only available within South African borders and can only provide transportation if the deceased is within South African borders. The repatriation benefit also assists with funeral arrangements. If cremation is required, the repatriation benefit can be claimed since it additionally helps with the cremation arrangements.

In addition, the Metropolitan Funeral Plan offers optional benefits that can be added to the funeral plan. The optional benefits that can be added to the Metropolitan Funeral plan to enhance it are listed below.

Metropolitan Funeral Cover Optional Benefits

Cashback Benefit

The cashback benefit can be added to Metropolitan Funeral Cover to reward policyholders for sticking to the plan. After the first 12 months of coverage, the benefit reimburses you for two months’ worth of premiums. Following that, every 36 months, 6 months’ worth of premiums will be repaid. The cashback benefit provides an average benefit of 16.5% of paid premiums, implying that the policyholder will receive a significant portion of their money back.

Value Protection Benefit

The Value Protection benefit is an add-on that protects the funeral cover amount against inflation. For example, if a policyholder decides to purchase funeral cover for R50,000.00, he or she can add a value protection benefit and have it increase by 10% the following year, resulting in coverage of R55,000.00.

Every year, the Metropolitan value protection benefit increases the funeral cover amount by 6% to 10%, with the policyholder choosing the percentage increase.

Monthly Essentials

The monthly essentials benefit can be added to the Momentum funeral plan at an additional cost. The plan makes a monthly payout of up to R3,000.00 for six or 12 months, paid directly to the policyholder’s beneficiaries upon their death.

The beneficiaries can use the money as they see fit, but the benefit is meant to help the family of the deceased cope financially during tough times.

Memorial Benefit

One or more funeral cover members can have a memorial benefit added to their cover. To honor the memory of an insured, the benefit pays a lump sum of up to R20,000.00, and the policyholder has the option of receiving the money within 18 months of filing a claim.

Advantages of Metropolitan Funeral Cover

  • The funeral benefit has a high maximum cover amount, and additional benefits can be added to the plan for a reasonable fee.
  • Optional benefits, including a cashback option, are available, and the funeral plan comes with a paid-up benefit for the main member,
  • continuously insuring everyone on the plan when the main member reaches the age of 85.
  • The cover is for the whole life and does not expire when the policyholder reaches a certain age, and a family member can take over the policy and keep everyone insured should the policyholder die.

Disadvantages of Metropolitan Funeral Cover

  • The policyholder must pay an extra premium to get the cashback benefit, and there is no repatriation outside of South Africa.


The Metropolitan Funeral Cover has numerous add-ons that can be added to the plan for a reasonable fee. Members can also take advantage of free benefits such as repatriation and payment protection under the plan. The funeral cover is ideal for anyone, whether you want to cover one person or an entire family.



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